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  1. 2018
  2. Sawney's Seat: The Social Imaginary of the London Bog-house c.1660-c.1800

    Jenner, M. Aug 2018 Bellies, bowels and entrails in the eighteenth century. Barr, R. A., Kleiman-Lafon, S. & Vasset, S. (eds.). Manchester University Press

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter (peer-reviewed)

  3. General Practitioners and Emergency Departments (GPED): Efficient Models of Care. A mixed-methods study protocol

    Morton, K., Voss, S., Adamson, J., Baxter, H., Bloor, K. E., Brandling, J., Cowlishaw, S., Doran, T., Gibson, A., Gutacker, N., Liu, D., Purdy, S., Roy, P., Salisbury, C., Scantlebury, A., Vaittinen, A., Watson, R. M. & Benger, J. 16 Jul 2018

    Article in BMJ Open

  4. Testing microscopically derived descriptions of nuclear collectivity: Coulomb excitation of 22Mg

    Henderson, J. , Hackman, G. , Ruotsalainen, P. , Stroberg, S. R. , Launey, K. D. , Holt, J. D. , Ali-Rachedi, F. , Bernier, N. , Bentley, M. A. , Bowry, M. , Caballero-Folch, R. , Evitts, L. J. , Frederick, R. , Garnsworthy, A. B. , Garrett, P. E. , Jigmeddorj, B. , Kilic, A. I. , Lassen, J. , Measures, J. , Muecher, D. & 8 others Olaizola, B., O'Sullivan, E., Paetkau, O., Park, J., Smallcombe, J., Svensson, C. E., Wadsworth, R. & Wu, C. Y. 10 Jul 2018

    Article in Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics

  5. Global Assessment of Agricultural System Redesign for Sustainable Intensification

    Pretty, J., Benton, T. G., Bharucha, Z. P., Dicks, L. V., Flora, C. B., Godfray, H. C. J., Goulson, D., Hartley, S. E., Lampkin, N., Morris, C., Pierzynski, G., Vara Prasad, P. V., Reganold, J., Rockstrom, J., Smith, P., Thorne, P. & Wratten, S. 9 Jul 2018

    Article in Nature Sustainability

  6. The multifunctional roles of vegetated strips around and within agricultural fields.

    Haddaway, N., Brown, C. D., Eales, J., Eggers, S., Josefsson, J., Kronvang, B., Randall, N. & Uusi-Kämppä, J. 4 Jun 2018

    Article in Environmental Evidence

  7. Scenarios of land use and land cover change and their multiple impacts on natural capital in Tanzania

    Capitani, C., van Soesbergen, A., Mukama, K., Malugu, I., Mbilinyi, B., Chamuya, N., Kempen, B., Malimbwi, R., Mant, R., Munishi, P., Njana, M., Ortmann, A., Platts, P. J., Runsten, L., Sassen, M., Sayo, P., Shirima, D., Zahabu, E., Burgess, N. & Marchant, R. 15 May 2018

    Article in Environmental conservation

  8. Dryland management regimes alter forest habitats and understory arthropod communities

    Johnson, S. N., Lopaticki, G., Aslam, T. J., Barnett, K., Frew, A., Hartley, S. E., Hiltpold, I., Nielsen, U. N. & Ryalls, J. M. W. 1 May 2018

    Article in Annals of applied biology

  9. Fault-tolerant Learning in Spiking Astrocyte-Neural Networks on FPGAs

    Johnson, A. P., Liu, J., Millard, A. G., Karim, S., Tyrrell, A. M., Harkin, J., Timmis, J. I., McDaid, L. & Halliday, D. M. 29 Mar 2018 31st International Conference on VLSI Design (VLSID 2018) & 17th International Conference on Embedded Systems (ES 2018). IEEE

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  10. Paths to light trapping in thin film GaAs solar cells

    Xiao, J., Fang, H., Su, R., Li, K., Song, J., Krauss, T. F., Li, J. & Martins, E. R. 14 Mar 2018

    Article in Optics Express

  11. Direct measurement of resonance strengths in S 34 (α,γ) Ar 38 at astrophysically relevant energies using the DRAGON recoil separator

    Connolly, D., O'Malley, P. D., Akers, C., Chen, A. A., Christian, G., Davids, B., Erikson, L., Fallis, J., Fulton, B. R., Greife, U., Hager, U., Hutcheon, A. D., Ilyushkin, S., Laird, A. M., Mahl, A. & Ruiz, C. 7 Mar 2018

    Article in Physical Review C

  12. Drivers and trajectories of land cover change in East Africa: Human and environmental interactions from 6000 years ago to present

    Marchant, R. , Richer, S. , Boles, O. , Capitani, C. , Courtney-Mustaphi, C. J. , Lane, P. J. , Prendergast, M. E. , Stump, D. , De Cort, G. , Kaplan, J. O. , Phelps, L. , Kay, A. , Olago, D. , Petek, N. , Platts, P. J. , Punwong, P. , Widgren, M. , Wynne-Jones, S. , Ferro Vazquez, M. D. L. C. , Benard, J. N. & 29 others Boivin, N., Crowther, A., Cuni Sanchez, A., Deere, N. J., Ekblom, A., Farmer, J., Finch, J., Kabora, T., Kariuki, R., Kinyanjui, R., Kyazike, E., Lang, C., Lejju, J., Morrison, K. D., Muiruri, V., Mumbi, C. T., Muthoni, R., Muzuka, A., Ndiema, E., Nzabandora, C. K., Onjala, I., Pas Schrijver, A., Rucina, S., Shoemaker, A., Thornton-Barnett, S., van der Plas, G., Watson, E. E., Williamson, D. & Wright, D. 1 Mar 2018

    Article in Earth Science Reviews

  13. Simplifying environmental mixtures—An aquatic exposure‐based approach via land use scenarios

    Posthuma, L., Brown, C. D., de Zwart, D., Diamond, J., Dyer, S., Hamer, M., Holmes, C., Marshall, S. & Burton, G. A. 26 Feb 2018

    Article in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

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