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  1. 2000
  2. Fox predation as a cause of lamb mortality on hill farms

    White, P. C. L., Groves, H. L., Savery, J. R., Conington, J. & Hutchings, M. R., 8 Jul 2000

    Article in Veterinary record

  3. Modelling water chemistry for a major Scottish river from catchment attributes

    Cresser, M. S., Smart, R., Billett, M. F., Soulsby, C., Neal, C., Wade, A., Langan, S. & Edwards, A. C., Sep 2000

    Article in Journal of Applied Ecology

  4. 2001
  5. Atomic spectrometry update. Environmental analysis

    Cave, M. R., Butler, O., Chenery, S. R. N., Cook, J. M., Cresser, M. S. & Miles, D. L., 2001


  6. Development of the regional policy process for air pollution in South Asia, southern Africa and Latin America

    Hicks, W. K., Kuylenstierna, J. C. I., Mathur, V., Mazzucchelli, S., Burijson, V., Shrestha, S., Iyngararasan, M., Simukanga, S. & Van Tienhoven, A. M., 2001

    Article in Water, Air, & Soil Pollution

  7. Impacts of air pollutants on vegetation in developing countries

    Emberson, L. D., Ashmore, M. R., Murray, F., Kuylenstierna, J. C. I., Percy, K. E., Izuta, T., Zheng, Y., Shimizu, H., Sheu, B. H., Liu, C. P., Agrawal, M., Wahid, A., Abdel-Latif, N. M., van Tienhoven, M., de Bauer, L. I. & Domingos, M., 2001

    Article in Water, Air, & Soil Pollution

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