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  1. Understanding How Diverse beta-Mannanases Recognize Heterogeneous Substrates

    Tailford, L. E., Ducros, V. M. -A., Flint, J. E., Roberts, S. M., Morland, C., Zechel, D. L., Smith, N., Bjornvad, M. E., Borchert, T. V., Wilson, K. S., Davies, G. J. & Gilbert, H. J., 28 Jul 2009

    Article in Biochemistry

  2. Ultrafast photodissociation of hydrogen from Ru(PPh3)(3)(CO)(H)(2): A time-resolved infrared study

    Colombo, M. G., George, M. W., Moore, J. N., Pattison, D. I., Perutz, R. N., Virrels, I. G. & Ye, T. Q., 1999

    Article in LASER CHEMISTRY


    MATTHEWS, H. E., FELDMAN, P. A. & BERNATH, P. F., 1 Jan 1987

    Article in The Astrophysical Journal

  4. Two-step labeling of endogenous enzymatic activities by Diels-Alder ligation

    Willems, L. I., Verdoes, M., Florea, B. I., Van Der Marel, G. A. & Overkleeft, H. S., 16 Aug 2010

    Article in Chembiochem

  5. Two-component dendritic gels: Easily tunable materials

    Smith, D. K., Feiters, M. C., Geurts, H. P. M., Wright, A. C. & Hirst, A. R., Jul 2003

    Article in Journal of the American Chemical Society

  6. Two HlyIIR dimers bind to a long perfect inverted repeat in the operator of the hemolysin II gene from Bacillus cereus

    Rodikova, E. A., Kovalevskiy, O. V., Mayorov, S. G., Budarina, Z. I., Marchenkov, V. V., Melnik, B. S., Leech, A. P., Nikitin, D. V., Shlyapnikov, M. G. & Solonin, A. S., 20 Mar 2007

    Article in FEBS Letters

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