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  1. 2011
  2. Use of macrophages to target therapeutic adenovirus to human prostate tumors

    Muthana, M., Giannoudis, A., Scott, S. D., Fang, H-Y., Coffelt, S. B., Morrow, F. J., Murdoch, C., Burton, J., Cross, N., Burke, B., Mistry, R., Hamdy, F., Brown, N. J., Georgopoulos, L., Hoskin, P., Essand, M., Lewis, C. E. & Maitland, N. J., 1 Mar 2011

    Article in Cancer research

  3. On the classical capacity of quantum Gaussian channels

    Lupo, C., Pirandola, S., Aniello, P. & Mancini, S., 21 Feb 2011

    Article in Physica Scripta

  4. Laser action in a surface-structured free-standing membrane based on a π-conjugated polymer-composite

    Chen, Y., Herrnsdorf, J., Guilhabert, B., Kanibolotsky, A. L., MacKintosh, A. R., Wang, Y., Pethrick, R. A., Gu, E., Turnbull, G. A., Skabara, P. J., Samuel, I. D. W., Laurand, N. & Dawson, M. D., 1 Jan 2011

    Article in Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications

  5. Advances in artificial immune systems

    Hart, E., McEwan, C., Timmis, J. & Hone, A., 2011

    Article in Evolutionary Intelligence

  6. CARMEN: Code analysis, Repository and Modeling for e-Neuroscience

    Austin, J., Jackson, T., Fletcher, M., Jessop, M., Liang, B., Weeks, M., Smith, L., Ingram, C. & Watson, P., 2011

    Article in Procedia CS

  7. Dynamic QoS Management and Optimization in Service-Based Systems

    Calinescu, R., Grunske, L., Kwiatkowska, M., Mirandola, R. & Tamburrelli, G., 2011

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering

  8. Editorial

    Kroening, D., Margaria, T. & Woodcock, J., 2011

    Article in Formal Asp. Comput.

  9. IEEE transactions on computational intelligence and AI in games


    Article in Special issue on Monte Carlo Tree Search and Computer Go

  10. Innovative Integrated Architecture for Educational Games: Challenges and Merits

    HodHod, R. A., Cairns, P. A., Kudenko, D., Pan, Z. (ed.), Cheok, A. D. (ed.), Müller, W. (ed.) & Yang, X. (ed.), 2011

    Article in T. Edutainment

  11. 2010
  12. Ada and the software vulnerabilities project: The SPARK Annex

    Burns, A., Tokar, J. L., Baird, S., Barnes, J., Chapman, R., Dismukes, G., González-Harbour, M., Michell, S., Moore, B., Pinho, L. M., Ploedereder, E., Real, J., Rosen, J. P., Schonberg, E., Taft, S. T. & Vardanega, T., 1 Dec 2010

    Article in Ada User Journal

  13. PRO2000 vaginal gel for prevention of HIV-1 infection (Microbicides Development Programme 301): a phase 3, randomised, double-blind, parallel-group trial

    McCormack, S., Ramjee, G., Kamali, A., Rees, H., Crook, A. M., Gafos, M., Jentsch, U., Pool, R., Chisembele, M., Kapiga, S., Mutemwa, R., Vallely, A., Palanee, T., Sookrajh, Y., Lacey, C. J., Darbyshire, J., Grosskurth, H., Profy, A., Nunn, A., Hayes, R. & 1 others, Weber, J., 16 Oct 2010

    Article in Lancet

  14. Do drastic weather effects on diet influence changes in chemical composition, mechanical properties and structure in deer antlers?

    Landete-Castillejos, T., Currey, J. D., Estevez, J. A., Fierro, Y., Calatayud, A., Ceacero, F., Garcia, A. J. & Gallego, L., Oct 2010

    Article in Bone

  15. Blind Steganalysis of Mp3stego

    Hernandez-Castro, J. C., Tapiador, J. E., Palomar, E. & Romero-Gonzalez, A., Sep 2010

    Article in Journal of information science and engineering

  16. Getting ready for REDD plus in Tanzania: a case study of progress and challenges

    Burgess, N. D., Bahane, B., Clairs, T., Danielsen, F., Dalsgaard, S., Funder, M., Hagelberg, N., Harrison, P., Haule, C., Kabalimu, K., Kilahama, F., Kilawe, E., Lewis, S. L., Lovett, J. C., Lyatuu, G., Marshall, A. R., Meshack, C., Miles, L., Milledge, S. A. H., Munishi, P. K. T. & 6 others, Nashanda, E., Shirima, D., Swetnam, R. D., Willcock, S., Williams, A. & Zahabu, E., Jul 2010

    Article in Oryx

  17. Using audio to support animated route information in a hospital touch-screen kiosk

    Wright, P., Soroka, A., Belt, S., Pham, D. T., Dimov, S., De Roure, D. & Petrie, H., Jul 2010

    Article in Computers in Human Behavior

  18. A randomised placebo-controlled safety and acceptability trial of PRO 2000 vaginal microbicide gel in sexually active women in Uganda

    Kamali, A., Byomire, H., Muwonge, C., Bakobaki, J., Rutterford, C., Okong, P., Profy, A., Byaruhanga, R., Namukwaya, S., McCormack, S., Grosskurth, H., Nunn, A. J. & Lacey, C. J. N., Jun 2010

    Article in Sexually Transmitted Infections

  19. Personality in captivity reflects personality in the wild

    Herborn, K. A., Macleod, R., Miles, W. T. S., Schofield, A. N. B., Alexander, L. & Arnold, K. E., Apr 2010


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