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  2. A posteriori teleportation

    Braunstein, SI. & Kimble, HJ., 27 Aug 1998

    Article in Nature

  3. A quantum analog of Huffman coding

    Braunstein, SL., Fuchs, CA., Gottesman, D. & Lo, HK., 1 Jul 2000


  4. A randomised placebo-controlled safety and acceptability trial of PRO 2000 vaginal microbicide gel in sexually active women in Uganda

    Kamali, A., Byomire, H., Muwonge, C., Bakobaki, J., Rutterford, C., Okong, P., Profy, A., Byaruhanga, R., Namukwaya, S., McCormack, S., Grosskurth, H., Nunn, A. J. & Lacey, C. J. N., Jun 2010

    Article in Sexually Transmitted Infections

  5. A review of literature on parallel constraint solving

    Gent, I. P., McCreesh, C., Miguel, I. J., Moore, N., Nightingale, P. W., Prosser, P. & Unsworth, C., Sep 2018

    Article in Theory and Practice of Logic Programming

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