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  1. 2008
  2. Integrating drivers influencing the detection of plant pests carried in the international cut flower trade

    Areal, F. J., Touza, J., MacLeod, A., Dehnen-Schmutz, K., Perrings, C., Palmieri, M. G. & Spence, N. J., Dec 2008

    Article in Journal of Environmental Management

  3. Species effects on ecosystem processes are modified by faunal responses to habitat composition

    Bulling, M. T., Solan, M., Dyson, K. E., Hernandez-Milian, G., Luque, P., Pierce, G. J., Raffaelli, D., Paterson, D. M. & White, P. C. L., Dec 2008

    Article in Oecologia

  4. Meeting Report: Risk Assessment of Tamiflu Use Under Pandemic Conditions

    Singer, A. C., Howard, B. M., Johnson, A. C., Knowles, C. J., Jackman, S., Accinelli, C., Caracciolo, A. B., Bernard, I., Bird, S., Boucard, T., Boxall, A., Brian, J. V., Cartmell, E., Chubb, C., Churchley, J., Costigan, S., Crane, M., Dempsey, M. J., Dorrington, B., Ellor, B. & 21 others, Fick, J., Holmes, J., Hutchinson, T., Karcher, F., Kelleher, S. L., Marsden, P., Noone, G., Nunn, M. A., Oxford, J., Rachwal, T., Roberts, N., Roberts, M., Sacca, M. L., Sanders, M., Straub, J. O., Terry, A., Thomas, D., Toovey, S., Townsend, R., Vouivoulis, N. & Watts, C., Nov 2008

    Article in Environmental health perspectives

  5. A ranking of European veterinary medicines based on environmental risks

    Kools, S. A. E., Boxall, A., Moltmann, J. F., Bryning, G., Koschorreck, J. & Knacker, T., Oct 2008

    Article in Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management

  6. Dynamic interactions among badgers: implications for sociality and disease transmission

    Bohm, M., Palphramand, K. L., Newton-Cross, G., Hutchings, M. R. & White, P. C. L., Jul 2008

    Article in Journal of Animal Ecology

  7. Geographical variation in the response to nitrogen deposition in Arabidopsis lyrata petraea

    Vergeer, P., van den Berg, L. L. J., Bulling, M. T., Ashmore, M. R. & Kunin, W. E., Jul 2008

    Article in New Phytologist

  8. Runoff of pharmaceuticals and personal care products following application of biosolids to an agricultural field

    Topp, E., Monteiro, S. C., Beck, A., Coelho, B. B., Boxall, A. B. A., Duenk, P. W., Kleywegt, S., Lapen, D. R., Payne, M., Sabourin, L., Li, H. & Metcalfe, C. D., 15 Jun 2008

    Article in Science of the Total Environment

  9. Detecting the medieval cod trade: a new method and first results

    Barrett, J., Johnstone, C., Harland, J., Van Neer, W., Ervynck, A., Makowiecki, D., Heinrich, D., Hufthammer, A. K., Enghoff, I. B., Amundsen, C., Christiansen, J. S., Jones, A. K. G., Locker, A., Hamilton-Dyer, S., Jonsson, L., Lougas, L., Roberts, C. & Richards, M., Apr 2008

    Article in Journal of archaeological science

  10. Terrestrial carnivores and human food production: impact and management

    Baker, P. J., Boitani, L., Harris, S., Saunders, G. & White, P. C. L., Apr 2008

    Article in Mammal Review

  11. The production of volatile iodocarbons by biogenic marine aggregates

    Hughes, C., Malin, G., Turley, C., Keely, B., Nightingale, P. & Liss, P., Mar 2008


  12. Consensus decision making in human crowds

    Dyer, J. R. G., Ioannou, C. C., Morrell, L. J., Croft, D. P., Couzin, I. D., Waters, D. A. & Krause, J., Feb 2008


  13. Remediation of waters contaminated with ionic herbicides by sorption on polymerin

    Sannino, F., Iorio, M., De Martino, A., Pucci, M., Brown, C. D. & Capasso, R., Feb 2008

    Article in Water research

  14. A 20th century acceleration of sea-level rise in New Zealand

    Gehrels, W. R., Newnham, R. M., Hayward, B. W. & Southall, K. E., 28 Jan 2008

    Article in Geophysical Research Letters

  15. Quantifying uncertainty in the biospheric carbon flux for England and Wales

    Kennedy, M. C., Anderson, C. W., Lomas, M., Woodward, F. I., Heinemeyer, A., Gosling, J. P. & O'Hagan, A., Jan 2008

    Article in Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society)

  16. SPRINT: a new parallel framework for R

    Hill, J., Hambley, M., Forster, T., Mewissen, M., Sloan, T. M., Scharinger, F., Trew, A. & Ghazal, P., 2008

    Article in BMC Bioinformatics

  17. 2007
  18. Assessment of the environmental fate and effects of ivermectin in aquatic mesocosms

    Sanderson, H., Laird, B., Pope, L., Brain, R., Wilson, C., Johnson, D., Bryning, G., Peregrine, A. S., Boxall, A. & Solomon, K., 30 Dec 2007

    Article in Aquatic toxicology

  19. Health impacts of estrogens in the environment, considering complex mixture effects

    Filby, A. L., Neuparth, T., Thorpe, K. L., Owen, R., Galloway, T. S. & Tyler, C. R., Dec 2007

    Article in Environmental health perspectives

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