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  1. 2022
  2. Bio-removal of Yttrium (III), Cerium (III), Europium (III) and Terbium (III) from single and quaternary aqueous solutions using the extremophile Galdieria sulphuraria (Galdieriaceae, Rhodophyta)

    Iovinella, M., Lombardo, F., Ciniglia, C., Palmieri, M., Di Cicco, M. R., Trifuogg, M., Race, M., Manfredi, C., Lubritto, C., Fabbricino, M., De Stefano, M. & Davis, S. J., 20 May 2022, (Accepted/In press)

    Article in Plants

  3. Evidence of deterrence from patrol data: trialling application of a differenced-CPUE metric

    Dancer, A., Keane, A., Beale, C. M., Dobson, A., Amin, R., Freeman, R., Imong, I., Jones, K., Linkie, M., Long, B., Okeke, F. O., Plumptre, A. J., Rowcliffe, J. M., Stokes, E. J., van der Westhuizen, E. & Collen, B., 16 May 2022, (Accepted/In press)

    Article in Conservation Science and Practice

  4. Oxidative cleavage of polysaccharides by a termite-derived superoxide dismutase boosts the degradation of biomass by glycoside hydrolases

    Franco Cairo, J. P., Mandelli, F., Tramontina, R., Cannella, D., Paradisi, A., Ciano, L., Ferreira, M., Liberato, M. V., Brenelli, L., Gonçalves, T., Rodrigues, G. N., Alvarez, T. M., Mofatto, L. S., Carazzolle, M. F., Pradella, J. G., Leme, A. P., Costa-Leonardo, A. M., Oliveira Neto, M., Damasio, A., Davies, G. & 3 others, Felby, C., Walton, P. H. & Squina, F., 12 May 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Green Chemistry

  5. Intramolecular Through-Space Charge Transfer Based TADF-Active Multifunctional Emitters for High Efficiency Solution-Processed OLED

    Li, B., Yang, Z., Gong, W., Chen, X., Bruce, D. W., Wang, S., Ma, H., Liu, Y., Zhu, W., Chi, Z. & Wang, Y., 10 May 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Advanced Optical Materials

  6. Benign solvents for recycling and re-use of a multi-layer battery pouch.

    Marshall, J. E., Middleton, B., Gastol, D., Sommerville, R., McElroy, R., Kendrick, E. & Goodship, V., 4 May 2022

    Article in Materials Advances

  7. Observations and modelling of glyoxal in the tropical Atlantic marine boundary layer

    Walker, H., Stone, D., Ingham, T., Hackenberg, S., Cryer, D. R., Punjabi, S., Read, K. A., Lee, J. D., Whalley, L. K., Spracklen, D., Carpenter, L. J., Arnold, S. R. & Heard, D. E., 27 Apr 2022

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  8. Sodium accumulation in breast cancer predicts malignancy and treatment response

    James, A. D., Leslie, T. K., Kaggie, J. D., Wiggins, L., Patten, L., Murphy O'Duinn, J., Langer, S., Labarthe, M-C., Riemer, F., Baxter, G., McLean, M. A., Gilbert, F. J., Kennerley, A. J. & Brackenbury, W. J., 25 Apr 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in British journal of cancer

  9. A systematic map of demographic data from elephant populations across Africa: implications for poaching and population analyses

    Hauenstein, S., Jassoy, N., Mupepele, A-C., Carroll, T., Kshatriya, M., Beale, C. M. & Dormann, C. F., 19 Apr 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Letter in Mammal Review

  10. Reductive Aminations by Imine Reductases: From Milligrams to Tons

    Grogan, G. J., Gilio, A., Thorpe, T. & Turner, N., 7 Apr 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Chemical Science

  11. Structure and Mutation of the Native Amine Dehydrogenase MATOUAmDH2

    Grogan, G. J., Bennett, M., Ducrot, L. & Vergne-Vaxelaire, C., 7 Apr 2022

    Article in Chembiochem

  12. Quantification and assessment of methane emissions from offshore oil and gas facilities on the Norwegian continental shelf

    Foulds, A., Allen, G., Shaw, J. T., Bateson, P., Barker, P. A., Huang, L., Pitt, J. R., Lee, J. D., Wilde, S. E., Dominutti, P., Purvis, R. M., Lowry, D., France, J. L., Fisher, R. E., Fiehn, A., Pühl, M., Bauguitte, S. J. B., Conley, S. A., Smith, M. L., Lachlan-Cope, T. & 2 others, Pisso, I. & Schwietzke, S., 4 Apr 2022

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  13. Recent Advances in Green Synthesis of Ag NPs for Extenuating Antimicrobial Resistance

    Parmar, S., Kaur, H., Singh, J., Matharu, A. S., Ramakrishna, S. & Bechelany, M., 28 Mar 2022

    Review article in Nanomaterials

  14. [4-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)imidazolium Salts as Organocatalysts for Cycloaddition of Isocyanates and Epoxides to Yield Oxazolidin-2-ones

    Caballero, M. P., Carrascosa, F., de la Cruz-Martínez, F., Castro-Osma, J. A., Rodríguez, A. M., North, M., Lara-Sánchez, A. & Tejeda, J., 16 Mar 2022

    Article in ChemistrySelect

  15. Pharmaceutical pollution of the world's rivers

    Wilkinson, J. L., Boxall, A. B. A., Kolpin, D. W., Leung, K. M. Y., Lai, R. W. S., Galbán-Malagón, C., Adell, A. D., Mondon, J., Metian, M., Marchant, R. A., Bouzas-Monroy, A., Cuni-Sanchez, A., Coors, A., Carriquiriborde, P., Rojo, M., Gordon, C., Cara, M., Moermond, M., Luarte, T., Petrosyan, V. & 107 others, Perikhanyan, Y., Mahon, C. S., McGurk, C. J., Hofmann, T., Kormoker, T., Iniguez, V., Guzman-Otazo, J., Tavares, J. L., Gildasio De Figueiredo, F., Razzolini, M. T. P., Dougnon, V., Gbaguidi, G., Traoré, O., Blais, J. M., Kimpe, L. E., Wong, M., Wong, D., Ntchantcho, R., Pizarro, J., Ying, G-G., Chen, C-E., Páez, M., Martínez-Lara, J., Otamonga, J-P., Poté, J., Ifo, S. A., Wilson, P., Echeverría-Sáenz, S., Udikovic-Kolic, N., Milakovic, M., Fatta-Kassinos, D., Ioannou-Ttofa, L., Belušová, V., Vymazal, J., Cárdenas-Bustamante, M., Kassa, B. A., Garric, J., Chaumot, A., Gibba, P., Kunchulia, I., Seidensticker, S., Lyberatos, G., Halldórsson, H. P., Melling, M., Shashidhar, T., Lamba, M., Nastiti, A., Supriatin, A., Pourang, N., Abedini, A., Abdullah, O., Gharbia, S. S., Pilla, F., Chefetz, B., Topaz, T., Yao, K. M., Aubakirova, B., Beisenova, R., Olaka, L., Mulu, J. K., Chatanga, P., Ntuli, V., Blama, N. T., Sherif, S., Aris, A. Z., Looi, L. J., Niang, M., Traore, S. T., Oldenkamp, R., Ogunbanwo, O., Ashfaq, M., Iqbal, M., Abdeen, Z., O'Dea, A., Morales-Saldaña, J. M., Custodio, M., de la Cruz, H., Navarrete, I., Carvalho, F., Gogra, A. B., Koroma, B. M., Cerkvenik-Flajs, V., Gombač, M., Thwala, M., Choi, K., Kang, H., Ladu, J. L. C., Rico, A., Amerasinghe, P., Sobek, A., Horlitz, G., Zenker, A. K., King, A. C., Jiang, J-J., Kariuki, R., Tumbo, M., Tezel, U., Onay, T. T., Lejju, J. B., Vystavna, Y., Vergeles, Y., Heinzen, H., Pérez-Parada, A., Sims, D. B., Figy, M., Good, D. & Teta, C., 22 Feb 2022

    Article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

  16. Halogens in Seaweeds: Biological and Environmental Significance

    Al-Adilah, H., Feiters, M., Carpenter, L. J., Kumari, P., Carrano, C., Al-Bader, D. & Kupper, F., 18 Feb 2022

    Article in Phycology

  17. Organolithium Gels – Simple Easily Divided Delivery Vehicles for Highly Reactive Species

    Slavik, P., O'Brien, P. A. & Smith, D. K., 18 Feb 2022, (E-pub ahead of print) ChemRxiv, 11 p.

    Research output: Working paperPreprint

  18. 2.4-Å structure of the double-ring Gemmatimonas phototrophica photosystem

    Qian, P., Gardiner, A. T., Šímová, I., Naydenova, K., Croll, T. I., Jackson, P. J., Nupur, Kloz, M., Čubáková, P., Kuzma, M., Zeng, Y., Castro-Hartmann, P., van Knippenberg, B., Goldie, K. N., Kaftan, D., Hrouzek, P., Hájek, J., Agirre, J., Siebert, C. A., Bína, D. & 7 others, Sader, K., Stahlberg, H., Sobotka, R., Russo, C. J., Polívka, T., Hunter, C. N. & Koblížek, M., 16 Feb 2022

    Article in Science Advances

  19. Comparison of model and ground observations finds snowpack and blowing snow both contribute to Arctic tropospheric reactive bromine

    Swanson, W. F., Holmes, C. D., Simpson, W. R., Confer, K., Marelle, L., Thomas, J. L., Jaeglé, L., Alexander, B., Zhai, S., Chen, Q., Wang, X. & Sherwen, T., 16 Feb 2022

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions

  20. The Polymerization of Homogentisic Acid In Vitro as a Model for Pyomelanin Formation

    Galeb, H. A., Lamantia, A., Robson, A., König, K., Eichhorn, J., Baldock, S. J., Ashton, M. D., Baum, J. V., Mort, R. L., Robinson, B. J., Schacher, F. H., Chechik, V., Taylor, A. M. & Hardy, J. G., 10 Feb 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics

  21. Atomic model validation using the CCP-EM software suite

    Joseph, A. P., Olek, M., Malhotra, S., Zhang, P., Cowtan, K., Burnley, T. & Winn, M. D., 1 Feb 2022

    Article in Acta Crystallographica Section D: Structural Biology

  22. Synthesis of Broad-Specificity Activity-Based Probes for Exo-β-Mannosidases

    McGregor, N. G. S., Kuo, C-L., Beenakker, T. J. M., Wong, C-S., Offen, W. A., Armstrong, Z., Florea, B. I., Codée, J. D. C., Overkleeft, H. S., Aerts, J. M. F. G. & Davies, G. J., 28 Jan 2022

    Article in Organic & biomolecular chemistry

  23. Nanobugs as Drugs: Bacterial Derived Nanomagnets Enhance Tumor Targeting and Oncolytic Activity of HSV-1 Virus

    Howard, F. H. N., Al-Janabi, H., Patel, P., Cox, K., Smith, E., Vadakekolathu, J., Pockley, A. G., Conner, J., Nohl, J. F., Allwood, D. A., Collado-Rojas, C., Kennerley, A., Staniland, S. & Muthana, M., 25 Jan 2022, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Small

  24. Cryo-electron microscopy reveals how acetogenins inhibit mitochondrial respiratory complex I

    Grba, D. N., Blaza, J. N., Bridges, H. R., Agip, A-N. A., Yin, Z., Murai, M., Miyoshi, H. & Hirst, J., 19 Jan 2022

    Article in The Journal of biological chemistry

  25. Activity-Based Protein Profiling Reveals Dynamic Substrate-Specific Cellulase Secretion by Saprotrophic Basidiomycetes

    McGregor, N. G. S., Boer, C. D., Santos, M., Haon, M., Navarro, D., Schroder, S., Berrin, J-G., Overkleeft, H. S. & Davies, G. J., 17 Jan 2022

    Article in Biotechnology for biofuels

  26. Seasonality of isoprene emissions and oxidation products above the remote Amazon

    Langford, B., House, E., Valach, A. C., Hewitt, C. N., Artaxo, P., Barkley, M. P., Brito, J., Carnell, E., Davison, B., Marais, E., MacKenzie, A. R., Newland, M., Rickard, A. R., Shaw, M. D., Yanez-Serrano, A. M. & Nemitz, E., 17 Jan 2022

    Article in Environmental Science: Atmospheres

  27. Monitoring and Understanding Urban Transformation: A Mixed Method Approach

    Bannan, T. J., Evans, J., Benton, J. S., Edwards, P., Diez, S., Marsden, N., Flynn, M., Coe, H., Burke, C., Murabito, E., Anderson, J., Cruickshank, S. M. & Topping, D., 13 Jan 2022

    Article in Frontiers in Sustainable Cities

  28. Cryogenic electron tomography to determine thermodynamic quantities for nanoparticle dispersions

    Ong, Q., Mao, T., Anaraki, N. I., Richter, L., Malinverni, C., Xu, X., Olgiati, F., Silva, P. H. J., Murello, A., Demurtas, D., Shimizu, S. & Stellacci, F., 1 Jan 2022

    Article in Materials Horizons

  29. The sulfoquinovosyl glycerol binding protein SmoF binds and accommodates plant sulfolipids

    Snow, A. J. D., Sharma, M., Lingford, J. P., Zhang, Y., Mui, J. W-Y., Epa, R., Goddard-Borger, E. D., Williams, S. J. & Davies, G. J., 2022

    Article in Current Research in Structural Biology

  30. 2021
  31. Is the ocean surface a source of nitrous acid (HONO) in the marine boundary layer?

    Crilley, L. R., Kramer, L. J., Pope, F. D., Reed, C., Lee, J. D., Carpenter, L. J., Hollis, L. D. J., Ball, S. M. & Bloss, W. J., 16 Dec 2021

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  32. Biocatalytic reductive amination by native Amine Dehydrogenases to access short chiral alkyl amines and amino alcohols

    Grogan, G. J., Bennett, M., Ducrot, L., Vergne-Vaxelaire, C., Zaparucha, A., Bommarius, A., Caparco, A. & Champion, J., 26 Nov 2021

    Article in Frontiers in Catalysis

  33. Multitasking in the gut: X-ray structure of a multidomain BbgIII from Bifidobacterium bifidum offers possible explanations for its alternative functions

    Moroz, O. V., Blagova, E., Lebedev, A. A., Rodríguez, F. S., Rigden, D. J., Tams, J. W., Wilting, R., Vester, J. K., Longhin, E., Hansen, G. H., Krogh, K. B. R. M., Pache, R. A., Davies, G. J. & Wilson, K. S., 18 Nov 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Acta Crystallographica Section D: Structural Biology

  34. Effects of Climate Change on Air Quality

    Lewis, A., Wild, O., Carslaw, D., David, F., Bloss, W. J., Collins, W., Fiore, A., Harrison, R. M. & Pyle, J. A., 3 Nov 2021, London: The Royal Society.

    Research output: Book/ReportCommissioned report

  35. Phylodynamic analysis of an emergent Mycobacterium bovis outbreak in an area with no previously known wildlife infections

    Rossi, G., Crispell, J., Brough, T., Lycett, S., White, P. C. L., Allen, A., Ellis, R., Gordon, S., Harwood, R., Palkopoulou, E., Presho, E., Skuce, R., Smith, G. & Kao, R., 1 Nov 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Journal of Applied Ecology

  36. Cyanidiophyceae (Rhodophyta) tolerance to precious metals: metabolic response to Cl4K2Pd and AuCl4K

    Sirakov, M., Palmieri, M. P., Iovinella, M., Davis, S. J., Petriccione, M., Di Cicco, M. R., De Stefano, M. & Ciniglia, C., 29 Oct 2021, (Accepted/In press)

    Article in Plants

  37. Design, Synthesis and Structural Analysis of Glucocerebrosidase Imaging Agents

    Rowland, R. J., Chen, Y., Breen, I., Wu, L., Offen, W. A., Beenakker, T., Su, Q., van den Nieuwendijk, A. M. C. H., Aerts, J. M. F. G., Artola, M., Overkleeft, H. S. & Davies, G. J., 29 Oct 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Chemistry : A European Journal

  38. Iodine chemistry in the chemistry-climate model SOCOL-AERv2-I

    Karagodin-Doyennel, A., Rozanov, E., Sukhodolov, T., Egorova, T., Saiz-Lopez, A., Cuevas, C. A., Fernandez, R. P., Sherwen, T., Volkamer, R., Koenig, T. K., Giroud, T. & Peter, T., 29 Oct 2021

    Article in Geoscientific Model Development

  39. Radical–anion coupling through reagent design: hydroxylation of aryl halides

    Greener, A. J., Ubysz, P., Owens-Ward, W., Smith, G., Ocaña, I., Whitwood, A. C., Chechik, V. & James, M. J., 22 Oct 2021

    Article in Chemical Science

  40. Observation and modelling of stimulated Raman scattering driven by an optically smoothed laser beam in experimental conditions relevant for shock ignition

    Cristoforetti, G., Hüller, S., Koester, P., Antonelli, L., Atzeni, S., Baffigi, F., Batani, D., Baird, C., Booth, N., Galimberti, M., Glize, K., Héron, A., Khan, M., Loiseau, P., Mancelli, D., Notley, M., Oliveira, P., Renner, O., Smid, M., Schiavi, A. & 3 others, Tran, G., Woolsey, N. C. & Gizzi, L. A., 18 Oct 2021

    Article in High Power Laser Science and Engineering

  41. Coulomb excitation of and a change in structure approaching N = Z = 40

    Gillespie, S. A., Henderson, J., Abrahams, K., Ali, F. A., Atar, L., Ball, G. C., Bernier, N., Bhattcharjee, S. S., Caballero-Folch, R., Bowry, M., Chester, A., Coleman, R., Drake, T., Dunling, E., Garnsworthy, A. B., Greaves, B., Grinyer, G. F., Hackman, G., Kasanda, E., LaFleur, R. & 19 others, Masango, S., Muecher, D., Ngwetsheni, C., Ntshangase, S. S., Olaizola, B., Orce, J. N., Rockman, T., Saito, Y., Sexton, L., Šiurytė, P., Smallcombe, J., Smith, J. K., Svensson, C. E., Timakova, E., Wadsworth, R., Williams, J., Winokan, M. S. C., Wu, C. Y. & Zidar, T., 12 Oct 2021

    Article in Physical Review C

  42. Experimental characterization of hot-electron emission and shock dynamics in the context of the shock ignition approach to inertial confinement fusion

    Tentori, A., Colaitis, A., Theobald, W., Casner, A., Raffestin, D., Ruocco, A., Trela, J., Le Bel, E., Anderson, K., Wei, M., Henderson, B., Peebles, J., Scott, R., Baton, S., Pikuz, S. A., Betti, R., Khan, M., Woolsey, N., Zhang, S. & Batani, D., 12 Oct 2021

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  43. Inverting the stereoselectivity of an NADH-dependent imine reductase variant

    Stockinger, P., Borlinghaus, N., Sharma, M., Aberle, B., Grogan, G. J., Pleiss, J. & Nestl, B., 8 Oct 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in ChemCatChem

  44. Tuning band alignment at a semiconductor-crystalline oxide heterojunction via electrostatic modulation of the interfacial dipole

    Chrysler, M., Gabel, J., Lee, T-L., Penn, A. N., Matthews, B. E., Kepaptsoglou, D. M., Ramasse, Q. M., Paudel, J. R., Sah, R. K., Grassi, J. D., Zhu, Z., Gray, A. X., LeBeau, J. M., Spurgeon, S. R., Chambers, S. A., Sushko, P. V. & Ngai, J. H., 8 Oct 2021


  45. Global Cancer Risk From Unregulated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

    Kelly, J. M., Ivatt, P. D., Evans, M. J., Kroll, J. H., Hrdina, A. I. H., Kohale, I. N., White, F. M., Engelward, B. P. & Selin, N. E., 23 Sep 2021

    Article in GeoHealth

  46. Ozone production and precursor emission from wildfires in Africa

    Lee, J. D., Squires, F. A., Sherwen, T., Wilde, S. E., Cliff, S. J., Carpenter, L. J., Hopkins, J. R., Bauguitte, S. J., Reed, C., Barker, P., Allen, G., Bannan, T. J., Matthews, E., Mehra, A., Percival, C., Heard, D. E., Whalley, L. K., Ronnie, G. V., Seldon, S., Ingham, T. & 4 others, Keller, C. A., Knowland, K. E., Nisbet, E. G. & Andrews, S., 23 Sep 2021

    Article in Environmental Science: Atmospheres

  47. Global tropospheric halogen (Cl, Br, I) chemistry and its impact on oxidants

    Wang, X., Jacob, D. J., Downs, W., Zhai, S., Zhu, L., Shah, V., Holmes, C. D., Sherwen, T., Alexander, B., Evans, M. J., Eastham, S. D., Neuman, J. A., Veres, P. R., Koenig, T. K., Volkamer, R., Huey, L. G., Bannan, T. J., Percival, C. J., Lee, B. H. & Thornton, J. A., 21 Sep 2021

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  48. Insights into air pollution chemistry and sulphate formation from nitrous acid (HONO) measurements during haze events in Beijing

    Bloss, W. J., Kramer, L., Crilley, L. R., Vu, T., Harrison, R. M., Shi, Z., Lee, J. D., Squires, F. A., Whalley, L. K., Slater, E., Woodward-Massey, R., Ye, C., Heard, D. E., Tong, S., Hou, S., Sun, Y., Xu, J., Wei, L. & Fu, P., 21 Sep 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)


  49. Triggering a transient organo-gelation system in a chemically active solvent

    Chevigny, R., Schirmer, J., Piras, C. C., Johansson, A., Kalenius, E., Smith, D. K., Pettersson, M., Sitsanidis, E. & Nissinen, M., 15 Sep 2021, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Chemical communications

  50. In situ ozone production is highly sensitive to volatile organic compounds in Delhi, India

    Nelson, B. S., Stewart, G. J., Drysdale, W. S., Newland, M. J., Vaughan, A. R., Dunmore, R. E., Edwards, P. M., Lewis, A. C., Hamilton, J. F., Acton, W. J., Hewitt, C. N., Crilley, L. R., Alam, M. S., Åahin, Ü. A., Beddows, D. C. S., Bloss, W. J., Slater, E., Whalley, L. K., Heard, D. E., Cash, J. M. & 10 others, Langford, B., Nemitz, E., Sommariva, R., Cox, S., Shivani, Gadi, R., Gurjar, B. R., Hopkins, J. R., Rickard, A. R. & Lee, J. D., 13 Sep 2021

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

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