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  1. Archaeology, Heritage, and Social Value: Public Perspectives on European Archaeology

    Richards, J. D., Wright, H. E., Kajda, K., Marx, A., Marciniak, A., Salas Rossenbach, K., Pawleta, M., van den Dries, M., Boom, K., Guermandi, M. P., Criado-Boado, F., Barreiro, D., Synnestvedt, A., Kotsakis, K., Kasvikis, K., Theodoroudi, E., Luth, F., Issa, M. & Frase, I., 9 May 2017

    Article in European Journal of Archaeology

  2. Archaeometric study of mortars from the Pisa’s Cathedral Square (Italy)

    Lezzerini, M., Raneri, S., Pagnotta, S., Columbu, S. & Gallello, G., 22 May 2018

    Article in Measurement

  3. Basin-scale sources and pathways of microplastic that ends up in the Galápagos Archipelago

    van Sebille, E., Delandmeter, P., Schofield, A. J., Hardesty, B. D., Jones, J. & Donnelly, A., 14 Oct 2019

    Article in Ocean Science

  4. Bone and antler combs: towards a methodology for the understanding of trade and identity in Viking Age England and Scotland

    Ashby, S. P., Luik, H. (ed.), Choyke, A. M. (ed.), Batey, C. E. (ed.) & Lougas, L. (ed.), 2005, From Hooves to Horns, from Mollusc to Mammoth: Manufacture and Use of Bone Artefacts from Prehistoric Times to the Present. Tallinn: University of Tartu, Vol. Proceedings of the 4th Meeting of the Worked Bone Research Group, Tallinn, Estonia, August 2003. p. 255-262 7 p. (Muinasaja Teadus; vol. 15).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

  5. Bones as evidence of meat production and distribution in York

    O'Connor, T. P. & White, E. (ed.), 2000, Feeding a city: York. The provision of food from Roman times to the beginning of the twentieth century. Devon, UK: Prospect Books, p. 43-60 17 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

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