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  3. 'Be nice': the training of bouncers

    Lister, S., Hadfield, P., Hobbs, R. & Winlow, S., 2001

    Article in Criminal justice matters

  4. 3D control of light in waveguide-based two-dimensional photonic crystals

    Weisbuch, C., Benisty, H., Olivier, S., Rattier, M., Smith, CJM. & Krauss, TF., 1 May 2001

    Article in Ieice transactions on communications

  5. A calreticulin-like molecule from the human hookworm Necator americanus interacts with C1q and the cytoplasmic signalling domains of some integrins

    Kasper, G., Brown, A., Eberl, M., Vallar, L., Kieffer, N., Berry, C., Girdwood, K., Eggleton, P., Quinnell, R. & Pritchard, D. I., Mar 2001

    Article in Parasite immunology

  6. A case-control study of human immunodeficiency virus infection and cancer in adults and children residing in Kampala, Uganda

    Newton, R., Carpenter, L., Appleby, P., Ziegler, J., Beral, V., Mbidde, E., Wabinga, H., Mbulaiteye, S., Reeves, G. & Jaffe, H., Apr 2001

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  7. A comparison of the costs and survival of hospital-admitted stroke patients across Europe

    Grieve, R., Hutton, J., Bhalla, A., Rastenytë, D., Ryglewicz, D., Sarti, C., Lamassa, M., Giroud, M., Dundas, R. & Wolfe, C. D. A., 1 Jul 2001

    Article in Stroke

  8. A life less ordinary: growing up and coping with congenital heart disease

    McMurray, R., Kendeall, L., Parsons, J. M., Quirk, J., Veldtman, G. R., Lewin, R. J. P. & Sloper, P., 2001

    Article in Coronary Health Care

  9. A memetic approach to the nurse rostering problem

    Burke, E., Cowling, P., De Causmaecker, P. & Berghe, G. V., 2001

    Article in Applied Intelligence

  10. A platform for genomics in South Africa [4]

    Hide, W., Mizrahi, V., Venkatesh, B., Brenner, S., Simpson, A., Blatch, G., Soodyall, H., Denby, K., Wingfield, M., Wingfield, B., van Helden, P., Ramesar, R., Dorrington, R., Kelso, J., Oppon, E., Goyvaerts, E., Ramsay, M., de Villiers, E., van Heerden, C., Allsopp, B. & 1 others, Seoighe, C., 2001

    Article in Samj south african medical journal

  11. A principal component analysis of facial expressions

    Calder, AJ., Burton, AM., Miller, P., Young, AW. & Akamatsu, S., 1 Apr 2001

    Article in Vision Research

  12. A protective and agonistic function of IL-12p40 in mycobacterial infection

    Hölscher, C., Atkinson, R. A., Arendse, B., Brown, N., Myburgh, E., Alber, G. & Brombacher, F., 15 Dec 2001

    Article in Journal of Immunology

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