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  1. 2021
  2. Spectroscopy of $^{98}\mathrm{Cd}$ by two-nucleon removal from $^{100}\mathrm{In}$

    Jin, S. Y., Wang, S. T., Lee, J., Corsi, A., Wimmer, K., Browne, F., Chen, S., Cortés, M. L., Doornenbal, P., Koiwai, T., Yuan, C. X., Algora, A., Brugnara, D., Cederkäll, J., Gerl, J., Górska, M., Häfner, G., Kokubun, K., Koseoglou, P., Kubono, S. & 12 others, Li, P., Liang, P., Liu, J., Liu, Z., Lokotko, T., Park, J., Sakurai, H., Sarmiento, L. G., Sun, Z. Y., Taniuchi, R., Xian, W. & Zanon, I., 2 Aug 2021

    Article in Physical Review C

  3. “Slow down and look”: Desirable aspects of failure in video games, from the perspective of players.

    Foch, C. & Kirman, B., 2 Aug 2021.

    Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review

  4. Soil quality regeneration by grass-clover leys in arable rotations compared to permanent grassland: effects on wheat yield and resilience to drought and flooding

    Berdeni, D., Turner, A., Grayson, R., Llanos, J., Holden, J., Firbank, L., Lappage, M., Hunt, SPF., Chapman, P. J., Hodson, M. E., Helgason, T., Watt, P. & Leake, J., 1 Aug 2021

    Article in Soil and Tillage Research

  5. Measuring magnetic fields in laser-driven coils with dual-axis proton deflectometry

    Bradford, P., Dearling, A., Ehret, M., Antonelli, L., Booth, N., Carroll, D. C., Clarke, R. J., Glize, K., Heathcote, R., Khan, M., Moody, J. D., Pikuz, S., Pollock, B. B., Read, M. P., Ryazantsev, S., Spindloe, C., Ridgers, C. P., Santos, J. J., Tikhonchuk, V. T. & Woolsey, N. C., Aug 2021

    Article in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

  6. Certified community forests positively impact human wellbeing and conservation effectiveness and improve the performance of nearby national protected areas

    Loveridge, R., Sallu, S. M., Pfeifer, M., Oldekop, J. A., Mgaya, M., da Silva, D., Latham, J., Platts, P. J. & Marshall, A., 27 Jul 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Conservation Letters

  7. Mitigating the impacts of development corridors 1 on biodiversity: a global review

    Juffe-Bignoli, D., Burgess, N., Hobbs, J., Smith, R. J., Tam, C., Thorn, J. P. R. & Bull, J. W., 26 Jul 2021

    Article in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

  8. Modelling of gene loss propensity in the pangenomes of three Brassica species suggests different mechanisms between polyploids and diploids

    Bayer, P. E., Scheben, A., Golicz, A. A., Yuan, Y., Faure, S., Lee, H., Chawla, H. S., Anderson, R., Bancroft, I., Raman, H., Lim, Y. P., Robbens, S., Jiang, L., Liu, S., Barker, M. S., Schranz, M. E., Wang, X., King, G. J., Pires, J. C., Chalhoub, B. & 3 others, Snowdon, R. J., Batley, J. & Edwards, D., 26 Jul 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Plant biology

  9. Neolithic farmers or Neolithic foragers? Organic residue analysis of early pottery from Rakushechny Yar on the Lower Don (Russia)

    Bondetti, M., González Carretero, L., Dolbunova, E., McGrath, K., Presslee, S., Lucquin, A. J. A., Tsybriy, V., Mazurkevich, A., Tsybriy, A., Peter, J., Heron, C., Meadows, J. & Craig, O. E., 26 Jul 2021

    Article in Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences

  10. Care-seeking and managing diabetes in rural Bangladesh: a mixed methods study

    Jennings, H. M., Morrison, J., Akter, K., Haghparast-Bidgoli, H., King, C., Ahmed, N., Kuddus, A., Shaha, S. K., Nahar, T., Azad, K. & Fottrell, E., 22 Jul 2021

    Article in BMC Public Health

  11. Potential impact of intervention strategies on COVID-19 transmission in Malawi: a mathematical modelling study

    Mangal, T., Whittaker, C., Nkhoma, D., Ng'ambi, W., Watson, O., Walker, P., Ghani, A., Revill, P., Colbourn, T., Phillips, A., Hallett, T. & Mfutso-Bengo, J., 22 Jul 2021

    Article in BMJ Open

  12. Relish plays a dynamic role in the niche to modulate Drosophila blood progenitor homeostasis in development and infection

    Ramesh, P., Dey, N. S., Kanwal, A., Mandal, S. & Mandal, L., 22 Jul 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in eLife

  13. Slaying the misshapen monster: The case for constitutional heuristics

    Stirton, L. & Arvind, T. T., 22 Jul 2021, (Accepted/In press) The Methodology of Constitutional Theory. Lakin, S. & Kyritsis, D. (eds.). Hart Publishing

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

  14. Peer mentorship to improve self-management of hip and knee osteoarthritis: A randomised feasibility trial

    Anderson, A., Lavender, E., Dusabe-Richards, E., Mebrahtu, T., McGowan, L., Conaghan, P. G., Kingsbury, S. R., Richardson, G., Antcliff, D. & Mchugh, G., 21 Jul 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in BMJ Open

  15. Treatment strategies for new onset atrial fibrillation in patients treated on an intensive care unit: a systematic scoping review

    Drikite, L., Bedford, J., O'Bryan, L., Petrinic, T., Rajappan, K., Doidge, J., Harrison, D., Rowan, K., Mouncey, P., Young, D., Watkinson, P. & Corbett, M. S., 21 Jul 2021

    Article in Critical Care

  16. Advances in Space Quantum Communications

    Sidhu, J. S., Joshi, S. K., Gundogan, M., Brougham, T., Lowndes, D., Mazzarella, L., Krutzik, M., Mohapatra, S., Dequal, D., Vallone, G., Villoresi, P., Ling, A., Jennewein, T., Mohageg, M., Rarity, J., Fuentes, I., Pirandola, S. & Oi, D. K. L., 19 Jul 2021

    Article in IET Quantum Communication

  17. Effectiveness of screening for tuberculosis in HIV: a pragmatic clinical trial

    Santos, M., Batista, J. DA., Braga, C., Silva, A., Maruza, M., Souza, W., Carvalho, M., Teixeira De Siqueira Filha, N. & Militao, F., 19 Jul 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Revista de saude publica

  18. Verification and validation of the high-performance Lorentz-Orbit Code for Use in Stellarators and Tokamaks (LOCUST)

    Ward, S., Akers, R., Jacobsen, A., Ollus, P., Pinches, S. D., Tholerus, E., Vann, R. & Van Zeeland, M., 19 Jul 2021

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  19. Proximity to forest mediates trade-offs between yields and biodiversity of birds in oil palm smallholdings

    Hamer, K. C., Sasu, M. A., Ofosuhene, L., Asare, R., Ossom, B., Parr, C. L., Scriven, S. A-L., Asante, W., Addico, R. & Hill, J. K., 18 Jul 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Biotropica

  20. Learning Graph Convolutional Networks based on Quantum Vertex Information Propagation

    Bai, L., Jiao, Y., Cui, L., Rossi, L., Wang, Y., Yu, P. S. & Hancock, E. R., 16 Jul 2021, (Accepted/In press)

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering

  21. Reference Case Methods for Expert Elicitation in Health Care Decision Making

    Bojke, L., Soares, M. O., Claxton, K., Colson, A., Fox, A., Jackson, C., Jankovic, D., Morton, A., Sharples, L. D. & Taylor, A., 16 Jul 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Medical Decision Making

  22. Adapting the community-based health planning and services (CHPS) to engage urban poor communities in Ghana: protocl for a participatory action research study

    Abboah-Offei, M. A. D., Gyasi, A., Ayim, A., Ansah-Ofei, A., Dovio, D., Awoonor-Williams, J., Agongo, E., Agyepong, I. & Elsey, H., 14 Jul 2021, (Accepted/In press)

    Article in BMJ Open

  23. First principles and atomistic calculation of the magnetic anisotropy of Y2Fe14B

    Cuadrado, R., Evans, R. F. L., Shoji, T., Yano, M., Kato, A., Ito, M., Hrkac, G., Schrefl, T. & Chantrell, R. W., 14 Jul 2021

    Article in Journal of Applied Physics

  24. Experiences of a National Early Warning Score (NEWS) intervention in care homes during the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative interview study

    Stocker, R., Russell, S., Liddle, J., Barker, R. O., Remmer, A., Gray, J., Hanratty, B. & Adamson, J. A., 13 Jul 2021, (Accepted/In press)

    Article in BMJ Open

  25. Reporting the whole story: Analysis of the 'out-of-scope' questions from the James Lind Alliance Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Priority Setting Partnership Survey

    Gibson, F., Fern, L. A., Phillips, B., Gravestock, H., Malik, S., Callaghan, A., Dyker, K., Groszmann, M., Hamrang, L., Hough, R., McGeachy, D., Morgan, S., Smith, S., Upadhyaya, S., Veitch, H., Williamson, M., Whelan, J. & Aldiss, S., 10 Jul 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Health expectations : an international journal of public participation in health care and health policy

  26. Roman Transport Network Connectivity and Economic Integration

    Flückiger, M., Hornung, E., Larch, M., Ludwig, M. & Mees, A., 10 Jul 2021

    Article in Review of Economic Studies

  27. Economics of healthcare access in low-income and middle-income countries: a protocol for a scoping review of the economic impacts of seeking healthcare on slum-dwellers compared with other city residents

    Teixeira De Siqueira Filha, N., Li, J., Kibuchi, E., Quayyum, Z., Phillips-Howard, P., Awal, A., Mithu, MD. I. H., Mansoor, F., Karuga, R., Saidu, S., Smith, J., Sai, V., Garimella, S., Chumo, I., Mberu, B., Tolhurst, R., Mazumdar, S., Rao, V., Farnaz, N., Alam, W. & 1 others, Elsey, H., 9 Jul 2021

    Article in BMJ Open

  28. Femtosecond, two-dimensional spatial Doppler mapping of ultraintense laser-solid target interaction

    Jana, K., Lad, A. D., West, D., Trickey, W., Underwood, C., Ved, Y. M., Robinson, A. P. L., Pasley, J. R. & Kumar, G. R., 9 Jul 2021

    Article in Physical Review Research

  29. Cultural History

    Cowie, H. L., 8 Jul 2021, Handbook of Historical Animal Studies . Roscher, M., Mizelle, B. & Krebber, A. (eds.). Oldenbourg: de Gruyter, p. 147-164 18 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter (peer-reviewed)peer-review

  30. Laser structured micro-targets generate MeV electron temperature at 4 x10^16 W/cm^2

    Mondal, A., Sabui, R., Tata, S., Trines, R. M. G. M., Rahul, S. V., Li, F., Sarkar, S., Trickey, W., Kumar, R. Y., Rajak, D., Pasley, J., Sheng, Z., Jha, J., Anand, M., Gopal, R., Robinson, A. P. L. & Krishnamurthy, M., 8 Jul 2021, 21 p. (arXiv).

    Research output: Working paper

  31. Time-of-flight mass spectrometry to determine plasma temperature from ablated target surfaces

    Solis Meza, E., Rush, L., Menoni, C., Rocca, J. & Wagenaars, E., 8 Jul 2021, Proc. SPIE: International Conference on X-Ray Lasers 2020. SPIE, Vol. 11886. 9 p. 1188610

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  32. Self-help plus for refugees and asylum seekers: study protocol for a series of individual participant data meta-analyses

    Karyotaki, E., Sijbrandij, M., Purgato, M., Acarturk, C., Lakin, D., Bailey, D., Peckham, E. J., Uygun, E., Tedeschi, F., Wancata, J., Augustinavicius, J., Carswell, K., Välimäki, M., van Ommeren, M., Koesters, M., Popa, M., Leku, M. R., Anttila, M., Churchill, R., White, R. & 7 others, Al-Hashimi, S., Lantta, T., Au, T., Klein, T., Tol, W. A., Cuijpers, P. & Barbui, C., 5 Jul 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in European Journal of Psychotraumatology

  33. Polymer chemistry applications of Cyrene™ and its derivative Cygnet 0.0 as safer replacements for polar aprotic solvents

    Milescu, R., Zhenova, A. S., Vastano, M., Gammons, R. J., Clark, J. H., McElroy, R. & Pellis, A., 4 Jul 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in CHEMSUSCHEM

  34. Biorefining Potential of Wild-Grown Arundo donax, Cortaderia selloana and Phragmites australis and the Feasibility of White-Rot Fungi-Mediated Pretreatments

    da Costa, R. M. F., Winters, A., Hauck, B., Martin, D., Bosch, M., Simister, R., Gomez, L. D., Batista de Carvalho, L. A. E. & Canhoto, J. M., 2 Jul 2021

    Article in Frontiers in Plant Science

  35. A conceptual framework for cross-border impacts of climate change

    Carter, T., Benzie, M., Campiglio, E., Carlsen, H., Fronzek, S., Hilden, M., Reyer, C. & West, C. D., 1 Jul 2021

    Article in Global Environmental Change

  36. Effectiveness of collaborative care in reducing suicidal ideation: An Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis.

    Grigoroglou, C., Van Der Feltz-Cornelis, C. M., Hodkinson, A., Coventry, P., Zghebi, S. S., Kontopantelis, E., Bower, P., Lovell, K., Gilbody, S., Waheed, W., Dickens, C., Archer, J., Blakemore, A., Adler, D. A., Aragones, E., Björkelund, C., Bruce, M., Buszewicz, M., Carney, R. M., Cole, M. G. & 16 others, Davidson, K. W., Gensichen, J., Grote, N. K., Russo, J., Huijbregts, K., Huffman, J. C., Menchetti, M., Patel, V., Richards, D. A., Rollman, B., Smit, A., Zijlstra-Vlasveld, M. C., Wells, K. B., Zimmermann, T., Unutzer, J. & Panagioti, M., 1 Jul 2021

    Article in General hospital psychiatry

  37. Paying for health gains

    Siciliani, L., Gaughan, J. M., Gutacker, N., Gravelle, H. S. E. & Chalkley, M. J., Jul 2021, York, UK: Centre for Health Economics, University of York, 29 p. (CHE Research Paper; no. 183).

    Research output: Working paperDiscussion paper

  38. Mixed-methods study protocol for an evaluation of the mental health transition navigator model in child and adolescent mental health services: the Navigator Evaluation Advancing Transitions (NEAT) study

    Cleverley, K., Stevens, K., Davies, J., McCann, E., Ashley, T., Brathwaite, D., Gebreyohannes, M., Nasir, S., O'Reilly, K., Bennett, K. J., Brennenstuhl, S., Charach, A., Henderson, J., Jeffs, L., Korczak, D. J., Monga, S., de Oliveira, C. & Szatmari, P., 29 Jun 2021

    Article in BMJ Open

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