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  1. 2005
  2. The impact of 'statutory duties' on mental health social workers in the UK

    Evans, S., Huxley, P., Webber, M., Katona, C., Gately, C., Mears, A., Medina, J., Pajak, S. & Kendall, T., Mar 2005

    Article in Health & social care in the community

  3. Distress relief

    Hirst, M., 2005

    Article in Care and Health Magazine

  4. Escape routes from poverty

    Kemp, P. A., 2005

    Article in Benefits

  5. Power of the purchaser

    Patmore, C. & McNulty, A., 2005

    Article in Community Care

  6. That little bit extra

    Patmore, C. & McNulty, A., 2005

    Article in Community Care

  7. Under occupied

    Hirst, M. & Thornton, P., 2005

    Article in Community Care

  8. 2004
  9. Characterization of the complex morphinan derivative BU72 as a high efficacy, long-lasting mu-opioid receptor agonist

    Neilan, C. L., Husbands, S. M., Breeden, S., Ko, M. C., Aceto, M. D., Lewis, J. W., Woods, J. H. & Traynor, J. R., 19 Sep 2004

    Article in European journal of pharmacology

  10. It just didn't work: the realities of quality assessment in the English health care context

    Hughes, R., Aspinal, F., Addington-Hall, J. M., Dunckley, M., Faull, C. & Higginson, I., Sep 2004

    Article in International Journal of Nursing Studies

  11. Transitory spaces of care: serving homeless people on the street

    Johnsen, S., Cloke, P. & May, J., 6 May 2004

    Article in Health and Place

  12. Perceived discrepancies and their resolution: Quality of life in survivors of childhood cancer

    Eiser, C., Vance, Y. H., Horne, B., Greco, V. & Glaser, A., Feb 2004

    Article in Psychology and Health

  13. Disability

    Thornton, P., 2004

    Article in Research Matters

  14. Housing and social security

    Kemp, P. A., 2004

    Article in Benefits

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