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  1. 1998
  2. 1999
  3. A molecular basis for auxin action

    Leyser, O. & Berleth, T., Apr 1999

    Literature review in Seminars in cell & developmental biology

  4. Inventorying emissions from nature in Europe

    Simpson, D., Winiwarter, W., Borjesson, G., Cinderby, S., Ferreiro, A., Guenther, A., Hewitt, C. N., Janson, R., Khalil, M. A. K., Owen, S., Pierce, T. E., Puxbaum, H., Shearer, M., Skiba, U., Steinbrecher, R., Tarrason, L. & Oquist, M. G., 20 Apr 1999

    Literature review in Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres

  5. A protein competition model of phenolic allocation

    Jones, C. G. & Hartley, S. E., Jul 1999

    Literature review in Oikos

  6. Systematic review of topical treatments for fungal infections of the skin and nails of the feet

    Hart, R., Crawford, F., Torgerson, D. J., Young, P., Russell, I. & Bell-Syer, S. E. M., 10 Jul 1999

    Literature review in British medical journal

  7. A review of the methodological aspects of aspartic acid racemization analysis for use in forensic science

    Waite, E. R., Collins, M. J., Ritz-Timme, S., Schutz, H. W., Cattaneo, C. & Borrman, H. I. M., 26 Jul 1999

    Literature review in Forensic Science International

  8. Costs of palliative care in the community, in hospitals and in hospices in the UK

    Coyle, D., Small, N., Ashworth, A., Hennessy, S., Jenkins-Clarke, S., Mannion, R., Rice, N. & Ahmedzai, S., Nov 1999

    Literature review in Critical reviews in oncology hematology

  9. 2000
  10. Assessment of the learning curve in health technologies - A systematic review

    Ramsay, C. R., Grant, A. M., Wallace, S. A., Garthwaite, P. H., Monk, A. F. & Russell, I. T., 2000

    Literature review in International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care

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