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  2. Deep Sequencing of RNA from Ancient Maize Kernels

    Fordyce, S. L., Ávila-Arcos, M. C., Rasmussen, M., Cappellini, E., Romero-Navarro, J. A., Wales, N., Alquezar-Planas, D. E., Penfield, S., Brown, T. A., Vielle-Calzada, J. P., Montiel, R., Jørgensen, T., Odegaard, N., Jacobs, M., Arriaza, B., Higham, T. F. G., Ramsey, C. B., Willerslev, E. & Gilbert, M. T. P., 17 Jan 2013

    Article in PLoS ONE

  3. Deformed wing virus implicated in overwintering honeybee colony losses

    Highfield, A. C., El Nagar, A., Mackinder, L. C. M., Noël, L. M. L. J., Hall, M. J. & Schroeder, D. C., Nov 2009

    Article in Applied and Environmental Microbiology

  4. Degenerate RNA Packaging Signals in the Genome of Satellite Tobacco Necrosis Virus: Implications for the Assembly of a T=1 Capsid

    Bunka, D. H. J., Lane, S. W., Lane, C. L., Dykeman, E. C., Ford, R. J., Barker, A. M., Twarock, R., Phillips, S. E. V. & Stockley, P. G., 14 Oct 2011

    Article in Journal of Molecular Biology

  5. Degradation of Aux/IAA proteins is essential for normal auxin signalling

    Worley, C. K., Ramos, J., Leyser, O., Theologis, A., Zenser, N., Rouse, D. & Callis, J., Mar 2000

    Article in Plant Journal

  6. Delayed induced silica defences in grasses and their potential for destabilising herbivore population dynamics

    Reynolds, J. J. H., Lambin, X., Massey, F. P., Reidinger, S., Sherratt, J. A., Smith, M. J., White, A. & Hartley, S. E., Oct 2012

    Article in Oecologia