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  1. 2014
  2. Exercise and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents: A Longitudinal Cohort Study

    Toseeb, U., Brage, S., Corder, K., Dunn, V. J., Jones, P., Owens, M., St Clair, M. C., van Sluijs, E. MF. & Goodyer, I. M., Dec 2014

    Article in JAMA Pediatr

  3. Exploiting monitoring data in environmental exposure modelling and risk assessment of pharmaceuticals

    Boxall, A. B. A., Keller, V. D. J., Straub, J. O., Monteiro, S. C., Fussell, R. & Williams, R. J., Dec 2014

    Article in Environment International

  4. Hybridization facilitates evolutionary rescue

    Stelkens, R. B., Brockhurst, M. A., Hurst, G. D. D. & Greig, D., Dec 2014

    Article in Evolutionary applications

  5. Involvement of neurons and retinoic acid in lymphatic development: new insights in increased nuchal translucency

    Burger, N. B., Stuurman, K. E., Kok, E., Konijn, T., Schooneman, D., Niederreither, K., Coles, M., Agace, W. W., Christoffels, V. M., Mebius, R. E., van de Pavert, S. A. & Bekker, M. N., Dec 2014

    Article in Prenatal Diagnosis

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