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  1. 2004
  2. Perceived discrepancies and their resolution: Quality of life in survivors of childhood cancer

    Eiser, C., Vance, Y. H., Horne, B., Greco, V. & Glaser, A., Feb 2004

    Article in Psychology and Health

  3. Disability

    Thornton, P., 2004

    Article in Research Matters

  4. Housing and social security

    Kemp, P. A., 2004

    Article in Benefits

  5. Make outcomes your big idea: using outcomes to refocus social care practice and information

    Ball, S., Mudd, H., Nicholas, E., Oxley, M., Pinnock, M. & Qureshi, H., 2004

    Article in Journal of Integrated Care

  6. Uphill struggle

    Arksey, H. & Wagstaffe, G., 2004

    Article in Care and Health

  7. 2003
  8. A kind of loving: a model of effective foster care

    Wilson, K., Petrie, S. & Sinclair, I., Dec 2003

    Article in British Journal of Social Work

  9. What works for children

    Coles, B., Oct 2003

    Book/Film/Article review in Journal of Social Policy

  10. Are diet-prostate cancer associations mediated by the IGF axis? A cross-sectional analysis of diet, IGF-I and IGFBP-3 in healthy middle-aged men

    Gunnell, D., Oliver, S. E., Peters, T. J., Donovan, J. L., Persad, R., Maynard, M., Gillatt, D., Pearce, A., Hamdy, F. C., Neal, D. E. & Holly, J. M. P., 2 Jun 2003

    Article in British journal of cancer

  11. Caring attitudes

    Arksey, H., 2003

    Article in Community Care

  12. How to stay afloat

    Nicholas, E., 2003

    Article in Community Care

  13. Independence day

    Patmore, C., 2003

    Article in Community Care

  14. Multi-agency care coordination and key worker services for disabled children

    Sloper, P., Jones, L., Triggs, S., Howarth, J. & Barton, K., 2003

    Article in Journal of Integrated Care

  15. 2002
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