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  1. 2018
  2. Association between depression and smoking: a global perspective from 48 low- and middle-income countries

    Stubbs, B., Vancampfort, D., Firth, J., Solmi, M., Siddiqi, N., Smith, L., Carvalho, A. F. & Koyanagi, A. Aug 2018

    Article in Journal of Psychiatric Research

  3. Cross-cultural adaptation of the Patient-Doctor Relationship Questionnaire (PDRQ-9) in Brazil

    Wollmann, L., Hauser, L., Mengue, S. S., Agostinho, M. R., Roman, R., Feltz-Cornelis, C. M. V. D. & Harzheim, E. 26 Jul 2018

    Article in Revista de saude publica

  4. Multiparametric MRI to improve detection of prostate cancer compared with transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy alone: the PROMIS study

    Brown, L. C. , Ahmed, H. U. , Neves De Faria, R. I. , El-Shater Bosaily, A. , Gabe, R. , Kaplan, R. , Collaco-Moraes, Y. , Ward, K. , Hindley, R. G. , Freeman, A. , Kirkham, A. , Oldroyd, R. , Parker, C. , Bott, S. , Burns-Cox, N. , Dudderidge, T. , Ghei, M. , Henderson, A. , Persad, R. , Rosario, D. J. & 6 others Shergill, I., Winkler, M., Soares, M. F. O., Spackman, D. E., Sculpher, M. J. & Emberton, M. 24 Jul 2018

    Article in Health technology assessment

  5. STEPWISE: Structured lifestyle education for people with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and first episode psychosis: randomised controlled trial

    Holt, R. I. G. , Gossage-Worrall, R. , Hind, D. , Bradburn, M. J. , McCrone, P. , Morris, T. , Edwardson, C. , Barnard, K. , E Carey, M. , J Davies, M. , Dickens, C. , Doherty, Y. , Etherington, A. , French, P. , Gaughran, F. , E Greenwood, K. , Kalidindi, S. , Khunti, K. , Laugharne, R. , Pendlebury, J. & 7 others Rathod, S., Saxon, D., Shiers, D., Siddiqi, N., Swaby, L., Waller, G. & Wright, S. 11 Jul 2018 (Accepted/In press)

    Article in BJPsych

  6. Delirium in adult cancer patients: ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines

    Bush, S. H., Lawlor, P. G., Ryan, K., Centeno, C., Lucchesi, M., Kanji, S., Siddiqi, N., Morandi, A., Davis, D. H. J., Laurent, M., Schofield, N., Barallat, E. & Ripamonti, C. I. 10 Jul 2018

    Article in Annals of oncology : official journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology / ESMO

  7. When I say…fairness in selection

    Tiffin, P. A., Alexander, K. & Cleland, J. 4 Jul 2018

    Article in Medical Education

  8. A HIF-LIMD1 negative feedback mechanism drives the adaptive response to hypoxia and mitigates pro-tumorigenic hypoxic effects

    Foxler, D. E. , Bridge, K. S. , Foster, J. G. , Grevitt, P. , Curry, S. , Shah, K. M. , Davidson, K. M. , Nagano, A. , Gadaleta, E. , Rhys, H. I. , Kennedy, P. T. , Hermida, M. A. , Chang, T-Y. , Shaw, P. E. , Reynolds, L. E. , McKay, T. R. , Wang, H-W. , Ribeiro, P. S. , Plevin, M. J. , Lagos, D. & 7 others Lemoine, N. R., Rajan, P., Graham, T. A., Chelala, C., Hodivala-Dilke, K. M., Spendlove, I. & Sharp, T. V. 1 Jul 2018

    Article in EMBO Molecular Medicine

  9. Should patients still be copied into their letters? A rapid review

    Harris, E., Priyanka, R., Underwood, J., Knapp, P. R. & Astin, F. 25 Jun 2018

    Article in Patient Education and Counseling

  10. CXCL4/Platelet Factor 4 is an agonist of CCR1 and drives human monocyte migration

    Fox, J. M., Kausar, F., Day, . A., Osborne, M., Hussain, . K., Mueller, A., Lin, . J., Tsuchiya, T., Kanegasaki, S. & Pease, J. 21 Jun 2018

    Article in Scientific Reports

  11. Feedback-informed treatment versus usual psychological treatment for depression and anxiety: a multisite, open-label, cluster randomised controlled trial

    Delgadillo, J., de Jong, K., Lucock, M., Lutz, W., Rubel, J., Gilbody, S., Ali, S., Aguirre, E., Appleton, M., Nevin, J., O’Hayon, H., Patel, U., Sainty, A., Spencer, P. & McMillan, D. 21 Jun 2018

    Article in The Lancet Psychiatry

  12. Antipsychotics for treatment of delirium in hospitalised non-ICU patients

    Burry, L., Mehta, S. R., Perreault, M. M., Luxenberg, J. S., Siddiqi, N., Hutton, B., Fergusson, D. A., Bell, C. & Rose, L. 18 Jun 2018

    Article in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

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