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  1. 2014
  2. Exploring Citizen Psych-Science and the Motivations of Errordiary Volunteers

    Jennett, C., Furniss, D. J., Iacovides, I., Wiseman, S., Gould, S. J. J. & Cox, A. L., 2014

    Article in Human Computation

  3. Quantum enigma machines and the locking capacity of a quantum channel

    Guha, S., Hayden, P., Krovi, H., Lloyd, S., Lupo, C., Shapiro, J. H., Takeoka, M. & Wilde, M. M., 2014

    Article in Physical Review X

  4. 2013
  5. Single-photon frequency conversion in nonlinear crystals

    Blum, S., Olivares-Rentería, G. A., Ottaviani, C., Becher, C. & Morigi, G., 7 Nov 2013

    Article in Physical Review A (Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics)

  6. Discriminating quantum field theories in curved spacetime

    Doukas, J., Adesso, G., Pirandola, S. & Dragan, A., 19 Jun 2013

    Article in arXiv

  7. Comparing degrees of non-determinism in expression evaluation

    Hayes, I. J., Burns, A., Dongol, B. & Jones, C. B., 1 Jun 2013

    Article in Computer journal

  8. The Receptor Density Algorithm

    Owens, N., Greensted, A. J., Timmis, J. & Tyrrell, A., 15 Apr 2013

    Article in Theoretical Computer Science

  9. Semantic mutation testing

    Clark, J. A., Dan, H. & Hierons, R. M., 1 Apr 2013

    Article in Science of Computer Programming

  10. Semantic mutation testing

    Clark, J. A., Dan, H. & Hierons, R. M., 1 Apr 2013

    Article in Science of Computer Programming

  11. Power-aware dynamic mapping heuristics for NoC-based MPSoCs using a unified model-based approach

    Ost, L., Mandelli, M., Moller, L., Soares Indrusiak, L., Sassatelli, G., Benoit, P., Glesner, M., Robert, M. & Moraes, F., Mar 2013

    Article in ACM Transactions in Embedded Computing Systems

  12. An investigation of the performance portability of OpenCL

    Pennycook, S. J., Hammond, S. D., Wright, S. A., Herdman, J. A., Miller, I. & Jarvis, S. A., 1 Jan 2013

    Article in Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing

  13. Editorial

    Calinescu, R., France, R. & Ghezzi, C., 1 Jan 2013

    Article in Computing

  14. Face Recognition and Verification Using Photometric Stereo: The Photoface Database and a Comprehensive Evaluation

    Zafeiriou, S., Atkinson, G. A., Hansen, M. F., Smith, W. A. P., Argyriou, V., Petrou, M., Smith, M. L. & Smith, L. N., Jan 2013

    Article in Information Forensics and Security, IEEE Transactions on

  15. Search in real-time video games

    Cowling, P. I., Buro, M., Bida, M., Botea, A., Bouzy, B., Butz, M. V., Hingston, P., Muñoz-Avila, H., Nau, D. & Sipper, M., 2013

    Article in Dagstuhl Follow-Ups

  16. 2012
  17. Invariant measures on multimode quantum Gaussian states

    Lupo, C., Mancini, S., De Pasquale, A., Facchi, P., Florio, G. & Pascazio, S., 19 Dec 2012

    Article in Journal of Mathematical Physics

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