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  1. 2002
  2. Potential for photochemical ozone formation in the troposphere over the North Atlantic as derived from aircraft observations during ACSOE

    Reeves, C. E., Penkett, S. A., Bauguitte, S., Law, K. S., Evans, M. J., Bandy, B. J., Monks, P. S., Edwards, G. D., Phillips, G., Barjat, H., Kent, J., Dewey, K., Schmitgen, S. & Kley, D., 11 Dec 2002

    Article in Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres

  3. Covalent bonding of Disperse Red 1 in HMS silica: Synthesis and characterization

    Onida, B., Borello, L., Fiorilli, S., Barolo, C., Viscardi, G., MacQuarrie, D. J. & Garrone, E., 1 Dec 2002

    Article in Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis

  4. Organic light-emitting diodes based on lateral-substituted distyrylbenzenes

    Wong, J. E., Weaver, M. S., Richardson, T., Bradley, D. D. C. & Bruce, D. W., 1 Dec 2002


  5. Exchange processes in complexes with two ruthenium (eta(2)-Silane) linkages: Role of the secondary interactions between silicon and hydrogen atoms

    Atheaux, I., Delpech, F., Donnadieu, B., Sabo-Etienne, S., Chaudret, B., Hussein, K., Barthelat, J. C., Braun, T., Duckett, S. B. & Perutz, R. N., 25 Nov 2002

    Article in Organometallics

  6. Self-organizing properties of natural and related synthetic glycolipids

    Dumoulin, F., Lafont, D., Boullanger, P., Mackenzie, G., Mehl, G. H. & Goodby, J. W., 20 Nov 2002

    Article in Journal of the American Chemical Society

  7. Syntheses and structures of bis(imido)organophosphine dianions

    Jack, K. S., Jeffery, J. C., Leedham, A. P., Lynam, J. M., Niedzwiecki, M. & Russell, C. A., Nov 2002


  8. Synthesis and characterization of silica-supported L-lysine-based dendritic branches

    Driffield, M., Goodall, D. M., Klute, A. S., Smith, D. K. & Wilson, K., 29 Oct 2002

    Article in Langmuir

  9. Orientational order and dynamics of nematic multipodes based on carbosilazane cores using optical and dielectric spectroscopy

    Tajber, L., Kocot, A., Vij, J. K., Merkel, K., Zalewska-Rejdak, J., Mehl, G. H., Elsasser, R., Goodby, J. W. & Veith, M., 22 Oct 2002


  10. A readily-accessible (+)-sparteine surrogate

    Dearden, M. J., Firkin, C. R., Hermet, J. P. R. & O'Brien, P., 9 Oct 2002

    Article in Journal of the American Chemical Society

  11. Comparison of measured ozone production efficiencies in the marine boundary layer at two European coastal sites under different pollution regimes

    Rickard, A. R., Salisbury, G., Monks, P. S., Lewis, A. C., Baugitte, S., Bandy, B. J., Clemitshaw, K. C. & Penkett, S. A., Oct 2002

    Article in Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry

  12. Making electrical contacts to nanowires with a thick oxide coating

    Cronin, S. B., Lin, Y. M., Rabin, O., Black, M. R., Ying, J. Y., Dresselhaus, M. S., Gai, P. L., Minet, J. P. & Issi, J. P., Oct 2002

    Article in Nanotechnology

  13. Laboratory spectroscopy of hot water near 2 microns and sunspot spectroscopy in the H-band region

    Tereszchuk, K., Bernath, P. F., Zobov, N. F., Shirin, S. V., Polyansky, O. L., Libeskind, N. I., Tennyson, J. & Wallace, L., 20 Sep 2002

    Article in The Astrophysical Journal

  14. Cellvibrio japonicus alpha-L-arabinanase 43A has a novel five-blade beta-propeller fold

    Nurizzo, D., Turkenburg, J. P., Charnock, S. J., Roberts, S. M., Dodson, E. J., McKie, V. A., Taylor, E. J., Gilbert, H. J. & Davies, G. J., Sep 2002

    Article in Nature Structural Biology

  15. Chiral two ring compounds exhibiting antiferroelectric phases

    Futterer, T., Heppke, G., Lotzsch, D., Moro, D., Goodby, J. W. & Tuffin, R. P., Sep 2002

    Article in LIQUID CRYSTALS

  16. Conformational analysis of some 1R,4S-2-arylidene-p-menthan-3-ones by H-1 NMR spectroscopy and molecular simulation

    Pivnenko, N. S., Drushlyak, T. G., Kutulya, L. A., Vashchenko, V. V., Doroshenko, A. O. & Goodby, J. W., Sep 2002


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