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  1. 2018
  2. Patient self-management in primary care patients with mild COPD - a randomised controlled trial of telephone health coaching

    Jolly, K., Sidhu, M. S., Hewitt, C. A., Coventry, P., Daley, A., Jordan, R., Heneghan, C., Singh, S., Ives, N., Adab, P., Jowett, S., Varghese, J., Nunan, D., Ahmed, K., Dowson, L. & Fitzmaurice, D. 17 Apr 2018

    Article in BMJ

  3. Cardiac rehabilitation and physical activity: systematic review and meta-analysis

    Dibben, G. O., Dalal, H. M., Taylor, R. S., Doherty, P., Tang, L. H. & Hillsdon, M. 13 Apr 2018

    Review article in Heart

  4. Cost-effectiveness of cardiac rehabilitation: a systematic review

    Shields, G. E., Wells, A., Doherty, P., Heagerty, A., Buck, D. & Davies, L. M. 13 Apr 2018

    Review article in Heart

  5. Broadening the debate on creativity and dementia: A critical approach

    Bellass, S., Balmer, A., May, V., Keady, J., Buse, C., Capstick, A., Burke, L., Bartlett, R. & Hodgson, J. 9 Apr 2018

    Article in Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and Practice

  6. Genome-wide association study identifies susceptibility loci for B-cell childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia

    Vijayakrishnan, J. , Studd, J. , Broderick, P. , Kinnersley, B. , Holroyd, A. , Law, P. J. , Kumar, R. , Allan, J. M. , Harrison, C. J. , Moorman, A. V. , Vora, A. , Roman, E. , Rachakonda, S. , Kinsey, S. E. , Sheridan, E. , Thompson, P. D. , Irving, J. A. E. , Koehler, R. , Hoffmann, P. , Nöthen, M. M. & 76 others Heilmann-Heimbach, S., Jöckel, K-H., Easton, D. F., Pharaoh, P. D. P., Dunning, A. M., Peto, J., Canzian, F., Swerdlow, A. J., Eeles, R. A., Kote-Jarai, Z. S., Muir, K., Pashayan, N., Greaves, M., Zimmerman, M., Bartram, C. R., Schrappe, M., Stanulla, M., Hemminki, K., Houlston, R. S., Henderson, B. E., Haiman, C. A., Benlloch, S., Schumacher, F. R., Olama, A. A. A., Berndt, S. I., Conti, D. V., Wiklund, F., Chanock, S. J., Stevens, V. L., Tangen, C. M., Batra, J., Clements, J., Gronberg, H., Schleutker, J., Albanes, D., Weinstein, S., Wolk, A., West, C., Mucci, L., Cancel-Tassin, G., Koutros, S., Sorensen, K. D., Maehle, L., Neal, D. E., Travis, R. C., Hamilton, R. J., Ingles, S. A., Rosenstein, B., Lu, Y. J., Giles, G. G., Kibel, A. S., Vega, A., Kogevinas, M., Penney, K. L., Park, J. Y., Stanford, J. L., Cybulski, C., Nordestgaard, B. G., Brenner, H., Maier, C., Kim, J., John, E. M., Teixeira, M. R., Neuhausen, S. L., De Ruyck, K., Razack, A., Newcomb, L. F., Lessel, D., Kaneva, R., Usmani, N., Claessens, F., Townsend, P. A., Dominguez, M. G., Roobol, M. J., Menegaux, F. & The PRACTICAL Consortium 9 Apr 2018

    Article in Nature Communications

  7. A community-based parent-support programme to prevent child maltreatment: Protocol for a randomised controlled trial

    Furlong, M., McGilloway, S., Stokes, A., Hickey, G., Leckey, Y., Bywater, T. J., O'Neill, C., CARDWELL, C., Taylor, B. & Donnelly, M. 5 Apr 2018

    Article in HRB Open Research

  8. The social network of international health aid 

    Han, L., Koenig-Archibugi, M. & Opsahl, T. 4 Apr 2018

    Article in Social Science and Medicine

  9. Improving the effectiveness of psychological interventions for depression and anxiety in the cardiac rehabilitation pathway using group-based metacognitive therapy (PATHWAY Group MCT): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

    Wells, A., McNicol, K., Reeves, D., Salmon, P., Davies, L., Heagerty, A., Doherty, P., McPhillips, R., Anderson, R., Faija, C., Capobianco, L., Morley, H., Gaffney, H., Shields, G. & Fisher, P. 3 Apr 2018

    Article in Trials

  10. Protocol for the mixed-methods process and context evaluation of the TB & Tobacco randomised controlled trial in Bangladesh and Pakistan: a hybrid effectiveness-implementation study

    Boeckmann, M., Nohavova, I., Dogar, O. F., Kralikova, E., Pankova, A., Huque, R., Fatima, R., Noor, M., Elsey, H., Sheikh, A., Siddiqi, K. & Kotz, D. 30 Mar 2018

    Article in BMJ Open

  11. Involving young people in drug and alcohol research

    Brady, L-M., Templeton, L., Toner, P. T., Watson, J. M., Evans, D., Percy-Smith, B. & Copello, A. 27 Mar 2018

    Article in Drugs and Alcohol Today

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