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  1. 2014
  2. 일본고고학에서 적색안료 연구의 현황과 과제

    Kawano, M., Minami, T., Tateishi, T., Shoda, S. & Imazu, S., 30 Nov 2014

    Article in The Journal of Korean Field Archaeology

  3. Non-linear MHD modeling of edge localized mode cycles and mitigation by resonant magnetic perturbations

    Orain, F., Bécoulet, M., MORALES, J. C., Huijsmans, G. T. A., Dif-Pradalier, G., Hoelzl, M., Garbet, X., Pamela, S., Nardon, E., Passeron, C., Latu, G., Fil, A. & Cahyna, P., 28 Nov 2014

    Article in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

  4. Direct evidence of milk consumption from ancient human dental calculus

    Warinner, C., Hendy, J. R., Speller, C. F., Cappellini, E., Fischer, R., Trachsel, C., Arneborg, J., Lynnerup, N., Craig, O. E., Swallow, DM., Fotakis, A., Christensen, RJ., Olsen, JV., Liebert, A., Montalva, N., Fiddyment, S., Charlton, S. J. L., Mackie, M., Canci, A., Bouwman, A. & 3 others, Rühli, F., Gilbert, M. T. P. & Collins, M. J., 27 Nov 2014

    Article in Scientific Reports

  5. Dibaryons - A new state of matter?

    Bashkanov, M., Clement, H., Perez Del Rio, E. & Skorodko, T., 26 Nov 2014

    Article in EPJ Web of Conferences

  6. Encounters with dibaryons - Have they finally become true?

    Clement, H., Bashkanov, M., Perez Del Rio, E. & Skorodko, T., 26 Nov 2014

    Article in EPJ Web of Conferences

  7. Structural and functional study of the GlnB22-insulin mutant responsible for maturity-onset diabetes of the young

    Křížková, K., Veverka, V., Maletínská, L., Hexnerová, R., Brzozowski, A. M., Jiráček, J. & Žáková, L., 25 Nov 2014

    Article in PLoS ONE

  8. Sensitivity of the Weddell Sea sector ice streams to sub-shelf melting and surface accumulation

    Wright, A., Le Brocq, A., Cornford, S., Bingham, R., Corr, H. F. J., Ferraccioli, F., Jordan, T., Payne, A., Rippin, D., Ross, N. & Siegert, M. J., 24 Nov 2014

    Article in The Cryosphere

  9. Evaluation of public engagement activities to promote science in a zoo environment

    Whitehouse, J., Waller, B. M., Chanvin, M., Wallace, E. K., Schel, A. M., Peirce, K., Mitchell, H., Macri, A. & Slocombe, K., 21 Nov 2014

    Article in PLoS ONE

  10. Independent Component Analysis Uncovers the Landscape of the Bladder Tumor Transcriptome and Reveals Insights into Luminal and Basal Subtypes

    Biton, A., Bernard-Pierrot, I., Lou, Y., Krucker, C., Chapeaublanc, E., Rubio-Pérez, C., López-Bigas, N., Kamoun, A., Neuzillet, Y., Gestraud, P., Grieco, L., Rebouissou, S., deReyniès, A., Benhamou, S., Lebret, T., Southgate, J., Barillot, E., Allory, Y., Zinovyev, A. & Radvanyi, F., 20 Nov 2014

    Article in Cell reports

  11. Nongenetic stochastic expansion of JAK2V617F-homozygous subclones in polycythemia vera?

    Godfrey, A. L., Nangalia, J., Baxter, E. J., Massie, CE., Kent, DG., Papaemmanuil, E., Campbell, P. J. & Green, AR., 20 Nov 2014

    Article in Blood

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