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  1. 2018
  2. Energy justice and sustainability transitions in Mozambique

    Castan Broto, V., Baptista, I., Kirshner, J. D., Smith, S. & Neves Alves, S. 9 Jul 2018

    Article in Applied Energy

  3. Whale sharks gather at a few specific locations around the world – now we know why

    Copping, J. & Beukers-Stewart, B. D. 5 Jul 2018 The Conversation

    Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationArticle

  4. Sorption, plant uptake and metabolism of benzodiazepines

    Carter, L. J., Williams, M., Martin, S., Kamaludeen, S. & Kookana, R. S. 1 Jul 2018


  5. Health impacts of the WIAT programme to improve local woodlands for deprived urban communities: a quasi-experimental study

    Ward Thompson, C., Silveirinha de Oliveira, E., Tilley, S., Elizalde, A., Botha, W., Briggs, A., Cummins, S., Leyland, A., Roe, J., Aspinall, P. A., Brookfield, K. & Mitchell, R. 29 Jun 2018

    Article in Public Health Research

  6. Ozone effects on crops and consideration in crop models

    Emberson, L. D., Pleijel, H., Ainsworth, L., Van den Berg, M., Ren, W., Osborne, S. A., Mills, G., Pandey, D., Dentener, F., Bueker, P., Ewert, F., Koeble, R. & Van Dingenen, R. 22 Jun 2018

    Article in European Journal of Agronomy

  7. Sedimentary records of coastal storm surges: Evidence of the 1953 North Sea event

    Swindles, G. T., Galloway, J., Macumber, A., Croudace, I., Emery, A. R., Woulds, C., Bateman, M., Parry, L., Jones, J. M., Selby, K. A., Rushby, G., Baird, A. J., Woodroffe, S. & Barlow, N. L. M. 22 Jun 2018

    Article in Marine Geology

  8. The multifunctional roles of vegetated strips around and within agricultural fields.

    Haddaway, N., Brown, C. D., Eales, J., Eggers, S., Josefsson, J., Kronvang, B., Randall, N. & Uusi-Kämppä, J. 4 Jun 2018

    Article in Environmental Evidence

  9. A forest-based circular bioeconomy for southern Europe: visions, opportunities and challenges

    Martinez de Arano, I., Muys, B., Topi, C., Pettenella, D., Feliciano, D., Rigolot, E., Lefevre, F., Prokofieva, I., Labidi, J., Carnus, J. M., Secco, L., Fragiacomo, M., Follesa, M., Masiero, M. & Llano-Ponte, R. 1 Jun 2018 Barcelona,Spain: European Forest Institute (EFI). 124 p. (Synthesis Report)

    Research output: Book/ReportCommissioned report

  10. Transparency and sustainability in global commodity supply chains

    Gardner, T. A. , Benzie, M. , Börner, J. , Dawkins, E. , Fick, S. , Garrett, C. R. , Godar, J. , Grimard, A. , Lake, S. , Larsen, R. K. , Mardas, N. , McDermott, C. L. , Meyfroidt, P. , Osbeck, M. , Persson, C. M. , Sembres, T. , Suavet, C. , Strassburg, B. B. N. , Trevisan, A. , West, C. & 1 others Wolvekamp, P. 31 May 2018

    Article in World Development

  11. Scenarios of land use and land cover change and their multiple impacts on natural capital in Tanzania

    Capitani, C., van Soesbergen, A., Mukama, K., Malugu, I., Mbilinyi, B., Chamuya, N., Kempen, B., Malimbwi, R., Mant, R., Munishi, P., Njana, M., Ortmann, A., Platts, P. J., Runsten, L., Sassen, M., Sayo, P., Shirima, D., Zahabu, E., Burgess, N. & Marchant, R. 15 May 2018

    Article in Environmental conservation

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