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  1. 2018
  2. Local costs of conservation exceed those borne by the global majority

    Green, J. M. H., Fisher, B., Green, R. E., Makero, J., Platts, P. J., Robert, N., Schaafsma, M., Turner, R. K. & Balmford, A. 18 Apr 2018

    Article in Global Ecology and Conservation

  3. Potential influence of birds on soil testate amoebae in the Arctic

    Mazei, Y., Lebedeva, N., Taskaeva, A. A., Ivanovsky, A. A., Chernyshov, V., Tsyganov, A. N. & Payne, R. J. 7 Apr 2018

    Article in Polar Science

  4. Addressing Criticisms of Large-Scale Marine Protected Areas

    O'Leary, B. C., Ban, N., Fernandez, M., Friedlander, A., García-Borboroglu, P., Golbuu, Y., Guidetti, P., Harris, J., Hawkins, J. P., Langlois, T., McCauley, D., Pikitch, E., Richmond, R. & Roberts, C. M. 5 Apr 2018

    Article in BioScience

  5. Ozone pollution will compromise efforts to increase global wheat production

    Mills, G. , Sharps, K. , Simpson, D. , Pleijel, H. , Broberg, M. , uddling, , Jaramillo, F. , Davies, W. J. , Dentener, , Van den Berg, M. , Agrawal, M. , Agrawal, S. B. , Ainsworth, E. A. , Bueker, P. , Emberson, L. D. , Feng, Z. , Harmens, , Hayes, , Kobayashi, K. , Paoletti, E. & 1 others Van Dingenen 31 Mar 2018

    Article in Global Change Biology

  6. The changing role of ornamental horticulture in alien plant invasions

    van Kleunen, M. , Essl, F. , Pergl, J. , Brundu, G. , Carboni, M. , Dullinger, S. , Early, R. I. , González-Moreno, P. , J. Groom, Q. , Hulme, P. , Kueffer, C. , Kühn, I. , Máguas, C. , Maurel, N. , Novoa, A. , Parepa, M. , Pyšek, P. , Seebens, H. , Tanner, R. , Touza-Montero, J. M. & 8 others N H Verbrugge, L., Weber, E., Dawson, W., Kreft, H., Weigelt, P., Winter, M., Klonner, G. & Talluto, M. 5 Mar 2018

    Article in Biological Reviews

  7. New Horizons

    Boxall, A. B. A. & Dalton, A. R. H. 2 Mar 2018 Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer 2017, Health Impacts of All Pollution - what do we know?. p. 107-138 32 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

  8. Drivers and trajectories of land cover change in East Africa: Human and environmental interactions from 6000 years ago to present

    Marchant, R. , Richer, S. , Boles, O. , Capitani, C. , Courtney-Mustaphi, C. J. , Lane, P. J. , Prendergast, M. E. , Stump, D. , De Cort, G. , Kaplan, J. O. , Phelps, L. , Kay, A. , Olago, D. , Petek, N. , Platts, P. J. , Punwong, P. , Widgren, M. , Wynne-Jones, S. , Ferro Vazquez, M. D. L. C. , Benard, J. N. & 29 others Boivin, N., Crowther, A., Cuni Sanchez, A., Deere, N. J., Ekblom, A., Farmer, J., Finch, J., Kabora, T., Kariuki, R., Kinyanjui, R., Kyazike, E., Lang, C., Lejju, J., Morrison, K. D., Muiruri, V., Mumbi, C. T., Muthoni, R., Muzuka, A., Ndiema, E., Nzabandora, C. K., Onjala, I., Pas Schrijver, A., Rucina, S., Shoemaker, A., Thornton-Barnett, S., van der Plas, G., Watson, E. E., Williamson, D. & Wright, D. 1 Mar 2018

    Article in Earth Science Reviews

  9. What role does human activity play in microbial biogeography?: The revealing case of testate amoebae in the soils of Pyramiden, Svalbard.

    Mazei, Y. A., Lebedeva, N. V., Taskaeva, A. A., Ivanovsky, A. A., Chernyshov, V. A., Tsyganov, A. N. & Payne, R. J. Mar 2018

    Article in Pedobiologia

  10. Alien Futures: What is on the horizon for biological invasions?

    Dehnen-Schmutz, K., Boivin, T., Essl, F., J. Groom, Q., Harrison, L. J., Touza-Montero, J. M. & Bayliss, H. 28 Feb 2018

    Article in Diversity and Distributions

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