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  1. 2018
  2. Many-body renormalization of forces in f-electron materials

    Plekhanov, E., Hasnip, P. J., Sacksteder, V., Probert, M. I. J., Clark, S., Refson, K. & Weber, C. 16 Aug 2018

    Article in Phys. Rev. B

  3. Shubnikov--de Haas oscillations in the anomalous Hall conductivity of Chern insulators

    Canonico, L. M., García, J. H., Rappoport, T. G., Ferreira, A. & Muniz, R. B. 6 Aug 2018

    Article in Physical Review B

  4. Spatio-temporal plasma heating mechanisms in a radio-frequency electrothermal microthruster

    Doyle, S. J., Gibson, A. R., Flatt, J., Ho, T. S., Boswell, R., Charles, C., Tian, P., Kushner, M. J. & Dedrick, J. P. 2 Aug 2018

    Article in Plasma sources science & technology

  5. Investigation of magnetic droplet solitons using x-ray holography with extended references

    Burgos-Parra, E., Bukin, N., Sani, S., Figueroa, A. I., Beutier, G., Dupraz, M., Chung, S., Dürrenfeld, P., Le, Q. T., Mohseni, S. M., Houshang, A., Cavill, S. A., Hicken, R. J., Åkerman, J., van der Laan, G. & Ogrin, F. Y. 1 Aug 2018

    Article in Scientific Reports

  6. Scalable Patterning of Encapsulated Black Phosphorus

    Clark, N., Nguyen, L., Hamer, M. J., Schedin, F., Lewis, E. A., Prestat, E., Garner, A., Cao, Y., Zhu, M., Kashtiban, R. J., Sloan, J., Kepaptsoglou, D. M., Gorbachev, R. V. & Haigh, S. J. 1 Aug 2018

    Article in Nano Letters

  7. Exposure of mass-selected bimetallic Pt–Ti nanoalloys to oxygen explored using scanning transmission electron microscopy and density functional theory

    Gholhaki, S., Hung, S-H., Cant, D. J. H., Blackmore, C. E., Shard, A. G., Guo, Q., McKenna, K. P. & Palmer, R. E. 31 Jul 2018

    Article in RSC Advances

  8. Pulse pile-up identification and reconstruction for liquid scintillator based neutron detectors

    Luo, X. L. , Modamio, V. , Nyberg, J. , Valiente-Dobón, J. J. , Nishada, Q. , de Angelis, G. , Agramunt, J. , Egea, F. J. , Erduran, M. N. , Ertürk, S. , de France, G. , Gadea, A. , González, V. , Goasduff, A. , Hüyük, T. , Jaworski, G. , Moszyński, M. , Di Nitto, A. , Palacz, M. , Söderström, P-A. & 3 others Sanchis, E., Triossi, A. & Wadsworth, R. 21 Jul 2018

    Article in Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment

  9. Electrically controlled water permeation through graphene oxide membranes

    Zhou, K-G., Vasu, K. S., Cherian, C. T., Neek-Amal, M., Zhang, J. C., Ghorbanfekr-Kalashami, H., Huang, K., Marshall, O. P., Kravets, V. G., Abraham, J., Su, Y., Grigorenko, A. N., Pratt, A., Geim, A. K., Peeters, F. M., Novoselov, K. S. & Nair, R. R. 11 Jul 2018

    Article in Nature

  10. Ultrahigh Numerical Aperture Metalens at Visible Wavelengths

    Liang, H., Lin, Q., Xie, X., Sun, Q., Wang, Y., Zhou, L., Liu, L., Yu, X., Zhou, J., Krauss, T. F. & Li, J. 11 Jul 2018

    Article in Nano Letters

  11. Growth and characterisation of MnSb(0 0 0 1)/InGaAs(1 1 1)A epitaxial films

    Mousley, P. J., Burrows, C. W., Ashwin, M. J., Sánchez, A. M., Lazarov, V. K. & Bell, G. R. 10 Jul 2018

    Article in Journal of Crystal Growth

  12. Testing microscopically derived descriptions of nuclear collectivity: Coulomb excitation of 22Mg

    Henderson, J. , Hackman, G. , Ruotsalainen, P. , Stroberg, S. R. , Launey, K. D. , Holt, J. D. , Ali-Rachedi, F. , Bernier, N. , Bentley, M. A. , Bowry, M. , Caballero-Folch, R. , Evitts, L. J. , Frederick, R. , Garnsworthy, A. B. , Garrett, P. E. , Jigmeddorj, B. , Kilic, A. I. , Lassen, J. , Measures, J. , Muecher, D. & 8 others Olaizola, B., O'Sullivan, E., Paetkau, O., Park, J., Smallcombe, J., Svensson, C. E., Wadsworth, R. & Wu, C. Y. 10 Jul 2018

    Article in Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics

  13. Optical trapping with planar silicon metalenses

    Tkachenko, G., Stellinga, D., Ruskuc, A., Chen, M., Dholakia, K. & Krauss, T. F. 2 Jul 2018

    Article in Optics Letters

  14. Femtosecond X-Ray Diffraction Studies of the Reversal of the Microstructural Effects of Plastic Deformation during Shock Release of Tantalum

    Sliwa, M., McGonegle, D., Wehrenberg, C. E., Bolme, C., Heighway, P., Higginbotham, A., Lazicki, A. E., Lee, H. J., Nagler, B., Park, H. S., Rudd, R. E., Suggit, M. J., Swift, D. C., Tavella, F., Zepeda-Ruiz, L., Remington, B. A. & Wark, J. S. 29 Jun 2018

    Article in Physical Review Letters

  15. Stochastic effects on phase-space holes and clumps in kinetic systems near marginal stability

    Woods, B. J. Q., Duarte, V. N., De-Gol, A. P., Gorelenkov, N. N. & Vann, R. G. L. 29 Jun 2018

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  16. Relativistic Doppler-boosted γ-rays in High Fields

    Capdessus, R., King, M., Del Sorbo, D., Duff, M. J., Ridgers, C. P. & McKenna, P. 14 Jun 2018

    Article in Scientific Reports

  17. Interconversion of intrinsic defects in $SrTiO_3(001)$

    Chambers, S. A., Du, Y., Zhu, Z., Wang, J., Wahila, M. J., Piper, L. F. J., Prakash, A., Yue, J., Jalan, B., Spurgeon, S. R., Kepaptsoglou, D. M., Ramasse, Q. M. & Sushko, P. V. 12 Jun 2018

    Article in Physical Review B

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