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  1. 2014
  2. Substance use in people at clinical high-risk for psychosis

    Russo, D. A., Stochl, J., Painter, M., Jones, P. B. & Perez, J., 24 Dec 2014

    Article in BMC Psychiatry

  3. The DET1-COP1-HY5 Pathway Constitutes a Multipurpose Signaling Module Regulating Plant Photomorphogenesis and Thermomorphogenesis

    Delker, C., Sonntag, L., Velikkakam James, G., Janitza, P., Ibañez, C., Ziermann, H., Peterson, T., Denk, K., Mull, S., Ziegler, J., Davis, S. J., Schneeberger, K. & Quint, M., 24 Dec 2014

    Article in Cell reports

  4. Pairing-induced speedup of nuclear spontaneous fission

    Sadhukhan, J., Dobaczewski, J., Nazarewicz, W., Sheikh, J. A. & Baran, A., 22 Dec 2014

    Article in Physical Review C

  5. Size-dependent wet removal of black carbon in Canadian biomass burning plumes

    Taylor, J. W., Allan, J. D., Allen, G., Coe, H., Williams, P. I., Flynn, M. J., Le Breton, M., Muller, J. B. A., Percival, C. J., Oram, D., Forster, G., Lee, J. D., Rickard, A. R., Parrington, M. & Palmer, P. I., 22 Dec 2014

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  6. Phenomenological analysis of B(E2) transition strengths in neutron-rich carbon isotopes

    Macchiavelli, A. O., Petri, M., Fallon, P., Paschalis, S., Clark, R. M., Cromaz, M. & Lee, I. Y., 17 Dec 2014

    Article in Physical Review C

  7. The gaming involvement and informal learning framework

    Iacovides, I., McAndrew, P., Scanlon, E. & Aczel, J., 17 Dec 2014

    Article in Simulation & Gaming

  8. Three dimensional simulations of plasma filaments in the scrape off layer: A comparison with models of reduced dimensionality

    Easy, L., Militello, F., Omotani, J. T., Dudson, B. D., Havlíčková, E., Tamain, P., Naulin, V. & Nielsen, A. H., 17 Dec 2014

    Article in Physics of Plasmas

  9. CMHTs for older people: Team managers' views surveyed

    Abendstern, M., Brand, C., Harrington, V., Jasper, R., Tucker, S., Wilberforce, M. & Challis, D., 15 Dec 2014

    Article in Journal of Integrated Care

  10. Emission of iodine-containing volatiles by selected microalgae species

    Thorenz, U. R., Carpenter, L. J., Huang, R. J., Kundel, M., Bosle, J. & Hoffmann, T., 15 Dec 2014

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  11. Trauma history characteristics associated with mental states at clinical high risk for psychosis

    Russo, D. A., Stochl, J., Painter, M., Dobler, V., Jackson, E., Jones, P. B. & Perez, J., 15 Dec 2014

    Article in Psychiatry research

  12. Charge symmetry breaking in dd→He4π0 with WASA-at-COSY

    Adlarson, P., Augustyniak, W., Bardan, W., Bashkanov, M., Bergmann, F. S., Berłowski, M., Bhatt, H., Bondar, A., Büscher, M., Calén, H., Ciepał, I., Clement, H., Coderre, D., Czerwiński, E., Demmich, K., Doroshkevich, E., Engels, R., Erven, A., Erven, W., Eyrich, W. & 84 others, Fedorets, P., Föhl, K., Fransson, K., Goldenbaum, F., Goslawski, P., Goswami, A., Grigoryev, K., Gullström, C. O., Hanhart, C., Hauenstein, F., Heijkenskjöld, L., Hejny, V., Höistad, B., Hüsken, N., Jarczyk, L., Johansson, T., Kamys, B., Kemmerling, G., Khan, F. A., Khoukaz, A., Kirillov, D. A., Kistryn, S., Kleines, H., Kłos, B., Krzemień, W., Kulessa, P., Kupść, A., Kuzmin, A., Lalwani, K., Lersch, D., Lorentz, B., Magiera, A., Maier, R., Marciniewski, P., Mariański, B., Mikirtychiants, M., Morsch, H. P., Moskal, P., Ohm, H., Ozerianska, I., Perez del Rio, E., Piskunov, N. M., Podkopał, P., Prasuhn, D., Pricking, A., Pszczel, D., Pysz, K., Pyszniak, A., Redmer, C. F., Ritman, J., Roy, A., Rudy, Z., Sawant, S., Schadmand, S., Sefzick, T., Serdyuk, V., Shwartz, B., Siudak, R., Skorodko, T., Skurzok, M., Smyrski, J., Sopov, V., Stassen, R., Stepaniak, J., Stephan, E., Sterzenbach, G., Stockhorst, H., Ströher, H., Szczurek, A., Täschner, A., Trzciński, A., Varma, R., Wolke, M., Wrońska, A., Wüstner, P., Wurm, P., Yamamoto, A., Yurev, L., Zabierowski, J., Zieliński, M. J., Zink, A., Złomańczuk, J., Zuprański, P. & Zurek, M., 12 Dec 2014

    Article in Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics

  13. Test of digital neutron-gamma discrimination with four different photomultiplier tubes for the NEutron Detector Array (NEDA)

    Luo, X. L., Modamio, V., Nyberg, J., Valiente-Dobón, J. J., Nishada, Q., De Angelis, G., Agramunt, J., Egea, F. J., Erduran, M. N., Ertürk, S., De France, G., Gadea, A., González, V., Hüyük, T., Jaworski, G., Moszyński, M., Di Nitto, A., Palacz, M., Söderström, P. A., Sanchis, E. & 2 others, Triossi, A. & Wadsworth, R., 11 Dec 2014

    Article in Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research section a-Accelerators spectrometers detectors and associated equipment

  14. Quantum channels and memory effects

    Caruso, F., Giovannetti, V., Lupo, C. & Mancini, S., 10 Dec 2014

    Article in Reviews of Modern Physics

  15. Alcohol harm reduction: corporate capture of a key concept

    McCambridge, J., Kypri, K., Drummond, C. & Strang, J., 9 Dec 2014

    Article in Plos medicine

  16. A historical ecology of the Ecrins (Southern French Alps): Archaeology and palaeoecology of the Mesolithic to the Medieval period

    Walsh, K. J., Court-Picon, M., de Beaulieu, J. L., Guiter, F., Mocci, F., Richer, S., Sinet, R., Talon, B. & Tzortzis, S., 5 Dec 2014

    Article in Quaternary International

  17. Class IIa histone deacetylases are conserved regulators of circadian function

    Fogg, P. C. M., O'Neill, J. S., Dobrzycki, T., Calvert, S., Lord, E. C., McIntosh, R. L. L., Elliott, C. J. H., Sweeney, S. T., Hastings, M. H. & Chawla, S., 5 Dec 2014

    Article in The Journal of biological chemistry

  18. Emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds and subsequent photochemical production of secondary organic aerosol in mesocosm studies of temperate and tropical plant species

    Wyche, K. P., Ryan, A. C., Hewitt, C. N., Alfarra, M. R., McFiggans, G., Carr, T., Monks, P. S., Smallbone, K. L., Capes, G., Hamilton, J. F., Pugh, T. A. M. & MacKenzie, A. R., 5 Dec 2014

    Article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  19. Parental occupational exposure and risk of childhood central nervous system tumors: a pooled analysis of case-control studies from Germany, France, and the UK

    Huoi, C., Olsson, A., Lightfoot, T., Roman, E., Clavel, J., Lacour, B., Kaatsch, P., Kromhout, H., Vermeulen, R., Peters, S., Bailey, H. D. & Schüz, J., 5 Dec 2014

    Article in Cancer causes and control

  20. Interventions to improve return to work in depressed people

    Nieuwenhuijsen, K., Faber, B., Verbeek, J. S., Neumeyer-Gromen, A., Hees, H. L., Verhoeven, A. C., van der Feltz-Cornelis, C. M. & Bültmann, U., 3 Dec 2014

    Article in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

  21. Flagellated bacterial motility in polymer solutions

    Martinez, V. A., Schwarz-Linek, J., Reufer, M., Wilson, L. G., Morozov, A. N. & Poon, W. C. K., 2 Dec 2014

    Article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

  22. Lytic activity by temperate phages of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in long-term cystic fibrosis chronic lung infections

    James, C. E., Davies, E. V., Fothergill, J. L., Walshaw, M. J., Beale, C. M., Brockhurst, M. A. & Winstanley, C., 2 Dec 2014

    Article in The ISME Journal

  23. Flexoelectricity in an oxadiazole bent-core nematic liquid crystal

    Kaur, S., Panov, V. P., Greco, C., Ferrarini, A., Görtz, V., Goodby, J. W. & Gleeson, H. F., 1 Dec 2014

    Article in Applied Physics Letters

  24. Intravenous immunoglobulin for severe sepsis and septic shock: clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness and value of a further randomised controlled trial

    Soares, M. O., Welton, N. J., Harrison, D. A., Peura, P., Shankar-Hari, M., Harvey, S. E., Madan, J., Ades, A. E., Rowan, K. M. & Palmer, S. J., 1 Dec 2014

    Article in Critical Care

  25. Measuring improvement in dyspnoea: should absolute or relative values be used?

    Johnson, M. J., Bland, J. M., Oxberry, S. G., Abernethy, A. P. & Currow, D. C., 1 Dec 2014

    Article in European Respiratory Journal

  26. Novel mutations in human and mouse SCN4A implicate AMPK in myotonia and periodic paralysis

    Corrochano, S., Männikkö, R., Joyce, P. I., McGoldrick, P., Wettstein, J., Lassi, G., Rayan, D. L. R., Blanco, G., Quinn, C., Liavas, A., Lionikas, A., Amior, N., Dick, J., Healy, E. G., Stewart, M., Carter, S., Hutchinson, M., Bentley, L., Fratta, P., Cortese, A. & 9 others, Cox, R., Brown, S. D. M., Tucci, V., Wackerhage, H., Amato, A. A., Greensmith, L., Koltzenburg, M., Hanna, M. G. & Acevedo-Arozena, A., 1 Dec 2014

    Article in Brain

  27. A zoospore inoculation method with Phytophthora Sojae to assess the prophylactic role of silicon on soybean cultivars

    Guérin, V., Lebreton, A., Cogliati, E. E., Hartley, S. E., Belzile, F., Menzies, J. G. & Bélanger, R. R., Dec 2014

    Article in Plant Disease

  28. Altered expression of an RBP-associated arginine methyltransferase 7 in Leishmania major affects parasite infection

    Ferreira, T. R., Ferreira, E. V. C. A., Defina, T. P. A., Walrad, P. B., Papadopoulou, B. & Cruz, A. K., Dec 2014

    Article in Molecular Microbiology

  29. Cultures of evidence across policy sectors: systematic review of qualitative evidence

    Lorenc, T., Tyner, E. F., Petticrew, M., Duffy, S., Martineau, F. P., Phillips, G. & Lock, K., Dec 2014

    Article in European Journal of Public Health

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