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  1. 2018
  2. Managing dose-, damage- and data-rates in multi-frame spectrum-imaging

    Jones, L., Varambhia, A., Beanland, R., Kepaptsoglou, D., Griffiths, I., Ishizuka, A., Azough, F., Freer, R., Ishizuka, K., Cherns, D., Ramasse, Q. M., Lozano-Perez, S. & Nellist, P. D. 11 Jan 2018

    Article in Microscopy Today

  3. Effect of composition on the structure of lithium- and manganese-rich transition metal oxides

    Shukla, A. K., Ramasse, Q., Ophus, C., Kepaptsoglou, D. M., Hage, F. S., Gammer, C., Bowling, C., Gallegos, P. A. H. . & Venkatachalam, S. 10 Jan 2018

    Article in Energy & Environmental Science

  4. Magnetic and structural depth profiles of Heusler alloy Co2FeAl0.5Si0.5 epitaxial films on Si(111)

    Glover, S. E., Saerbeck, T., Kuerbanjiang, B., Ghasemi, A., Kepaptsoglou, D., Ramasse, Q., Yamada, S., Hamaya, K., Hase, T. P. A., Lazarov, V. & Bell, G. R. 3 Jan 2018

    Article in Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

  5. Determination of volumetric plasma parameters from spectroscopic N II and N III line ratio measurements in the ASDEX Upgrade divertor

    Henderson, S. S., Bernert, M., Brezinsek, S., Carr, M., Cavedon, M., Dux, R., Lipschultz, B., O'Mullane, M. G., Reimold, F. & Reinke, M. L. 1 Jan 2018

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  6. Pedestal evolution physics in low triangularity JET tokamak discharges with ITER-like wall

    Bowman, C., Dickinson, D., Horvath, L., Lunniss, A. E., Wilson, H. R., Cziegler, I., Frassinetti, L., Gibson, K., Kirk, A., Lipschultz, B., Maggi, C. F., Roach, C. M., Saarelma, S., Snyder, P. B., Thornton, A. & Wynn, A. 1 Jan 2018

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  7. 2017
  8. Particle acceleration during merging-compression plasma start-up in the Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak

    McClements, K. G., Allen, J. O., Chapman, S., Dendy, R. O., Irvine, S., Marshall, O., Robb, D., Turnyanskiy, M. R. & Vann, R. G. L. 20 Dec 2017

    Article in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

  9. Prospects for Engineering Thermoelectric Properties in La1/3NbO3 Ceramics Revealed via Atomic-Level Characterization and Modeling

    Kepaptsoglou, D., Baran, J. D., Azough, F., Ekren, D., Srivastava, D., Molinari, M., Parker, S. C., Ramasse, Q. M. & Freer, R. 19 Dec 2017

    Article in Inorganic Chemistry

  10. Concurrent La and A-Site Vacancy Doping Modulates the Thermoelectric Response of SrTiO3: Experimental and Computational Evidence

    Azough, F., Jackson, S. S., Ekren, D., Freer, R., Molinari, M., Yeandel, S. R., Panchmatia, P. M., Parker, S. C., Maldonado, D. H., Kepaptsoglou, D. M. & Ramasse, Q. M. 6 Dec 2017

    Article in ACS applied materials & interfaces

  11. Compact acceleration of energetic neutral atoms using high intensity laser-solid interaction

    Dalui, M., Trivikram, T. M., Colgan, J., Pasley, J. & Krishnamurthy, M. 1 Dec 2017

    Article in Scientific Reports

  12. Deterministic control of magnetic vortex wall chirality by electric field

    Beardsley, R. P., Bowe, S., Parkes, D. E., Reardon, C., Edmonds, K. W., Gallagher, B. L., Cavill, S. A. & Rushforth, A. W. 1 Dec 2017

    Article in Scientific Reports

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