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  1. 2001
  2. Clostridium thermocellum Xyn10B carbohydrate-binding module 22-2: The role of conserved amino acids in ligand binding

    Xie, H. F., Gilbert, H. J., Charnock, S. J., Davies, G. J., Williamson, M. P., Simpson, P. J., Raghothama, S., Fontes, C. M. G. A., Dias, F. M. V., Ferreira, L. M. A. & Bolam, D. N., 7 Aug 2001

    Article in Biochemistry

  3. The X-3 Sigma(-) ground state of WO

    Ram, R. S., Lievin, J., Li, G., Hirao, T. & Bernath, P. F., 3 Aug 2001

    Article in Chemical Physics Letters

  4. Consequences of neutron-proton pairing correlations for the rotational motion of the N = Z nucleus 72Kr

    Kelsall, N. S., Wadsworth, R., Wilson, A. N., Fallon, P., Macchiavelli, A. O., Clark, R. M., Sarantites, D. G., Seweryniak, D., Svensson, C. E., Vincent, S. M., Frauendorf, S., Sheikh, J. A. & Ball, G. C., Aug 2001

    Article in Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

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