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  1. Assessing quality of economic submissions to the BMJ.

    Jefferson, T., Demicheli, V. & Entwistle, V., 1995

    Letter in BMJ

  2. Assessment of NICE guidance

    Cullum, N., Sheldon, T., Watt, I., West, P. & Wright, J., 10 Jul 2004

    Letter in Lancet

  3. Birds extend their ranges northwards

    Thomas, C. D. & Lennon, J. J., 20 May 1999

    Letter in Nature


    Entwistle, V., Watt, I. & Buchan, H., 15 Oct 1995

    Letter in Canadian medical association journal

  5. Cancer and HIV infection in Rwanda

    Newton, R., Grulich, A., Beral, V., Sindikubwabo, B., Ngilimana, P. J., Nganyira, A. & Parkin, D. M., 27 May 1995

    Letter in The Lancet

  6. Cardiac rehabilitation

    Lewin, R. J. P., Thompson, D. R. & Taylor, R. S., May 2000

    Letter in European Heart Journal

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