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  1. 1999
  2. Public preferences regarding rabies-prevention policies in the UK

    Cox, M., Barbier, E. B., White, P. C. L., Newton-Cross, G. A., Kinsella, L. & Kennedy, H. J., 23 Aug 1999

    Article in Preventive veterinary medicine

  3. Proteolytic cleavage of p53 mutants in response to mismatched DNA

    Mee, T., Okorokov, A. L., Metcalfe, S. & Milner, J., Sep 1999

    Article in British journal of cancer

  4. The global exposure of forests to air pollutants

    Fowler, D., Cape, J. N., Coyle, M., Flechard, C., Kuylenstierna, J., Hicks, K., Derwent, D., Johnson, C. & Stevenson, D., Nov 1999

    Article in Water, Air, & Soil Pollution

  5. Modeling OH, HO2, and RO2 radicals in the marine boundary layer - 1. Model construction and comparison with field measurements

    Carslaw, N., Creasey, D. J., Heard, D. E., Lewis, A. C., McQuaid, J. B., Pilling, M. J., Monks, P. S., Bandy, B. J. & Penkett, S. A., 20 Dec 1999

    Article in Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres

  6. 2000
  7. Environmental analysis (vol 15, pg 181, 2000)

    Cave, M. R., Butler, O., Cook, J. M., Cresser, M. S., Garden, L. M., Holden, A. J. & Miles, D. L., 2000


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