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  1. 2006
  2. Health and wealth: empirical findings and political consequences

    Jones, A. M., van Doorslaer, E., Bago d'Uva, T., Balia, S., Gambin, L., Hernandez-Quevedo, C., Koolman, X. & Rice, N., 2006

    Article in Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik

  3. 2005
  4. GMM with many moment conditions

    Han, C. & Phillips, P. C. B., Dec 2005

    Article in Econometrica

  5. Orphan drugs and the NHS: Should we value rarity

    Claxton, K., McCabe, C. & Tsuchiya, A., 29 Oct 2005

    Article in BMJ

  6. Is inflation stationary?

    Charemza, W. W., Hristova, D. & Burridge, P., 1 May 2005

    Article in Applied Economics

  7. Probabilistic sensitivity analysis for NICE technology assessment: not an optional extra

    Claxton, K., Sculpher, M., McCabe, C., Briggs, A., Akehurst, R., Buxton, M., Brazier, J. & O'Hagan, T., Feb 2005

    Article in Health Economics

  8. Incorporation of uncertainty in health economic modelling studies

    O'Hagan, A., McCabe, C., Akehurst, R., Brennan, A., Briggs, A., Claxton, K., Fenwick, E., Fryback, D., Sculpher, M., Spiegelhalter, D. & Willan, A., 2005

    Article in Pharmacoeconomics

  9. Should patients have a greater role in valuing health states?

    Brazier, J., Akehurst, R., Brennan, A., Dolan, P., Claxton, K., McCabe, C., Sculpher, M. & Tsuchiya, A., 2005

    Article in Applied Health Economics and Health Policy

  10. 2004
  11. The heterogeneity of schizophrenia in disease states

    Mohr, P. E., Cheng, C. M., Claxton, K., Conley, R. R., Feldman, J. J., Hargreaves, W. A., Lehman, A. F., Lenert, L. A., Mahmoud, R., Marder, S. R. & Neumann, P. J., 1 Nov 2004

    Article in Schizophrenia Research

  12. Habit Formation, Catching up with the Joneses, and Economic Growth

    Alvarez-Cuadrado, F., Monteiro, G. & Turnovsky, S. J., Mar 2004

    Article in Journal of Economic Growth

  13. GMM estimation of autoregressive roots near unity with panel data

    Moon, H. R. & Phillips, P. C. B., Jan 2004

    Article in Econometrica

  14. 2003
  15. Fully nonparametric estimation of scalar diffusion models

    Bandi, F. M. & Phillips, P. C. B., Nov 2003

    Article in Econometrica

  16. Density functionals, with an option-pricing application

    Abadir, K. M. & Rockinger, M., Oct 2003

    Article in Econometric Theory

  17. Empirical limits for time series econometric models

    Ploberger, W. & Phillips, P. C. B., Oct 2003

    Article in Econometrica

  18. The Future of the Defence Firm

    Hartley, K. & Sandler, T., Aug 2003

    Article in Kyklos

  19. Cubic GaN formation in Mn/GaN multilayer films grown on 6H-SiC(0001)

    Cui, Y., Lazorov, V. K., Goetz, M. M., Liu, H., Gajdardziska-Josifovska, M., Li, L. & Lazarov, V., 24 Jun 2003

    Article in Applied Physics Letters

  20. Modelling the cost effectiveness of interferon beta and glatiramer acetate in the management of multiple sclerosis

    Cooper, N. J., Claxton, K., Chilcott, J., McCabe, C., Tappenden, P., O'Hagan, A. & Abrams, K., 8 Mar 2003

    Article in BMJ

  21. A Long Run Structural Macroeconometric Model of the UK

    Shin, Y., Pesaran, M. H., Lee, K. & Garratt, A., 2003

    Article in The Economic Journal

  22. Capturing the heterogeneity of schizophrenia in economic models

    Mohr, P., Cheng, M., Claxton, K., Conley, R., Feldman, A., Hargreaves, W., Lehman, A., Lehman, A., Lenert, L., Marder, S. & Neuman, P., 2003

    Article in Schizophrenia Research

  23. 2002
  24. Predictive capability of MHD stability limits in high performance DIII-D discharges

    Turnbull, A. D., Brennan, D. P., Chu, M. S., Lao, L. L., Ferron, J. R., Garofalo, A. M., Snyder, P. B., Bialek, J., Bogatu, I. N., Callen, J. D., Chance, M. S., Comer, K., Edgell, D. H., Galkin, S. A., Humphreys, D. A., Kim, J. S., La Haye, R. J., Luce, T. C., Navratil, G. A., Okabayashi, M. & 5 others, Osborne, T. H., Rice, B. W., Strait, E. J., Taylor, T. S. & Wilson, H. R., Jul 2002

    Article in Nuclear fusion

  25. Biological invasion risks and the public good: an economic perspective

    Perrings, C., Williamson, M., Barbier, E. B., Delfino, D., Dalmazzone, S., Shogren, J., Simmons, P. & Watkinson, A., Jun 2002

    Article in Conservation ecology

  26. H-mode pedestal characteristics and MHD stability of the edge plasma in Alcator C-Mod

    Mossessian, D. A., Snyder, P. B., Greenwald, M., Hughes, J. W., Lin, Y., Mazurenko, A., Medvedev, S., Wilson, H. R. & Wolfe, S., Apr 2002

    Article in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

  27. Information theoretic measures of the income distribution in food demand

    Pope, R. D., Agnew, G. K., LaFrance, J. T. & Beatty, T. K. M., Mar 2002

    Article in Journal of Econometrics

  28. Nonlinear Mean-reversion in Real Exchange Rates

    Shin, Y., Kapetanios, G. & Chortareas, C., 2002

    Article in Economics Letters

  29. 2001
  30. Nonlinear regressions with integrated time series

    Park, J. Y. & Phillips, P. C. B., Jan 2001

    Article in Econometrica

  31. 2000
  32. The FDA's regulation of health economic information

    Neumann, P. J., Claxton, K. & Weinstein, M. C., 2000

    Article in Health Affairs

  33. 1999
  34. 1998
  35. Comparing Global Economic Models

    Mitchell, P., Sault, J., Smith, P. N. & Wallis, K., 1998

    Article in Economic Modelling

  36. 1997
  37. A new formula for distributing hospital funds in England

    CarrHill, R. A., Hardman, G., Martin, S., Peacock, S., Sheldon, T. A. & Smith, P. C., 1997

    Article in Interfaces

  38. 1996
  39. 1995
  40. 1994
  41. 1993
  42. QALYS vs HYEs

    Culyer, A. J. & Wagstaff, A., Oct 1993

    Article in Journal of health economics

  43. Uroflowmetry in the puerperium

    Ramsey, I., Hughes, P., Mathers, A., Torbet, E. & Rice, N., 1993

    Article in Neurourology and urodynamics

  44. 1992
  45. 1991
  46. 1990
  47. 1989
  48. 1988
  49. 1987
  50. 1986
  51. 1985
  52. 1984
  53. 1983
  54. 1982
  55. 1981
  56. 1980
  57. 1979
  58. Attitudes to risk

    Lambert, P. J. & HEY, J. D., 1979

    Article in Economics Letters

  59. To move or not to move

    HEY, J. D. & McKenna, C. J., 1979

    Article in Economica

  60. 1978
  61. 1974
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