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  2. Publication of macromolecular crystal structures

    Baker, E. N., Bluntell, T. L., Vijayan, M., Dodson, E., Dodson, G., Gilliland, G. L. & Sussman, J. L., 19 Feb 1996

    Letter in FEBS Letters

  3. Quantum Cryptography Approaching the Classical Limit

    Weedbrook, C., Pirandola, S., Lloyd, S. & Ralph, T. C., 8 Sep 2010

    Letter in Physical Review Letters

  4. Quantum Illumination with Gaussian States

    Tan, S-H., Erkmen, B. I., Giovannetti, V., Guha, S., Lloyd, S., Maccone, L., Pirandola, S. & Shapiro, J. H., 18 Dec 2008

    Letter in Physical Review Letters

  5. Reverse Coherent Information

    García-Patrón, R., Pirandola, S., Lloyd, S. & Shapiro, J. H., 2009

    Letter in Physical Review Letters