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  1. 2018
  2. Gypsy, Roma and Traveller access to and engagement with health services: a systematic review

    McFadden, A., Atkin, K. M., Bell, K. J., Jackson, C., Siebelt, L., Gavine, A., Innes, N., Jones, H., Haggi, H. & MacGillivray, S. 16 Jan 2018

    Article in European Journal of Public Health

  3. Effect of electronic brief intervention on uptake of specialty treatment in hospital outpatients with likely alcohol dependence: Pilot randomized trial and qualitative interviews

    Johnson, N. A., Kypri, K., Latter, J., Dunlop, A., Brown, A., Saitz, R., Saunders, J. B., Attia, J., Wolfenden, L., Doran, C. & McCambridge, J. 2 Jan 2018

    Article in Drug and alcohol dependence

  4. 2017
  5. Strategies to improve General Practitioner wellbeing: findings from a focus group study

    Hall, L., Johnson, J., Heyhoe, J., Watt, I. S., Anderson, K. & O'Connor, D. B. 22 Dec 2017

    Article in Family Practice

  6. Self-management toolkit and delivery strategy for end-of-life pain: the mixed methods feasibility study

    Bennett, M. I., Mulvey, M., Campling, N., Latter, S., Richardson, A. M., Bekker, H., Blenkinsopp, A., Carder, P., Closs, S. J., Farrin, A., Flemming, K. A., Gallagher, J., Meads, D. M., Morley, S., O'Dwyer, J., Wright-Hughes, A. & Hartley, S. 21 Dec 2017

    Article in Health Technology Assessment

  7. Cochrane Qualitative and Implementation Methods Group Guidance Series - paper 1: Introduction

    Noyes, J., Booth, A., Cargo, M., Flemming, K. A., Garside, R., Hannes, K., Harden, A., Harris, J., Lewin, S., Pantoja, T. & Thomas, J. 11 Dec 2017

    Article in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

  8. Cochrane Qualitative and Implementation Methods Group Guidance Paper 3: Methods for Assessing Evidence on Intervention Implementation

    Cargo, M., Harris, J., Pantoja, T., Booth, A., Harden, A., Hannes, K., Thomas, J., Flemming, K. A., Garside, R. & Noyes, J. 7 Dec 2017

    Article in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

  9. The RA-MAP Consortium: a working model for academia–industry collaboration

    The RA Map Consortium, Cope, A. P. , Barnes, M. R. , Belson, A. , Blinks, M. , Brockbank, S. , Bonachela-Capdevila, F. , Carini, C. , Fischer, B. A. , Goodyear, C. S. , Emery, P. , Ehrenstein, M. R. , Gozzard, N. , Harris, R. , Hollis, S. , Keidel, S. , Levesque, M. , Lindholm, C. , McDermott, M. F. , McInnes, I. B. & 16 others Mela, C. M., Parker, G., Read, S., Wakatsuki Pedersen, A., Ponchel, F., Porter, D., Rao, R., Rowe, A., Schulze-Knappe, P., Sleeman, M. A., Symmons, D., Taylor, P. C., Tom, B., Tsuji, W., Verbeeck, D. & Isaacs, J. D. 7 Dec 2017

    Article in Nature reviews rheumatology

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