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  1. tRNA genes protect a reporter gene from epigenetic silencing in mouse cells

    Ebersole, T., Kim, J-H., Samoshkin, A., Kouprina, N., Larionov, V., Pavlicek, A. & White, R. J., 15 Aug 2011

    Article in Cell cycle

  2. pax1-1 partially suppresses gain-of-function mutations in Arabidopsis AXR3/IAA17

    Tanimoto, M., Jowett, J., Stirnberg, P., Rouse, D. & Leyser, O., 12 Apr 2007

    Article in BMC Plant Biology

  3. gamma-Secretase-dependent cleavage of amyloid precursor protein regulates osteoblast behavior

    McLeod, J., Curtis, N., Lewis, H. D., Good, M. A., Fagan, M. J. & Genever, P. G., Sep 2009

    Article in The FASEB Journal

  4. Yrast bands in I117 and Xe116-118: Anomalous quasiparticle alignment frequencies and band termination

    Paul, E. S., Fossan, D. B., Hauschild, K., Hibbert, I. M., Schnare, H., Sears, J. M., Thorslund, I., Wadsworth, R., Wilson, A. N. & Wilson, J. N., 1 Jan 1995

    Article in Physical Review C

  5. Yrast and near-yrast excitations up to high spin in 10048Cd52

    Clark, R. M., Wilson, J. N., Appelbe, D., Carpenter, M. P., Chiara, C. J., Cromaz, M., Deleplanque, M. A., Devlin, M., Diamond, R. M., Fallon, P., Fossan, D. B., Janssens, R. V. F., Jenkins, D. G., Kelsall, N., Koike, T., LaFosse, D. R., Lane, G. J., Lee, I. Y., Macchiavelli, A. O., Sarantites, D. G. & 10 others, Seweryniak, D., Starosta, K., Stephens, F. S., Svensson, C. E., Vetter, K., Wadsworth, R., Waddington, J. C., Ward, D., Wiedenhöver, I. & Alex Brown, B., 1 Jan 2000

    Article in Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

  6. Yield assessment of integument-led seed growth following targeted repair of AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR 2

    Hughes, R., Spielman, M., Schruff, M. C., Larson, T. R., Graham, I. A. & Scott, R. J., Oct 2008

    Article in Plant biotechnology journal

  7. Wnt signaling regulates osteoclastogenesis in vitro

    Spencer, G. J., Etheridge, L. & Genever, P. G., Jun 2005

    Article in Bone

  8. Withering Away: 25,000 Years of Genetic Decline Preceded Cave Bear Extinction

    Stiller, M., Baryshnikov, G., Bocherens, H., Grandal-d'Anglade, A., Hilpert, B., Muenzel, S. C., Pinhasi, R., Rabeder, G., Rosendahl, W., Trinkaus, E., Hofreiter, M. & Knapp, M., May 2010

    Article in Molecular Biology and Evolution

  9. Wind selection and drift compensation optimize migratory pathways in a high-flying moth

    Chapman, J. W., Reynolds, D. R., Mouritsen, H., Hill, J. K., Riley, J. R., Sivell, D., Smith, A. D. & Woiwod, I. P., 8 Apr 2008

    Article in Current Biology

  10. Where Species Go, Legal Protections Must Follow Response

    Hoegh-Guldberg, O., Hughes, L., Mcintyre, S., Lindenmayer, D. B., Parmesan, C., Possingham, H. P. & Thomas, C. D., 14 Nov 2008

    Letter in Science

  11. Wetting effects at a grain boundary

    Abraham, D. B., Mustonen, V. & Wood, A. J., 2004

    Article in Physical Review Letters

  12. Waharan, a novel Drosophila protein involved in ubiquitin-mediated regulation of NMJ size

    Lone, M., Asztalos, Z., Auburn, R., Bottenberg, W., Kammerer, R., Kane, C. O., Rocha, J., Sweeney, S., Yang, M. & Prokop, A., 2006

    Article in Journal of neurogenetics


    Hartley, S. E., 1991, INSECTS-PLANTS 89. SZENTESI, A. & JERMY, T. (eds.). BUDAPEST: Akademiai Kiado, p. 265-274 10 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution


    Fitter, A., Perrins, J. & Williamson, M., May 1990

    Letter in Bio-Technology

  15. Voltage-gated sodium channel expression and potentiation of human breast cancer metastasis

    Fraser, S. P., Diss, J. K. J., Chioni, A. M., Mycielska, M. E., Pan, H. Y., Yamaci, R. F., Pani, F., Siwy, Z., Krasowska, M., Grzywna, Z., Brackenbury, W. J., Theodorou, D., Koyuturk, M., Kaya, H., Battaloglu, E., De Bella, M. T., Slade, M. J., Tolhurst, R., Palmieri, C., Jiang, J. & 3 others, Latchman, D. S., Coombes, R. C. & Djamgoz, M. B. A., 1 Aug 2005

    Article in Clinical Cancer Research

  16. Voltage-gated Na+ channel beta 1 subunit-mediated neurite outgrowth requires fyn kinase and contributes to postnatal CNS development in vivo

    Brackenbury, W. J., Davis, T. H., Chen, C., Slat, E. A., Detrow, M. J., Dickendesher, T. L., Ranscht, B. & Isom, L. L., 19 Mar 2008

    Article in Journal of neuroscience

  17. Voltage-Gated Na+ Channel beta 1B: A Secreted Cell Adhesion Molecule Involved in Human Epilepsy

    Patino, G. A., Brackenbury, W. J., Bao, Y., Lopez-Santiago, L. F., O'Malley, H. A., Chen, C., Calhoun, J. D., Lafreniere, R. G., Cossette, P., Rouleau, G. A. & Isom, L. L., 12 Oct 2011

    Article in Journal of neuroscience

  18. Vitamin D receptor ablation alters skin architecture and homeostasis of dendritic epidermal T cells

    Meindl, S., Rot, A., Hoetzenecker, W., Kato, S., Cross, H. S. & Elbe-Bürger, A., Feb 2005

    Article in British Journal of Dermatology

  19. Virasoro-type algebras associated with higher-rank aperiodic point sets

    Twarock, R. & Mazorchuk, V., Oct 2004, Quantum Theory and Symmetries: Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium, Cincinnati, USA, 10-14 September 2003. Argyres, P. C., Hodges, T. J., Mansouri, F., Scanio, J. J., Suranyi, P. & Wijewardhana, L. C. R. (eds.). World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd, p. 99-104 5 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

  20. Very high rotational frequencies and band termination in [Formula Presented]

    Plettner, C., Schnare, H., Schwengner, R., Käubler, L., Dönau, F., Ragnarsson, I., Afanasjev, A. V., Algora, A., de Angelis, G., Gadea, A., Napoli, D. R., Eberth, J., Steinhardt, T., Thelen, O., Hausmann, M., Müller, A., Jungclaus, A., Lieb, K. P., Jenkins, D. G., Wadsworth, R. & 2 others, Wilson, A. N. & Frauendorf, S., 1 Jan 2000

    Article in Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

  21. Vapyrin, a gene essential for intracellular progression of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis, is also essential for infection by rhizobia in the nodule symbiosis of Medicago truncatula

    Murray, J. D., Muni, R. R. D., Torres-Jerez, I., Tang, Y., Allen, S., Andriankaja, M., Li, G., Laxmi, A., Cheng, X., Wen, J., Vaughan, D., Schultze, M., Sun, J., Charpentier, M., Oldroyd, G., Tadege, M., Ratet, P., Mysore, K. S., Chen, R. & Udvardi, M. K., Jan 2011

    Article in Plant Journal

  22. Vaccine development: Lessons from the study of initial immune responses to invading larvae.

    Mountford, A. P. & Jenkins, S. J., 2005, Schistosomiasis (World Class Parasites). Springer, Vol. 10. p. 65-80 15 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

  23. VCAM-1 and VLA-4 modulate dendritic cell IL-12p40 production in experimental visceral leishmaniasis

    Stanley, A. C., Dalton, J. E., Rossotti, S. H., MacDonald, K. P., Zhou, Y., Rivera, F., Schroder, W. A., Maroof, A., Hill, G. R., Kaye, P. M. & Engwerda, C. R., Sep 2008

    Article in PLOS PATHOGENS

  24. Using the CoSMoS Process to Enhance an Executable Model of Auxin Transport Canalisation

    Garnett, P., Stepney, S., Day, F. & Leyser, O., 2010, p. 9-32.

    Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper

  25. Using distribution models to test alternative hypotheses about a species' environmental limits and recovery prospects

    Anderson, B. J., Arroyo, B. E., Collingham, Y. C., Etheridge, B., Fernandez-De-Simon, J., Gillings, S., Gregory, R. D., Leckie, F. M., Sim, I. M. W., Thomas, C. D., Travis, J. M. J. & Redpath, S. M., Mar 2009

    Article in Biological Conservation

  26. User's experiences of health and social care services

    Harris, J., Piper, S., Morgan, H., McClimens, A., Thomas, C., Shah, S., Mercer, G., Barnes, C., Arksey, H. & Qureshi, H., 2003, University of York, York: Social Policy Research Unit.

    Research output: Book/ReportBook

  27. Use of the glucosyltransferase UGT71B6 to disturb abscisic acid homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana

    Priest, D. M., Ambrose, S. J., Vaistij, F. E., Elias, L., Higgins, G. S., Ross, A. R. S., Abrams, S. R. & Bowles, D. J., May 2006

    Article in Plant Journal

  28. Use of the PSA enhancer core element to modulate the expression of prostate- and non-prostate-specific basal promoters in a lentiviral vector context

    Chapel-Fernandes, S., Jordier, F., Lauro, F., Maitland, N., Chiaroni, J., de Micco, P., Mannoni, P. & Bagnis, C., Oct 2006

    Article in Cancer gene therapy

  29. Use of macrophages to target therapeutic adenovirus to human prostate tumors

    Muthana, M., Giannoudis, A., Scott, S. D., Fang, H-Y., Coffelt, S. B., Morrow, F. J., Murdoch, C., Burton, J., Cross, N., Burke, B., Mistry, R., Hamdy, F., Brown, N. J., Georgopoulos, L., Hoskin, P., Essand, M., Lewis, C. E. & Maitland, N. J., 1 Mar 2011

    Article in Cancer research

  30. Urothelial tissue culture for bladder reconstruction: An experimental study

    Hutton, K. A. R., Trejdosiewicz, L. K., Thomas, D. F. M. & Southgate, J., 1 Jan 1993

    Article in British journal of urology

  31. Urothelial differentiation in vesicoureteric reflux and other urological disorders of childhood: A comparative study

    Garthwaite, M. A. E., Thomas, D. F. M., Subramaniam, R., Stahlschmidt, J., Eardley, I. & Southgate, J., Jan 2006

    Article in European Urology Supplements

  32. Urothelial barrier function in interstitial cystitis

    Garthwaite, M., Varley, C., Marsh, F., Ramage, C., Urwin, G., Eardley, I., Trejdosiewicz, L. & Southgate, J., 2005

    Article in Neurourology and urodynamics

  33. Uroplakin gene expression in normal human tissues and locally advanced bladder cancer

    Olsburgh, J., Harnden, P., Weeks, R., Smith, B., Joyce, A., Hall, G., Poulsom, R., Selby, P. & Southgate, J., Jan 2003

    Article in Journal of Pathology

  34. Uroplakin gene expression by normal and neoplastic human urothelium

    Lobban, E. D., Smith, B. A., Hall, G. D., Harnden, P., Roberts, P., Selby, P. J., Trejdosiewicz, L. K. & Southgate, J., 1 Dec 1998

    Article in American Journal of Pathology

  35. Urinary concentrations of the soluble adhesion molecule E-cadherin and total protein in patients with bladder cancer

    Protheroe, A. S., Banks, R. E., Mzimba, M., Porter, W. H., Southgate, J., Singh, P. N., Bosomworth, M., Harnden, P., Smith, P. H., Whelan, P. & Selby, P. J., 1 Jan 1999

    Article in British journal of cancer

  36. Uracil recognition by replicative DNA polymerases is limited to the archaea, not occurring with bacteria and eukarya

    Wardle, J., Burgers, P. M. J., Cann, I. K. O., Darley, K., Heslop, P., Johansson, E., Lin, L-J., McGlynn, P., Sanvoisin, J., Stith, C. M. & Connolly, B. A., Feb 2008

    Article in Nucleic Acids Research

  37. Upregulation of PKD1L2 provokes a complex neuromuscular disease in the mouse

    Mackenzie, F. E., Romero, R., Williams, D., Gillingwater, T., Hilton, H., Dick, J., Riddoch-Contreras, J., Wong, F., Ireson, L., Powles-Glover, N., Riley, G., Underhill, P., Hough, T., Arkell, R., Greensmith, L., Ribchester, R. R. & Blanco, G., 1 Oct 2009

    Article in Human Molecular Genetics

  38. Unraveling the Complex Trait of Crop Yield With Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping in Brassica napus.

    Shi, J., Li, R., Qiu, D., Jiang, C., Long, Y., Morgan, C., Bancroft, I., Zhao, J. & Meng, J., Jul 2009

    Article in Genetics

  39. University of York Spin-out company

    Coverley, D. A., 2006.

    Research output: Contribution to conferenceOther

  40. Unexpected and sustained symmetry in the repopulation programs displayed by clonally amplified hematopoietic stem cells.

    Dykstra, B., Kent, D., Hamilton, M., Kristiansen, M., Lyons, K., McCaffrey, L., Russell, S. & Eaves, CJ., 16 Nov 2006, BLOOD. Vol. 108. p. 471A-471A

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  41. Unexpected Preferential Dehydration of Artemisinin in Ionic Liquids

    Sanders, M. W., Wright, L., Tate, L., Fairless, G., Crowhurst, L., Bruce, N. C., Walker, A. J., Hembury, G. A. & Shimizu, S., 24 Sep 2009

    Article in Journal of Physical Chemistry A

  42. Understanding the mechanism of ice binding by type III antifreeze proteins

    Antson, A. A., Smith, D. J., Roper, D. I., Lewis, S., Caves, L. S. D., Verma, C. S., Buckley, S. L., Lillford, P. J. & Hubbard, R. E., 26 Jan 2001

    Article in Journal of Molecular Biology

  43. Ultrarapid mixing experiments reveal that Im7 folds via an on-pathway intermediate

    Capaldi, A. P., Shastry, M. C., Kleanthous, C., Roder, H., Radford, S. E. & Kleanthous, C., 2001

    Article in Nature Structural Biology

  44. Ubiquitination and degradation of the thrombopoietin receptor c-Mpl

    Saur, S. J., Sangkhae, V., Geddis, A. E., Kaushansky, K. & Hitchcock, I. S., 11 Feb 2010

    Article in Blood

  45. Ubiquitination and auxin signaling: A degrading story

    Kepinski, S. & Leyser, O., May 2002

    Article in The Plant Cell

  46. Two proton high spin excitations and dipole bands in 192hg

    Le Coz, Y., Astier, A., Béraud, R., Duffait, R., Meyer, M., Redon, N., Bastin, G., Deloncle, I., Gall, B., Hannachi, F., Kaci, M., Porquet, M. G., Schiick, C., Azaiez, F., Bourgeois, C., Duprat, J., Korichi, A., Perrin, N., Poffe, N., Sergolle, H. & 20 others, Beausang, C. W., Gale, S. J., Joyce, M. J., Paul, E. S., Sharpey-Schafer, J. F., Clark, R. M., Hauschild, K., Wadsworth, R., Simpson, J., Bentley, M. A., Smith, G., Hiibel, H., Willsau, P., De France, G., Ahmad, I., Carpenter, M., Henry, R., Janssens, R. V. F., Khoo, T. L. & Lauritsen, T., 1 Jan 1995

    Article in Physica Scripta

  47. Trypanosoma cruzi I genotypes in different geographical regions and transmission cycles based on a microsatellite motif of the intergenic spacer of spliced-leader genes

    Cura, CI., Mejia Jaramillo, AM., Duffy, T., Burgos, JM., Rodriguero, M., Cardinal, MV., Kjos, S., De Pablos Torro, L. M., Gurgel Gonzalves, R., Blanchet, D., Tomassini, N., Da silva, A., Russomando, G., Cuba, CA., Aznar, C., Abate, T., Levin, MJ., Osuna, A., Gurtler, RE., Diosque, P. & 3 others, Solari, A., Triana Sanchez, O. & Schijman, AG., Dec 2010

    Article in International Journal for Parasitology

  48. True single-molecule DNA sequencing of a pleistocene horse bone

    Orlando, L., Ginolhac, A., Raghavan, M., Vilstrup, J., Rasmussen, M., Magnussen, K., Steinmann, K. E., Kapranov, P., Thompson, J. F., Zazula, G., Froese, D., Moltke, I., Shapiro, B., Hofreiter, M., Al-Rasheid, K. A. S., Gilbert, M. T. P. & Willerslev, E., Oct 2011

    Article in Genome Research

  49. Triggering the succinate receptor GPR91 on dendritic cells enhances immunity

    Rubic, T., Lametschwandtner, G., Jost, S., Hinteregger, S., Kund, J., Carballido-Perrig, N., Schwärzler, C., Junt, T., Voshol, H., Meingassner, J. G., Mao, X., Werner, G., Rot, A. & Carballido, J. M., Nov 2008

    Article in Nature immunology

  50. Trehalose-6-phosphate synthase 1, which catalyses the first step in trehalose synthesis, is essential for Arabidopsis embryo maturation

    Eastmond, P. J., van Dijken, A. J. H., Spielman, M., Kerr, A., Tissier, A. F., Dickinson, H. G., Jones, J. D. G., Smeekens, S. C. & Graham, I. A., Jan 2002

    Article in Plant Journal

  51. Travelling through a warming world: climate change and migratory species

    Thomas, C. D., Robinson, R. A., Crick, H. Q. P., Learmonth, J. A., Maclean, I. M. D., Bairlein, F., Forchhammer, M. C., Francis, C. M., Gill, J. A., Godley, B. J., Harwood, J., Hays, G. C., Huntley, B., Hutson, A. M., Pierce, G. J., Rehfisch, M. M., Sims, D. W., Begona Santos, M., Sparks, T. H., Stroud, D. A. & 1 others, Visser, M. E., 14 May 2009

    Article in Endangered Species Research

  52. Transplantation of autologous differentiated urothelium in an experimental model of composite cystoplasty

    Turner, A., Subramanian, R., Thomas, D. F. M., Hinley, J., Abbas, S. K., Stahlschmidt, J. & Southgate, J., Mar 2011

    Article in European Urology

  53. Transforming growth factor-β promotes 'death by neglect' in post-activated human T cells

    Sillett, H. K., Cruickshank, S. M., Southgate, J. & Trejdosiewicz, L. K., 2001

    Article in Immunology

  54. Transcriptomic and Reverse Genetic Analyses of Branched-Chain Fatty Acid and Acyl Sugar Production in Solanum pennellii and Nicotiana benthamiana

    Slocombe, S. P., Schauvinhold, I., McQuinn, R. P., Besser, K., Welsby, N. A., Harper, A. L., Aziz, N., Li, Y., Larson, T. R., Giovannoni, J., Dixon, R. A. & Broun, P., Dec 2008

    Article in Plant Physiology

  55. Transcriptome analysis of the acoelomate human parasite Schistosoma mansoni

    DeMarco, R., Martins, E. A. L., Guimarães, P. E. M., Ojopi, E. P. B., Paquola, A. C. M., Piazza, J. P., Nishiyama Jr, N. Y., Kitajima, J. P., Adamson, R. E., Bonaldo, M. F., Coulson, P. S., Farias, L. P., Gregorio, S. P., Ho, P. L., Leite, R. A., Malaquias, L. C. C., Marques, R. C. P., Miyasato, P. A., Nascimento, A. L. T. O., Ohlweiler, F. P. & 17 others, Reis, E. M., Ribeiro, M. A., Sá, R. G., Stukart, G. C., Soares, M. B., Gargioni, C., Kawano, T., Rodrigues, V., Madeira, A. M. B. N., Menck, C. F. M., Setubal, J. C., Leite, L. C. C., Dias-Neto, E., Verjovski-Almeida, S., Ashton, P. D., Dillon, G. P. & Wilson, R. A., Oct 2003

    Article in Nature genetics

  56. Transcriptome analysis of root transporters reveals participation of multiple gene families in the response to cation stress

    Maathuis, F. J. M., Filatov, V., Herzyk, P., Krijger, G. C., Axelsen, K. B., Chen, S. X., Green, B. J., Madagan, K. L., Sanchez-Fernandez, R., Forde, B. G., Palmgren, M. G., Rea, P. A., Williams, L. E., Amtmann, A., Li, Y. & Sanders, D., Sep 2003

    Article in Plant Journal

  57. Toxicity of unsaturated fatty acids to the biohydrogenating ruminal bacterium, Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens

    Maia, M. R. G., Chaudhary, L. C., Bestwick, C. S., Richardson, A. J., McKain, N., Larson, T. R., Graham, I. A. & Wallace, R. J., 18 Feb 2010

    Article in Bmc microbiology

  58. Towards evolution-proof malaria control with insecticides

    Koella, J. C., Lynch, P. A., Thomas, M. B. & Read, A. F., Nov 2009

    Article in Evolutionary applications

  59. Towards Argument-Driven Validation of an in silico Model of Immune Tissue Organogenesis

    Alden, K. J., Andrews, PAUL. S., Timmis, J., Viega-Fernandes, H. & Coles, M. C., 2011, Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 6825. p. 66-70 5 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  60. Toward systems biology in brown algae to explore acclimation and adaptation to the shore environment

    Tonon, T., Eveillard, D., Prigent, S., Bourdon, J., Potin, P., Boyen, C. & Siegel, A., Dec 2011

    Review article in Omics : a journal of integrative biology

  61. Tissue-engineered urinary bladder

    Turner, A. M. & Southgate, J., 2009, Fundamentals of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, p. 429-440 12 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

  62. Time of day modulates low-temperature Ca signals in Arabidopsis

    Dodd, A. N., Jakobsen, M. K., Baker, A. J., Telzerow, A., Hou, S-W., Laplaze, L., Barrot, L., Poethig, R. S., Haseloff, J. & Webb, A. A. R., 2006

    Article in Plant Journal

  63. Three-dimensional solution structure and 13C nuclear magnetic resonance assignments of the colicin E9 immunity protein Im9

    Osborne, M. J., Breeze, A. L., Lian, L. Y., Reilly, A., James, R., Kleanthous, C., Moore, G. R. & Kleanthous, C., 1996

    Article in Biochemistry

  64. Three ways of assessing metapopulation structure in the butterfly Plebejus argus

    Lewis, O. T., Thomas, C. D., Hill, J. K., Brookes, M. I., Crane, T. P. R., Graneau, Y. A., Mallet, J. L. B. & Rose, O. C., Aug 1997

    Article in Ecological entomology

  65. Threat of invasive pests from within national borders

    Paini, D. R., Worner, S. P., Cook, D. C., De Barro, P. J. & Thomas, M. B., 2010

    Article in Nature Communications

  66. Thermal range predicts bird population resilience to extreme high temperatures

    Jiguet, F., Julliard, R., Thomas, C. D., Dehorter, O., Newson, S. E. & Couvet, D., Dec 2006

    Article in Ecology Letters

  67. The ‘overflow tap’ theory: linking GPP to forest soil carbon dynamics and the mycorrhizal component: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2010

    Ineson, P., Subke, J., Heinemeyer, A., Wilkinson, M., Casella, R., Vargas, J. & Morison, P., 2010, p. EGU2010-12933.

    Research output: Contribution to conferenceOther

  68. The wound response of tomato plants: analysis of local and long-range signalling events

    Bowles, D. J., 1997, ESSAYS IN BIOCHEMISTRY, VOL 32, 1997. LONDON: Portland Press Ltd., p. 161-169 9 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingOther chapter contribution

  69. The vacuolar Ca2+-activated channel TPC1 regulates germination and stomatal movement

    Peiter, E., Maathuis, F. J. M., Mills, L. N., Knight, H., Pelloux, J., Hetherington, A. M. & Sanders, D., 17 Mar 2005

    Article in Nature

  70. The type II and X cellulose-binding domains of Pseudomonas xylanase A potentiate catalytic activity against complex substrates by a common mechanism

    Gill, J., Rixon, J. E., Bolam, D. N., McQueen-Mason, S., Simpson, P. J., Williamson, M. P., Hazlewood, G. P. & Gilbert, H. J., 1 Sep 1999

    Article in Biochemical journal

  71. The tandem beta-zipper model defines high affinity fibronectin-binding repeats within staphylococcus aureus FnBPA

    Meenan, N. A. G., Visai, L., Valtulina, V., Schwarz-Linek, U., Norris, N. C., Gurusiddappa, S., Hoeoek, M., Speziale, P. & Potts, J. R., 31 Aug 2007

    Article in Journal of Biological Chemistry

  72. The synthesis and accumulation of stearidonic acid in transgenic plants: a novel source of 'heart-healthy' omega-3 fatty acids

    Ruiz-Lopez, N., Haslam, R. P., Venegas-Caleron, M., Larson, T. R., Graham, I. A., Napier, J. A. & Sayanova, O., Sep 2009

    Article in Plant biotechnology journal

  73. The structure of p53 tumour suppressor protein reveals the basis for its functional plasticity

    Okorokov, A. L., Sherman, M. B., Plisson, C., Grinkevich, V., Sigmundsson, K., Selivanova, G., Milner, J. & Orlova, E. V., 1 Nov 2006

    Article in EMBO Journal

  74. The structural and energetic basis for high selectivity in a high-affinity protein-protein interaction

    Meenan, N. A. G., Sharma, A., Fleishman, S. J., MacDonald, C. J., Morel, B., Boetzel, R., Moore, G. R., Baker, D. & Kleanthous, C., 1 Jun 2010

    Article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

  75. The solution and crystal structures of a module pair from the Staphylococcus aureus-binding site of human fibronectin - A tale with a twist

    Rudino-Pinera, E., Ravelli, R. B. G., Sheldrick, G. M., Nanao, M. H., Korostelev, V. V., Werner, J. M., Schwarz-Linek, U., Potts, J. R. & Garman, E. F., 4 May 2007

    Article in Journal of Molecular Biology

  76. The shortcomings of the GLAST knockout mouse

    Skerry, T., Genever, P., Taylor, A., Dobson, K., Mason, D. & Suva, L., Sep 2001


  77. The schistosome egg: development and secretions

    Harrop, R., Shah, B., Ashton, P. D. & Wilson, R. A., Mar 2001

    Article in Parasitology

  78. The role of fisheries-induced evolution

    Browman, H. I., Law, R. & Marshall, C. T., 4 Apr 2008

    Letter in Science

  79. The role of exon 5 in fibroblast collagenase (MMP-1) substrate specificity and inhibitor selectivity

    Knauper, V., Patterson, M. L., Gomis-Ruth, F. X., Smith, B., Lyons, A., Docherty, A. J. P. & Murphy, G., Mar 2001

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