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  1. 2008
  2. Association between macro and micro mineral composition, and intrinsic mechanical properties, DXA, and cortical thickness, in human femurs and deer antler bone

    Landete-Castillejos, T., Currey, J. D., Estevez, J. A., Gonzalez, B., Insausti, R., Garcia, A., Martinez, A., Ceacero, F., Garcia, A. J. & Gallego, L., 2008

    Article in Calcified tissue international

  3. Characterising intrusion detection sensors

    Shaikh, SA., Chivers, H., Nobles, P. & Clark, J. A., 2008

    Article in Network Security

  4. Editorial

    Jones, C. B. & Woodcock, J., 2008

    Article in Formal Asp. Comput.

  5. Guest Editorial

    Barkaoui, K., Broy, M., Cavalcanti, A. & Cerone, A., 2008

    Editorial in Formal Asp. Comput.

  6. 2007
  7. On the hierarchical classification of G protein-coupled receptors

    Davies, M. N., Secker, A., Freitas, A. A., Mendao, M., Timmis, J. & Flower, D. R., 1 Dec 2007

    Article in Bioinformatics

  8. Overview MAST

    Lloyd, B., Akers, R. J., Alladio, F., Andrew, Y., Appel, L. C., Applegate, D., Axon, K. B., Ben Ayed, N., Bunting, C., Butteryl, R. J., Carolan, P. G., Chapman, I., Ciric, D., Connor, J. W., Conway, N. J., Cox, M., Counsell, G. F., Cunningham, G., Darke, A., Delchambre, E. & 67 others, Dendy, R. O., Dowling, J., Dudson, B., Dunstan, M., Field, A. R., Foster, A., Gee, S., Garzotti, L., Gryaznevich, M. P., Gurchenko, A., Gusakov, E., Hawkes, N. C., Helander, P., Hender, T. C., Hnat, B., Howell, D. F., Joiner, N., Keeling, D., Kirk, A., Koch, B., Kuldkepp, M., Lisgo, S., Lott, F., Maddison, G. P., Maingi, R., Mancuso, A., Manhood, S. J., Martin, R., McArdle, G. J., McCone, J., Meyer, H., Micozzi, P., Morris, A. W., Muir, D. G., Nelson, M., O'Brien, M. R., Patel, A., Pinches, S., Preinhaelter, J., Price, M. N., Rachlew, E., Roach, C. M., Rozhansky, V., Saarelma, S., Saveliev, A., Scannell, R., Sharapov, S. E., Shevchenko, V., Shibaev, S., Stammers, K., Storrs, J., Surkov, A., Sykes, A., Tallents, S., Taylor, D., Thomas-Davies, N., Turnyanskiy, M. R., Urban, J., Valovic, M., Vann, R. G. L., Volpe, F., Voss, G., Walsh, M. J., Warder, S. E. V., Watkins, R., Wilson, H. R. & Wisse, M., Oct 2007

    Article in Nuclear Fusion

  9. Identifying Opportunities for Worst-case Execution Time Reduction in an Avionics System

    Bernat, G., Davis, R. I., Merriam, N., Tuffen, J., Gardner, A., Bennett, M. & Armstrong, D., Sep 2007

    Article in Ada User Journal

  10. Proteomic applications of automated GPCR classification

    Davies, M. N., Gloriam, D. E., Secker, A., Freitas, A. A., Mendao, M., Timmis, J. & Flower, D. R., Aug 2007

    Literature review in Proteomics

  11. Robustness against parametric noise of nonideal holonomic gates

    Lupo, C., Aniello, P., Napolitano, M. & Florio, G., 12 Jul 2007

    Article in Physical Review A

  12. Engineering and theoretical underpinnings of retrenchment

    Banach, R., Poppleton, M., Jeske, C. & Stepney, S., 1 Jul 2007

    Literature review in Science of Computer Programming

  13. Engineering multiphoton states for linear optics computation

    Aniello, P., Lupo, C., Napolitano, M. & Paris, M. G. A., Mar 2007


  14. Sure success partial search

    Choi, B-S., Walker, T. A. & Braunstein, S. L., 1 Feb 2007

    Article in Quantum Information Processing

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