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  1. 1996
  2. Zinc complexes of containing histidine at both termini

    Förster, H., Brasack, I., Duhme, A. K., Nolting, H. F., Vahrenkamp, H. & Duhme-Klair, A-K., 1 Dec 1996

    Article in Chemische Berichte

  3. Crystal structure of a DExx box DNA helicase

    Subramanya, H. S., Bird, L. E., Brannigan, J. A. & Wigley, D. B., 28 Nov 1996

    Article in Nature

  4. The binding of carbon monoxide and nitric oxide to leghaemoglobin in comparison with other haemoglobins

    Harutyunyan, E. H., Kuranova, I. P., Oblamova, G. V., Popov, A. N., Safonova, T. N., Teplyakov, A. V., Vainshtein, B. K., Wilson, J. C. & Dodson, G., 22 Nov 1996

    Article in Journal of Molecular Biology

  5. Infrared emission spectrum of KF

    Liu, M. C., Muntianu, A., Zhang, K. Q., Colarusso, P. & Bernath, P. F., Nov 1996


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