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  1. 1995
  2. Optimal rolling mill planning at Usines Gustave Boöl

    Baccus, F., Cowling, P., Vaessen, N. & Van Nerom, L., 1995

    Article in Steel Times

  3. Some thoughts on combinatorial optimisation

    Bjorndal, MH., Caprara, A., Cowling, P. I., Della Croce, F., Lourenco, H., Malucelli, F., Orman, A. J., Pisinger, D., Rego, C. & Salazar, J. J., 1995

    Article in European Journal of Operational Research


    Burns, A., Hayes, N. & Richardson, M. F., Feb 1995

    Article in Control engineering practice

  5. Destruction of photocount oscillations by thermal noise


    Article in Physical Review A

  6. High integrity software development: Process and tool issues

    Hutcheon, A. D., Jordan, D. T., McDermid, J. A., Pierce, R. H., Wand, I. C. & Jepson, B. J., Nov 1995

    Article in Microprocessors and Microsystems


    Morelli, J. P., Bunting, R. J., Cowley, S. W. H., Farrugia, C. J., Freeman, M. P., Friischristensen, E., Jones, G. O. L., Lester, M., Lewis, R. V., Lubr, H., Orr, D., Pinnock, M., Reeves, G. D., Williams, P. J. S. & Yeoman, T. K., Nov 1995

    Article in Annales geophysicae-Atmospheres hydrospheres and space sciences

  8. 1996
  9. A Tactic Calculus-Abridged Version

    Martin, A. P., Gardiner, P. H. B. & Woodcock, J., 1996

    Article in Formal Asp. Comput.

  10. ILPNET Repositories on WWW: Inductive Logic Programming Systems, Datasets and Bibliography

    Lavrac, N., Weber, I., Zupanic, D., Kazakov, D., Stepánková, O. & Dzeroski, S., 1996

    Article in AI Commun.

  11. Structuring Requirements Specifications for Reuse

    Whittle, B. R., Vickers, A. J., McDermid, J. A., Rimmer, R., Essam, P. & Hill, J., 1996

    Article in IJAST

  12. The collisionality dependence of tokamak beta-limits

    Wilson, H. R., Alexander, M., Connor, J. W., Edwards, A. M., Gates, D., Gruber, O., Hastie, R. J., Hegna, C. C., Hender, T. C., LaHaye, R. J., Lao, L. L., Morris, A. W., Roach, C. M., Strait, E. J., Taylor, T. S., Valovic, M. & Zohm, H., Dec 1996

    Article in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

  13. 1997
  14. Single molecule energy transduction.

    Veigel, C., White, D. C. S. & Molloy, J. E., Feb 1997

    Article in Biophysical Journal

  15. Quantum copying: A network

    Buzek, V., Braunstein, SL., Hillery, M. & Bruss, D., 1 Nov 1997

    Article in Physical Review A

  16. 1998
  17. A Mössbauer investigation of advanced magnetic recording media

    Walton, S. A., Dickson, D. P. E., O'Grady, K. & Mayo, P. I., 1998

    Article in Hyperfine Interactions

  18. Whither magnetic recording

    O'Grady, K., White, R. L. & Grundy, P. J., Jan 1998

    Article in Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

  19. Power-stroke measured for a single myosin molecule.

    Coluccio, L. M., Veigel, C., White, D. C. S. & Molloy, J. E., Feb 1998

    Article in Biophysical Journal

  20. The cost of COTS

    Talbert, N. & McDermid, J., Jun 1998

    Article in Computer

  21. Use of a phosphorylated spin trap to discriminate between the hydroxyl radical and other oxidising species

    Clement, J. L., Gilbert, B. C., Ho, W. F., Jackson, N. D., Newton, M. S., Silvester, S., Timmins, G. S., Tordo, P. & Whitwood, A. C., Aug 1998


  22. A posteriori teleportation

    Braunstein, SI. & Kimble, HJ., 27 Aug 1998

    Article in Nature

  23. Unconditional quantum teleportation

    Furusawa, A., Sorensen, JL., Braunstein, SL., Fuchs, CA., Kimble, HJ. & Polzik, ES., 23 Oct 1998

    Article in Science

  24. Distributed atomic actions in Ada 95

    Mitchell, S. E., Wellings, A. J. & Romanovsky, A., 1 Dec 1998

    Article in Computer journal

  25. 1999
  26. Graph Transformation for Specification and Programming

    Andries, M., Engels, G., Habel, A., Hoffmann, B., Kreowski, H-J., Kuske, S., Plump, D., Schürr, A. & Taentzer, G., 1999

    Article in Science of Computer Programming

  27. Adsorption and decomposition of Fe(CO)(5) on Cu(111)

    Sun, L. & McCash, E. M., 22 Feb 1999

    Article in Surface Science

  28. Vitamin B12: insights into biosynthesis's mount improbable

    Raux, E., Schubert, H. L., Roper, J. M., Wilson, K. S. & Warren, M. J., Apr 1999


  29. Localisation of amylose and amylopectin in starch granules using enzyme-gold labelling

    Atkin, N. J., Cheng, S. L., Abeysekera, R. M. & Robards, A. W., May 1999

    Article in Starch-Starke

  30. GUARDS: A generic upgradable architecture for real-time dependable systems

    Powell, D., Arlat, J., Beus-Dukic, L., Bondavalli, A., Coppola, P., Fantechi, A., Jenn, E., Rabejac, C. & Wellings, A., Jun 1999

    Article in Ieee transactions on parallel and distributed systems

  31. Behavioural management in nursing and residential homes: a randomised controlled trial

    Proctor, R., Burns, A., Powell, H. S., Tarrier, N., Faragher, B., Richardson, G. & Davies, L., 3 Jul 1999

    Article in Lancet

  32. Separability of very noisy mixed states and implications for NMR Quantum computing

    Braunstein, SL., Caves, CM., Jozsa, R., Linden, N., Popescu, S. & Schack, R., 2 Aug 1999

    Article in Physical Review Letters

  33. 2000
  34. A behavioural intervention improved cognitive function and depression in elderly people in residential homes

    Proctor, R., Stratton-Powell, H., Burns, A., Tarrier, N., Richardson, G., Davies, L., South, B. & Farragher, B., 2000

    Article in Evidence Based Nursing

  35. Efficient alignment and correspondence using edit distance

    Bergamini, P., Cinque, L., Cross, A. D. J., Hancock, E. R., Levialdi, S. & Myers, R., 2000


  36. Reports on the AAAI 1999 Workshop Program

    Drabble, B., Chaudron, L., Tessier, C., Abu-Hakima, S., Willmott, S., Austin, J., Faltings, B., Freuder, E. C., Friedrich, G., Freitas, A. A., Cortés, U., Sànchez-Marrè, M., Aha, D. W., Becerra-Fernandez, I., Muñoz-Avila, H., Ghose, A., Menzies, T., Satoh, K., Califf, M. E., Cox, M. T. & 5 others, Sen, S., Brézillon, P., Pomerol, J-C., Turner, R. M. & Turner, E. H., 2000

    Article in AI Magazine

  37. The meaning and role of value in scheduling flexible real-time systems

    Burns, A., Prasad, D., Bondavalli, A., Di Giandomenico, F., Ramamritham, K., Stankovic, J. & Strigini, L., Feb 2000

    Article in Journal of systems architecture

  38. Universal teleportation with a twist

    Braunstein, SL., D'Ariano, GM., Milburn, GJ. & Sacchi, MF., 10 Apr 2000

    Article in Physical Review Letters

  39. A quantum analog of Huffman coding

    Braunstein, SL., Fuchs, CA., Gottesman, D. & Lo, HK., 1 Jul 2000


  40. Broadband teleportation

    van Loock, P., Braunstein, SL. & Kimble, HJ., 1 Aug 2000

    Article in Physical Review A

  41. 2001
  42. A memetic approach to the nurse rostering problem

    Burke, E., Cowling, P., De Causmaecker, P. & Berghe, G. V., 2001

    Article in Applied Intelligence

  43. Achieving a World-Wide Software Engineering Profession

    Edwards, H., Thompson, B., Jovanovic, V., Layzell, P., McDermid, J. A. & Williams, N., 2001

    Article in Education and Information Technologies

  44. Weakly hard real-time systems

    Burns, A., Liamosi, A. & Bernat, G., Apr 2001

    Article in IEEE Transactions on Computers

  45. Modelling and verification of an atomic action protocol implemented in Ada

    Burns, A., Wellings, A. J., Burns, F., Koelmans, A. M., Koutny, M., Romanovsky, A. & Yakovlev, A., May 2001

    Article in Computer systems science and engineering

  46. Learning in multi-agent systems

    Alonso, E., D'Inverno, M., Kudenko, D., Luck, M. & Noble, J., Jun 2001

    Article in The Knowledge Engineering Review

  47. Quantum-interferometric optical lithography: Towards arbitrary two-dimensional patterns

    Kok, P., Boto, AN., Abrams, DS., Williams, CP., Braunstein, SL. & Dowling, JP., 1 Jun 2001

    Article in Physical Review A

  48. Radical damage to proteins studied by EPR spin-trapping techniques

    Clement, J. L., Gilbert, B. C., Rockenbauer, A. & Tordo, P., Sep 2001


  49. 2002
  50. Preface

    Derrick, J., Boiten, E. A., Woodcock, J. & Wright, J. V., 2002

    Article in Electr. Notes Theor. Comput. Sci.

  51. Jolly SAD

    Dauter, M., Dodson, E. J. & Dauter, Z., Mar 2002

    Article in Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography

  52. Weak-force detection with superposed coherent states

    Munro, WJ., Nemoto, K., Milburn, GJ. & Braunstein, SL., 1 Aug 2002

    Article in Physical Review A

  53. 2003
  54. Formulating software engineering as a search problem

    Clark, J. A., Dolado, J. J., Harman, M., Hierons, R. M., Jones, B. F., Lumkin, M., Mitchell, B. S., Mancoridis, S., Rees, K., Roper, M. & Shepperd, M. J., 2003

    Article in IEE Proceedings - Software

  55. Theorem Proving Support for View Consistency Checking

    Paige, R. F., Ostroff, J. S. & Brooke, P. J., 2003

    Article in L'OBJET

  56. Reformulating software engineering as a search problem

    Dolado, J. J., Harman, M., Hierons, R., Jones, B., Lumkin, M., Mitchell, B., Mancoridis, S., Rees, K., Roper, M., Shepperd, M. & Clark, J. A., 1 Jun 2003

    Article in IEE Proceedings - Software

  57. Pound-wise but penny-foolish: how well do micromolecules fare in macromolecular refinement?

    Kleywegt, G. J., Henrick, K., Dodson, E. J. & van Aalten, D. M. F., 2 Sep 2003

    Article in Structure

  58. Fulminant Crohn's colitis after allogeneic stem cell transplantation

    Sonwalkar, S. A., James, R. M., Ahmad, T., Zhang, L., Verbeke, C. S., Barnard, D. L., Jewell, D. P. & Hull, M. A., Oct 2003

    Article in Gut

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