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  1. 1998
  2. Distributed atomic actions in Ada 95

    Mitchell, S. E., Wellings, A. J. & Romanovsky, A., 1 Dec 1998

    Article in Computer journal

  3. Unconditional quantum teleportation

    Furusawa, A., Sorensen, JL., Braunstein, SL., Fuchs, CA., Kimble, HJ. & Polzik, ES., 23 Oct 1998

    Article in Science

  4. A posteriori teleportation

    Braunstein, SI. & Kimble, HJ., 27 Aug 1998

    Article in Nature

  5. Use of a phosphorylated spin trap to discriminate between the hydroxyl radical and other oxidising species

    Clement, J. L., Gilbert, B. C., Ho, W. F., Jackson, N. D., Newton, M. S., Silvester, S., Timmins, G. S., Tordo, P. & Whitwood, A. C., Aug 1998


  6. The cost of COTS

    Talbert, N. & McDermid, J., Jun 1998

    Article in Computer

  7. Power-stroke measured for a single myosin molecule.

    Coluccio, L. M., Veigel, C., White, D. C. S. & Molloy, J. E., Feb 1998

    Article in Biophysical Journal

  8. Whither magnetic recording

    O'Grady, K., White, R. L. & Grundy, P. J., Jan 1998

    Article in Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

  9. A Mössbauer investigation of advanced magnetic recording media

    Walton, S. A., Dickson, D. P. E., O'Grady, K. & Mayo, P. I., 1998

    Article in Hyperfine Interactions

  10. 1997
  11. Quantum copying: A network

    Buzek, V., Braunstein, SL., Hillery, M. & Bruss, D., 1 Nov 1997

    Article in Physical Review A

  12. Single molecule energy transduction.

    Veigel, C., White, D. C. S. & Molloy, J. E., Feb 1997

    Article in Biophysical Journal

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