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  1. 2018
  2. Patient-level benefits associated with decentralization of antiretroviral therapy services to primary health facilities in Malawi and Uganda

    Abongomera, G., Chiwaula, L., Revill, P., Mabugu, T., Tumwesige, E., Nkhata, M. J., Cataldo, F., van Oosterhout, J., Colebunders, R., Chan, A. K., Kityo, C., Gilks, C. F., Hakim, J., Seeley, J., Gibb, D. M. & Ford, D. 10 Jan 2018

    Article in International Health

  3. Expert Elicitation to Inform Health Technology Assessment

    Soares, M. F. O. & Bojke, L. Jan 2018 Elicitation: The Science and Art of Structuring Judgement. Dias, L. C., Morton, A. & Quigley, J. (eds.). Cham: Springer International Publishing, p. 479-494

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

  4. 2017
  5. Modelling the implications of reducing smoking prevalence: the benefits of increasing the UK tobacco duty escalator to public health and economic outcomes

    Knuchel-Takano, A., Hunt, D., Jaccard, A., Bhimjiyani, A., Brown, M., Retat, L., Brown, K., Hinde, S., Selvarajah, C., Bauld, L. & Webber, L. 6 Dec 2017

    Article in Tobacco Control

  6. Improving hearing and vision in dementia: Protocol for a field trial of a new intervention

    Regan , J., Dawes, P., Pye, A., Armitage, C. J., Hann, M., Himmelsbach, I., David, R., Simkin, Z., Yang, F. & Leroi, I. 28 Nov 2017

    Article in BMJ Open

  7. Primary care and health inequality: Difference-in-difference study comparing England and Ontario

    Cookson, R., Mondor, L., Asaria, M., Kringos, D. S., Klazinga, N. S. & Wodchis, W. P. 28 Nov 2017

    Article in PloS One

  8. Cost-effectiveness of public-health policy options in the presence of pretreatment NNRTI drug resistance in sub-Saharan Africa: a modelling study

    Phillips, A. N. , Cambiano, V. , Nakagawa, F. , Revill, P. , Jordan, M. R. , Hallett, T. B. , Doherty, M. , De Luca, A. , Lundgren, J. D. , Mhangara, M. , Apollo, T. , Mellors, J. , Nichols, B. , Parikh, U. , Pillay, D. , Rinke de Wit, T. , Sigaloff, K. , Havlir, D. , Kuritzkes, D. R. , Pozniak, A. & 6 others van de Vijver, D., Vitoria, M., Wainberg, M. A., Raizes, E., Bertagnolio, S. & Working Group on Modelling Potential Responses to High Levels of Pre-ART Drug Resistance in Sub-Saharan Africa 22 Nov 2017

    Article in Lancet HIV

  9. The impact of missed treatment opportunities on outcomes in hospitalised heart failure patients

    Walker, S. M., Spackman, E., Conrad, N., Edmin, C. A., Griffin, E., Rahimi, K. & Sculpher, M. J. 22 Nov 2017

    Article in Open Heart

  10. Does hospital competition improve efficiency? The effect of the patient choice reform in England

    Longo, F., Siciliani, L., Moscelli, G. & Gravelle, H. S. E. Nov 2017 York, UK: Centre for Health Economics, University of York, p. 1-27 27 p.(CHE Research Paper; no. 149)

    Research output: Working paperDiscussion paper

  11. Pricing implications of non-marginal budgetary impacts in health technology assessment: a conceptual model

    Howdon, D. D. H. & Lomas, J. R. S. Nov 2017 York, UK: Centre for Health Economics, University of York, p. 1-17 17 p.(CHE Research Paper; no. 148)

    Research output: Working paperDiscussion paper

  12. Scoping review on social care economic evaluation methods

    Weatherly, H. L. A., Neves De Faria, R. I., van den Berg, B., Sculpher, M. J., O'Neill, P., Nolan, K., Glanville, J., Isojarvi, J., Baragula, E. & Edwards, M. Nov 2017 York UK: Centre for Health Economics, p. 1-53 53 p.(CHE Research Paper; no. 150)

    Research output: Working paperDiscussion paper

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