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  2. Generating custom propagators for arbitrary constraints

    Gent, I., Jefferson, C., Linton, S., Miguel, I. & Nightingale, P., 1 Jun 2014

    Article in Artificial Intelligence

  3. Infusion device standardisation and dose error reduction software

    Iacovides, I., Blandford, A., Cox, A. L., Franklin, B. D., Lee, P. & Vincent, C. J., 28 Aug 2014

    Article in British Journal of Nursing

  4. Learning in multi-agent systems

    Alonso, E., D'Inverno, M., Kudenko, D., Luck, M. & Noble, J., Jun 2001

    Article in The Knowledge Engineering Review

  5. On the acceleration of wavefront applications using distributed many-core architectures

    Pennycook, S. J., Hammond, S. D., Mudalige, G. R., Wright, S. A. & Jarvis, S. A., 1 Feb 2012

    Article in Computer Journal

  6. Parallel file system analysis through application I/O Tracing

    Wright, S. A., Hammond, S. D., Pennycook, S. J., Bird, R. F., Herdman, J. A., Miller, I., Vadgama, A., Bhalerao, A. & Jarvis, S. A., 1 Feb 2013

    Article in Computer Journal

  7. Qualitative modelling via constraint programming

    Kelsey, T. W., Kotthoff, L., Jefferson, C. A., Linton, S. A., Miguel, I. J., Nightingale, P. W. & Gent, I. P., 1 Apr 2014

    Article in Journal of Constraints

  8. The gaming involvement and informal learning framework

    Iacovides, I., McAndrew, P., Scanlon, E. & Aczel, J., 17 Dec 2014

    Article in Simulation & Gaming

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