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  1. 2018
  2. Multi-site randomised controlled trial of outcome feedback technology used to support the psychological treatment of depression and anxiety

    Delgadillo, J., de Jong, K., Lucock, M., Lutz, W., Rubel, J., Gilbody, S., Ali, S., Aguirre, E., Appleton, M., Nevin, J., O’Hayon, H., Patel, U., Sainty, A., Spencer, P. & McMillan, D. 12 Apr 2018

    Article in The Lancet Psychiatry

  3. Protocol for the mixed-methods process and context evaluation of the TB & Tobacco randomised controlled trial in Bangladesh and Pakistan: a hybrid effectiveness-implementation study

    Boeckmann, M., Nohavova, I., Dogar, O. F., Kralikova, E., Pankova, A., Huque, R., Fatima, R., Noor, M., Elsey, H., Sheikh, A., Siddiqi, K. & Kotz, D. 30 Mar 2018

    Article in BMJ Open

  4. Is self-guided internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) harmful?: An individual participant data meta-analysis

    Karyotaki, E. , Kemmeren, L. , Riper, H. , Twisk, J. , Hoogendoorn, A. , Kleiboer, A. , Mira, A. , Mackinnon, A. , Meyer, B. , Botella, C. , Littlewood, E. , Andersson, G. , Christensen, H. , Klein, J. P. , Schröder, J. , Bretón-López, J. , Scheider, J. , Griffiths, K. , Farrer, L. , Huibers, M. J. H. & 7 others Phillips, R., Gilbody, S., Moritz, S., Berger, T., Pop, V., Spek, V. & Cuijpers, P. 15 Mar 2018

    Article in Psychological Medicine

  5. The biting performance of Homo sapiens and Homo heidelbergensis

    Godinho, R. M., Fitton, L. C., Toro-Ibacache, V., Stringer, C. B., Lacruz, R. S., Bromage, T. G. & O'Higgins, P. 15 Mar 2018

    Article in Journal of Human Evolution

  6. Effect of a low-intensity psa-based screening intervention on prostate cancer mortality: The CAP randomized clinical trial

    Martin, R. M. , Donovan, J. L. , Turner, E. L. , Metcalfe, C. , Young, G. J. , Walsh, E. I. , Lane, J. A. , Noble, S. , Oliver, S. E. , Evans, S. , Sterne, J. A. C. , Holding, P. , Ben-Shlomo, Y. , Brindle, P. , Williams, N. J. , Hill, E. M. , Ng, S. Y. , Toole, J. , Tazewell, M. K. , Hughes, L. J. & 6 others Davies, C. F., Thorn, J. C., Down, E., Davey Smith, G., Neal, D. E. & Hamdy, F. C. 6 Mar 2018

    Article in JAMA

  7. Tegumentary leishmaniasis and coinfections other than HIV

    Martinez, D. Y., Verdonck, K., Kaye, P., Adaui, V., Polman, K., Llanos-Cuentas, A., Dujardin, J-C. & Boelaert, . M. 1 Mar 2018


  8. The Anatomical Society core anatomy syllabus for pharmacists: outcomes to create a foundation for practice

    Finn, G. M., Hitch, G., Apampa, B., Hennessy, C. M., Smith, C. F., Stewart, J. & Gard, P. R. 8 Feb 2018

    Article in Journal of Anatomy

  9. The Anatomical Society's core anatomy syllabus for undergraduate nursing

    Connolly, S. A., Gillingwater, T. H., Chandler, C., Grant, A. W., Greig, J., Meskell, M., Ross, M. T., Smith, C. F., Wood, A. F. & Finn, G. M. 7 Feb 2018

    Article in Journal of Anatomy

  10. Successful recruitment to trials: findings from the SCIMITAR+ Trial

    Peckham, E., Arundel, C., Bailey, D., Callen, T., Cusack, C., Crosland, S., Foster, P., Herlihy, H., Hope, J., Ker, S., McCloud, T., Romain-Hooper, C-B., Stribling, A., Phiri, P., Tait, E., Gilbody, S. & SCIMITAR+ collaborative 19 Jan 2018

    Article in Trials

  11. Immunomodulatory therapy of visceral leishmaniasis in HIV coinfected patients

    Adriaensen, W., Dorlo, T. P., Vanham, G., Kestens, L., Kaye, P. & van Griensven, J. 12 Jan 2018

    Article in Frontiers in Immunology

  12. 2017
  13. BrO and inferred Br_y profiles over the western Pacific: Relevance of inorganic bromine sources and a Bry minimum in the aged tropical tropopause layer

    Koenig, T. K. , Volkamer, R. , Baidar, S. , Dix, B. , Wang, S. , Anderson, D. C. , Salawitch, R. J. , Wales, P. A. , Cuevas, C. A. , Fernandez, R. P. , Saiz-Lopez, A. , Evans, M. J. , Sherwen, T. , Jacob, D. J. , Schmidt, J. A. , Kinnison, D. E. , Lamarque, J-F. , Apel, E. C. , Bresch, J. C. , Campos, T. L. & 22 others Flocke, F. M., Hall, S. R., Honomichl, S. B., Hornbrook, R. S., Jensen, J. B., Lueb, R., Montzka, D. D., Pan, L. L., Michael Reeves, J., Schauffler, S. M., Ullmann, K., Weinheimer, A. J., Atlas, E. L., Donets, V., Navarro, M. A., Riemer, D. D., Blake, N. J., Chen, D., Gregory Huey, L., Tanner, D. J., Hanisco, T. F. & Wolfe, G. M. 22 Dec 2017

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

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