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  1. 1990
  2. 1991
  3. 1992
  4. 1993
  5. Interactions in CoPtCr/SiO2 Composite Thin Films

    El-Hilo, M., O'Grady, K., Nguyen, T. A., Beumgart, P. & Sanders, I. L., 1993

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics


    Maynard, M., Aug 1993

    Book/Film/Article review in Sociology

  7. 1994
  8. Thresholds for treatment in cataract surgery

    MORDUE, A., PARKIN, D. W., BAXTER, C., FAWCETT, G. & Stewart, M., Dec 1994

    Article in Journal of Public Health Medicine

  9. 1995
  10. Which children are registered at case conferences?

    Fisher, T., Miller, L. B. & Sinclair, I., 1995

    Article in British Journal of Social Work

  11. Working to rule

    Lunt, N. & Thornton, P., 1995

    Article in Community Care

  12. Two proton high spin excitations and dipole bands in 192hg

    Le Coz, Y., Astier, A., Béraud, R., Duffait, R., Meyer, M., Redon, N., Bastin, G., Deloncle, I., Gall, B., Hannachi, F., Kaci, M., Porquet, M. G., Schiick, C., Azaiez, F., Bourgeois, C., Duprat, J., Korichi, A., Perrin, N., Poffe, N., Sergolle, H. & 20 others, Beausang, C. W., Gale, S. J., Joyce, M. J., Paul, E. S., Sharpey-Schafer, J. F., Clark, R. M., Hauschild, K., Wadsworth, R., Simpson, J., Bentley, M. A., Smith, G., Hiibel, H., Willsau, P., De France, G., Ahmad, I., Carpenter, M., Henry, R., Janssens, R. V. F., Khoo, T. L. & Lauritsen, T., 1 Jan 1995

    Article in Physica Scripta

  13. 1996
  14. Common Ground

    Butt, J., Barn, R., Biehal, N. & Jones, A., 1996

    Article in Community Care

  15. Hard charging

    Baldwin, S. & Lunt, N., 1996

    Article in Community Care

  16. Missed target

    Arksey, H., 1996

    Article in Community Care

  17. Putting a price on care

    Baldwin, S. & Lunt, N., 1996

    Article in Eagle

  18. The prevalence of pain in a disabled population

    Astin, M., Lawton, D. & Hirst, M. A., 1996

    Article in Social science and medicine

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