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  1. 2008
  2. Detecting the medieval cod trade: a new method and first results

    Barrett, J., Johnstone, C., Harland, J., Van Neer, W., Ervynck, A., Makowiecki, D., Heinrich, D., Hufthammer, A. K., Enghoff, I. B., Amundsen, C., Christiansen, J. S., Jones, A. K. G., Locker, A., Hamilton-Dyer, S., Jonsson, L., Lougas, L., Roberts, C. & Richards, M., Apr 2008

    Article in Journal of archaeological science

  3. Terrestrial carnivores and human food production: impact and management

    Baker, P. J., Boitani, L., Harris, S., Saunders, G. & White, P. C. L., Apr 2008

    Article in Mammal Review

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