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  1. 2000
  2. Stress induces peroxisome biogenesis genes

    Lopez-Huertas, E., Charlton, W. L., Johnson, B., Graham, I. A. & Baker, A., 15 Dec 2000

    Article in EMBO Journal

  3. Emissions of methyl halides and methane from rice paddies

    Redeker, K. R., Wang, N. Y., Low, J. C., McMillan, A., Tyler, S. C. & Cicerone, R. J., 3 Nov 2000

    Article in Science

  4. Promoter trapping of a novel medium-chain acyl-CoA oxidase, which is induced transcriptionally during Arabidopsis seed germination

    Eastmond, P. J., Hooks, M. A., Williams, D., Lange, P., Bechtold, N., Sarrobert, C., Nussaume, L. & Graham, I. A., 3 Nov 2000

    Article in Journal of Biological Chemistry

  5. Expression of a truncated tobacco NtCBP4 channel in transgenic plants and disruption of the homologous Arabidopsis CNGC1 gene confer Pb2+ tolerance

    Sunkar, R., Kaplan, B., Bouche, N., Arazi, T., Dolev, D., Talke, I. N., Maathuis, F. J. M., Sanders, D., Bouchez, D. & Fromm, H., Nov 2000

    Article in Plant Journal

  6. Global warming and terrestrial ecosystems: A conceptual framework for analysis

    Shaver, G. R., Canadell, J., Chapin, F. S., Gurevitch, J., Harte, J., Henry, G., Ineson, P., Jonasson, S., Melillo, J., Pitelka, L. & Rustad, L., Oct 2000

    Article in Macromolecular bioscience

  7. Hormonal interactions in the control of Arabidopsis hypocotyl elongation

    Collett, C. E., Harberd, N. P. & Leyser, O., Oct 2000

    Article in Plant Physiology

  8. The hormonal regulation of axillary bud growth in Arabidopsis

    Chatfield, S. P., Stirnberg, P., Leyser, O. & Forde, B. G., Oct 2000

    Article in Plant Journal

  9. Interaction of sigma(70) with Escherichia coli RNA polymerase core enzyme studied by surface plasmon resonance

    Ferguson, A. L., Hughes, A. D., Tufail, U., Baumann, C. G., Scott, D. J. & Hoggett, J. G., 22 Sep 2000

    Article in FEBS Letters

  10. Mechanisms for regulated uptake and release of glutamate by osteoblasts.

    Bhangu, P. S., Genever, P. G., Spencer, G. J., Grewal, T. S. & Skerry, T. M., Sep 2000


  11. Limited correlation between expansin gene expression and elongation growth rate

    Caderas, D., Muster, M., Vogler, H., Mandel, T., Rose, J. K. C., McQueen-Mason, S. & Kuhlemeier, C., Aug 2000

    Article in Plant Physiology

  12. The common nodulation genes of Astragalus sinicus rhizobia are conserved despite chromosomal diversity

    Guo, X., Yang, H., Debelle, F., Yang, G., Denarie, J., Young, J. P. W., Li, F., Zhang, X. & Turner, S. L., Jul 2000

    Article in Applied and Environmental Microbiology

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