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  1. 2002
  2. ACORN - theory and practice

    Jia-Xing, Y., Woolfson, M. M., Wilson, K. S. & Dodson, E. J., 2002

    Article in Zeitschrift für Kristallographie

  3. Effect of metal cations on the photochromic properties of spironaphthoxazines conjugated with aza-15(18)-crown-5(6) ethers

    Fedorova, O. A., Strokach, Y. P., Gromov, S. P., Koshkin, A. V., Valova, T. M., Alfimov, M. V., Feofanov, A. V., Alaverdian, I. S., Lokshin, V. A., Samat, A., Guglielmetti, R., Girling, R. B., Moore, J. N. & Hester, R. E., 2002


  4. Hexacatenar liquid-crystalline complexes of palladium(II) and platinum(II) based on trialkoxystilbazole esters

    Plasseraud, L., Cuervo, L. G., Guillon, D., Suss-Fink, G., Deschenaux, R., Bruce, D. W. & Donnio, B., 2002

    Article in Journal of Materials Chemistry

  5. Propagation of polarized light through azobenzene polyester films

    Nedelchev, L., Matharu, A., Nikolova, L., Hvilsted, S. & Ramanujam, P. S., 2002

    Article in Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals

  6. Redetermination of the rate coefficient for the reaction of O(D-1) with N-2

    Ravishankara, AR., Dunlea, EJ., Blitz, MA., Dillon, TJ., Heard, DE., Pilling, MJ., Strekowski, RS., Nicovich, JM. & Wine, PH., 2002

    Article in Geophysical Research Letters

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