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  2. Destruction of photocount oscillations by thermal noise


    Article in Physical Review A

  3. Developing a navigation aid for the frail and visually impaired

    Engelbrektsson, P., Karlsson, I. C. M., Gallagher, B., Hunter, H., Petrie, H. & O'Neill, A-M., 2004

    Article in Universal Access in the Information Society

  4. Differential RET Signaling Pathways Drive Development of the Enteric Lymphoid and Nervous Systems

    Patel, A., Harker, N., Moreira-Santos, L., Alden, K. J., Timmis, J., Foster, K., Andrews, PAUL. S., Pachnis, P., Garefalaki, A., Coles, M. C., Enomoto, H., Milbrandt, J., Pachnis, V., Kioussis, D. & Veiga-Fernandes, H., 31 Jul 2012

    Article in Science Signaling

  5. Dirichlet Densifiers for Improved Commute Times Estimation

    Curado, M., Escolano, F., Lozano, M. A. & Hancock, E. R., 19 Feb 2019

    Article in Pattern Recognition

  6. Discriminating quantum field theories in curved spacetime

    Doukas, J., Adesso, G., Pirandola, S. & Dragan, A., 19 Jun 2013

    Article in arXiv

  7. Distributed atomic actions in Ada 95

    Mitchell, S. E., Wellings, A. J. & Romanovsky, A., 1 Dec 1998

    Article in Computer journal

  8. Do drastic weather effects on diet influence changes in chemical composition, mechanical properties and structure in deer antlers?

    Landete-Castillejos, T., Currey, J. D., Estevez, J. A., Fierro, Y., Calatayud, A., Ceacero, F., Garcia, A. J. & Gallego, L., Oct 2010

    Article in Bone

  9. Dynamic QoS Management and Optimization in Service-Based Systems

    Calinescu, R., Grunske, L., Kwiatkowska, M., Mirandola, R. & Tamburrelli, G., 2011

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering

  10. ESSENCE: A constraint language for specifying combinatorial problems

    Frisch, A. M., Harvey, W., Jefferson, C., Hernández, B. M. & Miguel, I., Sep 2008

    Article in Journal of Constraints


    Cutfield, J., Cutfield, S., Dodson, E., Dodson, G., Hodgkin, D. & Reynolds, C., 1981

    Article in Hoppe-Seylers zeitschrift fur physiologische chemie

  12. Early Levallois technology and the Lower to Middle Paleolithic transition in the Southern Caucasus

    Adler, D. S., Wilkinson, K. N., Blockley, S., Mark, D. F., Pinhasi, R., Schmidt-Magee, B. A., Nahapetyan, S., Mallol, C., Berna, F., Glauberman, P. J., Raczynski-Henk, Y., Wales, N., Frahm, E., Jöris, O., MacLeod, A., Smith, V. C., Cullen, V. L. & Gasparian, B., 26 Sep 2014

    Article in Science

  13. Ecological Knowledge, Leadership, and the Evolution of Menopause in Killer Whales

    Brent, L. J. N., Franks, D. W., Foster, E. A., Balcomb, K. C., Cant, M. A. & Croft, D. P., 16 Mar 2015

    Article in Current Biology

  14. Editorial

    Calinescu, R., France, R. & Ghezzi, C., 1 Jan 2013

    Article in Computing

  15. Efficient 3D morphable face model fitting

    Hu, G., Yan, F., Kittler, J., Christmas, W., Chan, C. H., Feng, Z. & Huber, P., Jul 2017

    Article in Pattern Recognition

  16. Efficient alignment and correspondence using edit distance

    Bergamini, P., Cinque, L., Cross, A. D. J., Hancock, E. R., Levialdi, S. & Myers, R., 2000


  17. Enabling Adaptive Techniques in Heterogeneous MPSoCs Based on Virtualization

    Ost, L., Varyani, S., Indrusiak, L. S., Mandelli, M., Almeida, G. M., Wachter, E., Moraes, F. & Sassatelli, G., Oct 2012

    Article in ACM Transactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems (TRETS)

  18. Engineering multiphoton states for linear optics computation

    Aniello, P., Lupo, C., Napolitano, M. & Paris, M. G. A., Mar 2007


  19. Engineering simulations for cancer systems biology

    Bown, J. L., Andrews, PAUL. S., Deeni, Y., Goltsov, A., Idowu, M., Polack, F. A. C., Sampson, A. T., Shovman, M. & Stepney, S., Nov 2012

    Article in Current Drug Targets

  20. Enhanced quantum communication via optical refocusing

    Lupo, C., Giovannetti, V., Pirandola, S., Mancini, S. & Lloyd, S., 25 Jul 2011

    Article in Physical Review A

  21. Entanglement Frustration in Multimode Gaussian States

    Lupo, C., Mancini, S., Facchi, P., Florio, G. & Pascazio, S., Mar 2012

    Article in Int. J. Geom. Methods Mod. Phys.

  22. Entanglement typicality

    Dahlsten, O. C. O., Lupo, C., Mancini, S. & Serafini, A., 12 Sep 2014

    Article in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical

  23. Equilibrium Monte Carlo simulations of A1-L1 ordering in FePt nanoparticles

    Yang, B., Asta, M., Mryasov, O. N., Klemmer, T. J. & Chantrell, R. W., Aug 2005

    Article in Scripta Materialia

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