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  1. 1996
  2. 1997
  3. Crystallographic study of tyrosine phenol-lyase from Erwinia herbicola

    Pletnev, S. V., Antson, A. A., Sinitsyna, N. I., Dauter, Z., Isupov, M. N., Hurs, E. N., Faleev, N. G., Wilson, K. S., Dodson, G., Demidkina, T. V. & Arutyunyan, E. G., 1997


  4. Mesomorphic dithiocarbamate complexes

    Price, D. J., Wali, M. A. & Bruce, D. W., 1997

    Article in POLYHEDRON

  5. Solid-phase binding assay to study interaction of chemokines with glycosaminoglycans

    Kuschert, G. S. V., Hubbard, R. E., Power, C. A., Wells, T. N. C. & Hoogewerf, A. J., 1997

    Literature review in Methods in enzymology

  6. The synthesis of dehydroamino acids from pyruvic acid

    Davies, D. T., Goodall, K., Kapur, N., OBrien, M. & Parsons, A. F., 1997


  7. p-Di-t-butoxybenzene

    Carman, R. M., Kanizaj, N. & Taylor, R. J. K., 1997

    Article in Australian Journal of Chemistry

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