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    Wadsworth, R., Mullins, S. M., Hughes, J. R., Nolan, P. J., Kirwan, A., Bishop, P. J., Jenkins, I., Godfrey, M. J. & Thornley, D. J., Apr 1989

    Letter in Journal of physics g-Nuclear and particle physics

  3. Alcohol consumption may influence onset of the menopause

    Torgerson, D. J., Campbell, M. K., Thomas, R. E. & Reid, D. M., 19 Jul 1997

    Letter in British medical journal

  4. Anterior sphenoid in modern humans

    Spoor, F., O'Higgins, P., Dean, C., Lieberman, D. E. & O'Higgins, P., 18 Feb 1999

    Letter in Nature

  5. Antiplatelet agents for prevention of pre-eclampsia - Authors' reply

    Askie, L., Duley, L., Henderson-Smart, D. & Stewart, L., 17 Nov 2007

    Letter in Lancet

  6. Antiplatelet agents for prevention of pre-eclampsia - Reply

    Askie, L., Duley, L., Henderson-Smart, D., Stewart, L. & PARIS Collaboration, 17 Nov 2007

    Letter in Lancet

  7. Archival journal requirements for data deposition

    Baker, E. N., Blundell, T. L., Vijayan, M., Dodson, E., Dodson, G., Gilliland, G. L. & Sussman, J. L., Jun 1996

    Letter in Biophysical Journal

  8. Argon again

    George, M. W., Poliakoff, M., Turner, J. J. & Perutz, R. N., Feb 2001


  9. Assessing drug-related harm

    Britton, J., McNeill, A., Arnott, D., West, R. & Godfrey, C., 2 Jun 2007

    Letter in Lancet

  10. Assessing quality of economic submissions to the BMJ.

    Jefferson, T., Demicheli, V. & Entwistle, V., 1995

    Letter in BMJ

  11. Assessment of NICE guidance

    Cullum, N., Sheldon, T., Watt, I., West, P. & Wright, J., 10 Jul 2004

    Letter in Lancet

  12. Birds extend their ranges northwards

    Thomas, C. D. & Lennon, J. J., 20 May 1999

    Letter in Nature

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