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  1. 2017
  2. Biocatalytic Routes to Enantiomerically Enriched Dibenz[c,e]azepines

    France, S. P., Aleku, G. A., Sharma, M., Mangas-Sanchez, J., Howard, R. M., Steflik, J., Kumar, R., Adams, R. W., Slabu, I., Crook, R., Grogan, G., Wallace, T. W. & Turner, N. J. 7 Nov 2017

    Article in Angewandte Chemie International Edition

  3. Interocular interaction of contrast and luminance signals in human primary visual cortex

    Chadnova, E., Reynaud, A., Clavagnier, S., Baker, D. H., Baillet, S. & Hess, R. 7 Nov 2017

    Article in Neuroimage

  4. Accent modulates access to word meaning: Evidence for a speaker-model account of spoken word recognition

    Cai, Z., Gilbert, R., Davis, M. H., Gaskell, M. G., Farrar, L., Adler, S. & Rodd, J. M. Nov 2017

    Article in Cognitive Psychology

  5. Function and flexibility of object exploration in kea and New Caledonian crows

    Lambert, M. L., Schiestl, M., Schwing, R., Taylor, A., Gajdon, G., Slocombe, K. E. & Seed, A. M. 27 Sep 2017

    Article in Royal Society Open Science

  6. Biotin tagging of MeCP2 in mice reveals contextual insights into the Rett syndrome transcriptome

    Johnson, B. S., Zhao, Y-T., Fasolino, M., Lamonica, J. M., Kim, Y. J., Georgakilas, G., Wood, K. H., Bu, D., Goffin, D. L., Cui, Y., Vahedi, G., Kim, T. H. & Zhou, Z. 18 Sep 2017

    Article in Nature Medicine

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