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  2. Formulating software engineering as a search problem

    Clark, J. A., Dolado, J. J., Harman, M., Hierons, R. M., Jones, B. F., Lumkin, M., Mitchell, B. S., Mancoridis, S., Rees, K., Roper, M. & Shepperd, M. J., 2003

    Article in IEE Proceedings - Software

  3. Fulminant Crohn's colitis after allogeneic stem cell transplantation

    Sonwalkar, S. A., James, R. M., Ahmad, T., Zhang, L., Verbeke, C. S., Barnard, D. L., Jewell, D. P. & Hull, M. A., Oct 2003

    Article in Gut


    BRAUNSTEIN, SL. & MCLACHLAN, RI., 15 Feb 1987

    Article in Physical Review A


    Burns, A., Hayes, N. & Richardson, M. F., Feb 1995

    Article in Control engineering practice

  6. GUARDS: A generic upgradable architecture for real-time dependable systems

    Powell, D., Arlat, J., Beus-Dukic, L., Bondavalli, A., Coppola, P., Fantechi, A., Jenn, E., Rabejac, C. & Wellings, A., Jun 1999

    Article in Ieee transactions on parallel and distributed systems

  7. Gaussian quantum information

    Weedbrook, C., Pirandola, S., Garcia-Patron, R., Cerf, N. J., Ralph, T. C., Shapiro, J. H. & Lloyd, S., 1 May 2012

    Article in Reviews of Modern Physics

  8. Genetic Variation in the Schizophrenia-Risk Gene Neuregulin 1 Correlates with Brain Activation and Impaired Speech Production in a Verbal Fluency Task in Healthy Individuals

    Kircher, T., Krug, A., Markov, V., Whitney, C., Krach, S., Zerres, K., Eggermann, T., Stoecker, T., Shah, N. J., Treutlein, J., Noethen, M. M., Becker, T. & Rietschel, M., Oct 2009

    Article in Human Brain Mapping

  9. Getting ready for REDD plus in Tanzania: a case study of progress and challenges

    Burgess, N. D., Bahane, B., Clairs, T., Danielsen, F., Dalsgaard, S., Funder, M., Hagelberg, N., Harrison, P., Haule, C., Kabalimu, K., Kilahama, F., Kilawe, E., Lewis, S. L., Lovett, J. C., Lyatuu, G., Marshall, A. R., Meshack, C., Miles, L., Milledge, S. A. H., Munishi, P. K. T. & 6 others, Nashanda, E., Shirima, D., Swetnam, R. D., Willcock, S., Williams, A. & Zahabu, E., Jul 2010

    Article in Oryx

  10. Grading quality of evidence and strength of recommendations in clinical practice guidelines. Part 1 of 3. An overview of the GRADE approach and grading quality of evidence about interventions.

    Brozek, J. L., Akl, E. A., Alonso-Coello, P., Lang, D., Jaeschke, R., Williams, J. W., Phillips, B., Lelgemann, M., Lethaby, A., Bousquet, J., Guyatt, G. H. & Schünemann HJ; GRADE Working Group, May 2009

    Article in Allergy.

  11. Graph Transformation for Specification and Programming

    Andries, M., Engels, G., Habel, A., Hoffmann, B., Kreowski, H-J., Kuske, S., Plump, D., Schürr, A. & Taentzer, G., 1999

    Article in Science of Computer Programming

  12. Graph and model transformation tools for model migration

    Rose, L., Herrmannsdoerfer, M., Mazanek, S., Van Gorp, P., Buchwald, S., Horn, T., Kalnina, E., Koch, A., Lano, K., Schätz, B. & Wimmer, M., Feb 2014

    Article in Software and Systems Modeling

  13. Guidelines for a graduate curriculum on embedded software and systems

    Caspi, P., Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, A. L., Almeida, L., Benveniste, A., Bouyssounouse, B., Buttazzo, G. C., Crnkovic, I., Damm, W., Engblom, J., Fohler, G., García-Valls, M., Kopetz, H., Lakhnech, Y., Laroussinie, F., Lavagno, L., Lipari, G., Maraninchi, F., Peti, P., Puente, J. A. D. L., Scaife, N. & 8 others, Sifakis, J., Simone, R. D., Törngren, M., Veríssimo, P., Wellings, A. J., Wilhelm, R., Willemse, T. A. C. & Yi, W., 2005

    Article in ACM Transactions in Embedded Computing Systems


    Hough, E., Hansen, L. K., Birknes, B., Jynge, K., Hansen, S., Hordvik, A., Little, C., Dodson, E. & Derewenda, Z., 23 Mar 1989

    Article in Nature

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