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  2. In defense of fences

    Pfeifer, M., Packer, C., Burton, A. C., Garnett, S., Loveridge, A., MacNulty, D. & Platts, P. J., 25 Jul 2014

    Letter in Science

  3. Letter › Research › Peer-reviewed
  4. How much at risk are cone snails? Response

    Chivian, E., Roberts, C. M. & Bernstein, A. S., 13 Feb 2004

    Letter in Science

  5. Reinventing the wheel in ecology research? Response

    Raffaelli, D., Cardinale, B. J., Downing, A. L., Engelhardt, K. A. M., Ruesink, J. L., Solan, M. & Srivastava, D. S., 25 Mar 2005

    Letter in Science

  6. The threat to cone snails

    Chivian, E., Roberts, C. M. & Bernstein, A. S., 17 Oct 2003

    Letter in Science

  7. Two cultures of conservation

    Fisher, B., Bolt, K., Bradbury, R. B., Gardner, T. A., Green, J. M. H., Hole, D. G. & Naidoo, R., Oct 2009

    Letter in Conservation Biology