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  1. Statistical and logical reasoning in disambiguation

    Wilks, Y. A., Pulman, S. G., Pereira, F., Jones, K. I. B. S., Jourlin, P., Cussens, J. & Sabin, M., 15 Apr 2000

    Editorial in Philosophical Transactions: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

  2. Stability at high performance in the MAST spherical tokamak

    Buttery, R. J., Akers, R., Arends, E., Conway, N. J., Counsell, G. F., Cunningham, G., Gimblett, C. G., Gryaznevich, M., Hastie, R. J., Hole, M. J., Lehane, I., Martin, R., Patel, A., Pinfold, T., Sauter, O., Taylor, D., Turri, G., Valovic, M., Walsh, M. J., Wilson, H. R. & 1 others, MAST Team, Sep 2004

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

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