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  1. 2018
  2. General Practitioners and Emergency Departments (GPED): Efficient Models of Care. A mixed-methods study protocol

    Morton, K., Voss, S., Adamson, J., Baxter, H., Bloor, K. E., Brandling, J., Cowlishaw, S., Doran, T., Gibson, A., Gutacker, N., Liu, D., Purdy, S., Roy, P., Salisbury, C., Scantlebury, A., Vaittinen, A., Watson, R. M. & Benger, J. 16 Jul 2018

    Article in BMJ Open

  3. The Future of Precision Medicine: Potential Impacts for Health Technology Assessment

    Love-Koh, J., Peel, A., Rejon-Parilla, J. C., Ennis, K., Lovett, R., Manca, A., Chalkidou, A., Wood, H. & Taylor, M. 13 Jul 2018

    Article in Pharmacoeconomics

  4. Local authority commissioning of NHS Health Checks: a regression analysis of the first three years

    Mason, A., Liu, D., Marks, L., Davis, H., Hunter, D., Jehu, L., Visram, S. & Smithson, J. 12 Jul 2018

    Article in Health Policy

  5. The Impact of Community-Based Health Insurance on the Utilization of Medically Trained Healthcare Providers among Informal Workers in Bangladesh

    Ahmed, S., Razzaque Sarker, A., Sultana, M., Chakrovorty, S., Ahmed, M. W., Dorin, F., Mirelman, A., Islam, Z., Rahman, M. H., Niessen, L. W., Rehnberg, C. & Khan, J. A. M. 11 Jul 2018

    Article in PloS One

  6. Evaluating the implementation related challenges of Shasthyo Suroksha Karmasuchi (health protection scheme) of the government of Bangladesh: a study protocol

    Ahmed, S., Hasan, M. Z., Ahmed, M. W., Dorin, F., Sultana, M., Islam, Z., Mirelman, A., Rehnberg, C., Khan, J. A. M. & Elahi, M. 27 Jun 2018

    Article in BMC Health Services Research

  7. Dressings and topical agents for treating venous leg ulcers

    Norman, G., Westby, M. J., Rithalia, A. D., Stubbs, N., Soares, M. O. & Dumville, J. C. 15 Jun 2018

    Review article in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

  8. Dressings and topical agents for treating venous leg ulcers (Review)

    Norman, G., Westby, M., Rithalia, A., Stubbs, N., Soares, M. F. O. & Dumville, J. C. 15 Jun 2018

    Article in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

  9. An intervention to support stroke survivors and their carers in the longer term (LoTS2Care): study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled feasibility trial

    Forster, A., Hartley, S., Bernard, L., Ozer, S., Hardicre, N., Crocker, T., Fletcher, M., Moreau, L., Atkinson, R., Hulme, C., Halloway, I., Schmitt, L. H. M., House, A., Hewison, J., Richardson, G. & Farrin, A. 11 Jun 2018

    Article in Trials

  10. Cost, context and decisions in Health Economics and cost-effectiveness analysis

    Culyer, A. J. Jun 2018 York, UK: Centre for Health Economics, University of York, p. 1-17 17 p.(CHE Research Paper; no. 154)

    Research output: Working paperDiscussion paper

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