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  1. 2000
  2. Pesticides in rainfall in Europe

    Dubus, I. G., Hollis, J. M. & Brown, C. D., 2000

    Article in Environmental Pollution

  3. Environmental analysis

    Cave, M. R., Butler, O., Cook, J. M., Cresser, M. S., Garden, L. M. & Miles, D. L., Feb 2000


  4. Late Quaternary sea-level changes, crustal movements and coastal evolution in Northumberland, UK

    Shennan, I., Horton, B., Innes, J., Lloyd, J., McArthur, J., Rutherford, M., Gehrels, R. & Gehrels, W. R., 1 Mar 2000

    Article in Journal of Quaternary Science

  5. A simple bioeconomic model of a marine reserve

    Pezzey, J. C. V., Roberts, C. M. & Urdal, B. T., Apr 2000

    Article in Ecological Economics

  6. Comparison of pesticide leaching models: results using the Weiherbach data set

    Gottesburen, B., Aden, K., Barlund, I., Brown, C., Dust, M., Gorlitz, G., Jarvis, N., Rekolainen, S., Schafer, H. & Brown, C. D., May 2000

    Article in Agricultural water management

  7. A larger pool of ozone-forming carbon compounds in urban atmospheres

    Lewis, A. C., Carslaw, N., Marriott, P. J., Kinghorn, R. M., Morrison, P., Lee, A. L., Bartle, K. D. & Pilling, M. J., 15 Jun 2000

    Article in Nature

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