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  2. Integrating financial and clinical responsibility: a survey of primary care groups in the South West

    Baxter, K., Weiss, M., Shepherd, J. & Bachmann, M. O., 2001, Bristol: University of Bristol, Department of Social Medicine.

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  3. Seasonality studies and palaeoenvironmental analysis of oysters from the Danish kitchenmidden of Krabbesholm

    Milner, N., 2001, University of Durham and University of Newcastle upon Tyne Archaeological Reports. 1 p.

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  4. Using Vulcan to recreate planetary cores: UCRL-ID-145 157

    Collins, G. W., Celliers, P. M., Hicks, D., Mackinnon, A., Moon, S., Cauble, R., Da Silva, L. B., Koenig, M., Benuzzi-Mounaix, A., Huser, G., Jeanloz, R., Lee, K. K. M., Benedetti, L. R., Henry, E., Batani, D., Loubeyre, P., Willi, O., Pasley, J. R., Gessner, H., Neely, D. & 2 others, Notley, M. & Danson, C., 15 Aug 2001, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. 7 p.

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