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  1. 2006
  2. Measurement of the cascade transition via the first excited state of O-16 in the C-12(alpha,gamma)O-16 reaction, and its s factor in stellar helium burning

    Matei, C., Buchmann, L., Hannes, W. R., Hutcheon, D. A., Ruiz, C., Brune, C. R., Caggiano, J., Chen, A. A., D'Auria, J., Laird, A., Lamey, M., Li, Z., Liu, W. P., Olin, A., Ottewell, D., Pearson, J., Ruprecht, G., Trinczek, M., Vockenhuber, C. & Wrede, C., 15 Dec 2006

    Article in Physical Review Letters

  3. Hybrid magnetic/semiconduct or spintronic materials and devices

    Xu, Y. B., Ahmad, E., Claydon, J. S., Lu, Y. X., Hassan, S. S. A., Will, I. G. & Cantor, B., 1 Sep 2006

    Article in Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

  4. A manufacturable miniature electron beam column

    Spallas, J. P., Silver, C. S., Muray, L. P., Wells, T. & El-Gomati, M., Sep 2006

    Article in Microelectronic Engineering

  5. Guidelines - From artificial evolution to computational evolution: a research agenda

    Banzhaf, W., Beslon, G., Christensen, S., Foster, J. A., Képès, F., Lefort, V., Miller, J. F., Radman, M. & Ramsden, J. J., Sep 2006

    Article in Nature Reviews Genetics

  6. Mesoscovic magnetic/semiconductor heterostructures

    Xu, Y. B., Ahmad, E., Lu, Y. X., Claydon, J. S., Zhai, Y. & van der Laan, G., Sep 2006

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology

  7. Field emission properties of self-assembled silicon nanostructures formed by electron beam annealing

    Johnson, S., Markwitz, A., Rudolphi, M., Baumann, H., Oei, SP., Teo, KBK. & Milne, WI., Jun 2006

    Article in Current applied physics

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