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  1. 2018
  2. Improving the effectiveness of psychological interventions for depression and anxiety in the cardiac rehabilitation pathway using group-based metacognitive therapy (PATHWAY Group MCT): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

    Wells, A., McNicol, K., Reeves, D., Salmon, P., Davies, L., Heagerty, A., Doherty, P., McPhillips, R., Anderson, R., Faija, C., Capobianco, L., Morley, H., Gaffney, H., Shields, G. & Fisher, P. 3 Apr 2018

    Article in Trials

  3. Pyrodiversity interacts with rainfall to increase bird and mammal richness in African savannas

    Beale, C. M., Courtney-Mustaphi, C. J., Morrison, T. A., Archibald, S., Anderson, T. M., Dobson, A. P., Donaldson, J. E., Hempson, G. P., Probert, J. & Parr, C. L. 1 Apr 2018

    Article in Ecology Letters

  4. Annual cycles are the most common reproductive strategy in African tropical tree communities

    Adamescu, G. S. , Plumptre, A. J. , Abernethy, K. A. , Polansky, L. , Bush, E. R. , Chapman, C. A. , Shoo, L. P. , Fayolle, A. , Janmaat, K. R. L. , Robbins, M. M. , Ndangalasi, H. J. , Cordeiro, N. J. , Gilby, I. C. , Wittig, R. M. , Breuer, T. , Ndoundou-Hockemba, M. , Sanz, C. M. , Morgan, D. B. , Pusey, A. E. , Mugerwa, B. & 19 others Gilagiza, B., Tutin, C., Ewango, C. E. N., Sheil, D., Dimoto, E., Baya, F., Bujo, F., Ssali, F., Dikangadissi, J. T., Jeffery, K. J., Valenta, K., White, L. J. T., Masozera, M., Wilson, M. L., Bitariho, R., Ndolo Ebika, S. T., Gourlet-Fleury, S., Mulindahabi, F. & Beale, C. M. 27 Mar 2018

    Article in Biotropica

  5. A glycosyl transferase family 43 protein involved in xylan biosynthesis is associated with straw digestibility in Brachypodium distachyon

    Whitehead, C., Ostos Garrido, F. J., Reymond, M., Simister, R., Distelfeld, A., Atienza, S. G., Piston, F., Gomez, L. D. & Mcqueen-Mason, S. J. 25 Mar 2018

    Article in The New phytologist

  6. Circadian rhythms are associated with shoot architecture in multi-year field studies of Arabidopsis thaliana

    Rubin, M., Brock, M., Baker, R. L., Wilcox, S., Anderson, K., Davis, S. J. & Weinig, C. 23 Mar 2018

    Article in New Phytologist

  7. The ecology of tree reproduction in an African medium altitude rainforest

    Babweteera, F., Plumptre, A. J., Adamescu, G. S., Shoo, L. P., Beale, C. M., Reynolds, V., Nyeko, P. & Muhanguzi, G. 23 Mar 2018

    Article in Biotropica

  8. Intermembrane crosstalk drives inner membrane protein organization in Escherichia coli

    Rassam, P., Long, K. R., Kaminska, R., Williams, D. J., Papadakos, G., Baumann, C. G. & Kleanthous, K. 14 Mar 2018

    Article in Nature Communications

  9. Partitioning of soil phosphorus among arbuscular and ectomycorrhizal trees in tropical and subtropical forests

    Liu, X., Burslem, D., Taylor, J., Taylor, A., Khoo, E., Majalap-Lee, N., Helgason, T. & Johnson, D. 13 Mar 2018

    Article in Ecology Letters

  10. Uncovering the molecular mechanisms of lignocellulose digestion in shipworms

    Sabbadin, F., Pesante, G., Elias, L., Besser, K., Li, Y., Steele-King, C. G., Stark, M., Rathbone, D. A., Dowle, A., Bates, R., Shipway, J. R., Cragg, S. M., Bruce, N. C. & McQueen Mason, S. J. 7 Mar 2018

    Article in Biotechnology for biofuels

  11. Postreproductive lifespans are rare in mammals

    Ellis, S., Franks, D. W., Nattrass, S., Cant, M. A., Bradley, D. L., Giles, D., Balcomb, K. C. & Croft, D. 5 Mar 2018

    Article in Ecology and Evolution

  12. Bringing numerous methods for expression and promoter analysis to a public cloud computing service

    Polanski, K., Gao, B., Mason, S. A., Brown, P., Ott, S., Denby, K. & Wild, D. L. 1 Mar 2018

    Article in Bioinformatics

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